These Bathrooms Need Major Renovations And It Isn’t Funny!

Bathrooms should only receive sacred treatment. They’re where we go to relieve ourselves, to be alone, and to freshen up. No one wants to go to a restroom with an obscure design that could compromise any of those three intentions previously mentioned. Still, we have lavatories that can bring much panic to germaphobes, invade your privacy, and destroy your desire to use the toilet. We sincerely apologize if you come across any of these horrendously designed bathrooms in your lifetime. We all deserve better than this…

The Sign Says “Private” Restroom…

This restroom has to be some parody. Where is the respect for privacy? Most likely, no one will intentionally stop in their tracks to peer through that narrow window while you do your business, but that doesn’t mean they won’t catch a glimpse by accident.

slit in the door that will make you see someone

We wouldn’t feel comfortable using this restroom. The sign says private, but that isn’t the case. We’re hoping that a blind was missing at the time of this photo, and this is a joke. If not, this establishment is a joke.