Weirdest Things Captured At Costco

While there are a lot of grocery stores out there, none are quite like Costco. They hand out samples, you have to buy in bulk, and they sell just about everything you could ever need ranging from sushi to play sets. So, when taking a trip to Costco, it’s not out of the ordinary to see some rather questionable things. Now, check out some of the wildest things ever seen at Costco, from what people have in their shopping carts to the unbelievable things Costco offers on their shelves, it’s an entertaining place to say the least.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Kids


Costco is a massive establishment so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your kids. It can be like a giant playground for little kids but instead of swings and monkey bars it’s full of food and forklifts.

If you’re not worried about something bad happening to them, you may just find them stuck behind a freezer door like this guy. Chances are he was hot from running around and needed to cool off for a bit.