Funny And Clever Job Listings That Caught Everyone’s Attention

We all know the pain of scrolling through job ad after job ad, submitting resume after resume. Occasionally, a job listing may surprise us. These applicants got a laugh out of their grueling job hunting schedule. Some of these listings need cake eaters and evil geniuses, while others find creative ways to recruit for mundane jobs like sales advisors. From hiring workers through video games to hiding job ads in furniture, we’ve gathered some of the funniest and most clever job listings of all time. See if you would apply to any of these job advertisements!

Must Be Willing To Time Travel

time traveler
Youtube / ApexTV
Youtube / ApexTV

In 2013, an ad popped up on Craigslist and newspapers around Arizona requesting a “Serious Volunteer” to time travel with this job poster. The job paid $110 a day to time travel back to the Midwest in 1985.

Perhaps most curious is that the job poster advised the applier to bring their own weapons because they “have only done this once before.” Regardless, the time traveler will land a good deal, as the employer would pay for all services during the trip.