These Celebrities Are Ready To Embrace Their Future Senior Citizen Status

Celebrities do the most to conceal how they look in real life—well, most of them anyway. Underneath the layers of makeup and the perfectly coiffed hair is just a regular person who is bound for old age just like the rest of us.

But some celebrities aren’t afraid to show their true skin. Thanks to the FaceApp’s aging filter, everyone from Courteney Cox to the Fab Five has had a little fun revealing what gray hair and deep wrinkle are going to do to their faces. The results are sure to raise some eyebrows!

Gordon Ramsay On Master Chef Season 50?

gordon ramsay with the faceapp aging filter
Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit; gordongram/Instagram

All that yelling in the kitchen didn’t do much to help Gordon Ramsay’s inevitable wrinkles. The worry lines on his forehead are only going to get worse as he ventures into his golden years if the aging filter has any truth to it.

This is what Ramsay thinks he will look like when he’s doing a demonstration on season 50 of Master Chef and we wouldn’t be surprised if that was a completely accurate prediction.