Parking Jobs So Bad They Should Result In A Jail Sentence

Let’s face it, parking isn’t everybody’s forte. Even though you need to know how to do it to even acquire a license, a lot of drivers get lazy once they’re no longer being tested. Although there are plenty of people who know how to park respectfully, or even pull off impressive maneuvers, that’s certainly not the case for everyone on the road. Encountering a bad parking job is one of the most frustrating aspects of driving, but chances are you’ve never seen any as bad as these. Here are some parking jobs that are so terrible the driver should have their license revoked immediately.

It Only Takes One Person


In most parking lots, it only takes one person with a lousy park job to ruin the order of everything. That’s most likely what happened here, and in turn, people decided to prove a point.

Either everyone in this parking lot started parking like this to spite one another, or a snowplow drove right through them. What’s for sure is that many of these cars are touching each other too, so it’s unlikely that all of these cars drove away unscathed.