Grandparents Struggling With Technology Will Make Your Day

Grandparents, where would we be without them? Not born of course so let’s appreciate them while they are here but still laugh at their innocent mistakes. Technology is becoming so advanced that it may be hard for some to keep up. Here’s a look at some technological bloopers courtesy of our parent’s parents.

The Upside Down

Taking a selfie with the family dog isn’t that hard, right? These grandparents either felt really creative or they just don’t get smartphone cameras. I’m willing to bet its the latter so I shouldn’t be laughing out loud. I’ll just keep the laughter in my head.

This Isn’t Special K

Generally, the rule of thumb when starting a conversation is to keep it going after the person asks how you’re doing. More than just a rule of thumb, it’s common courtesy to respond back. This grandmother probably thought asking how someone is doing is all that’s required.

Grandma Very Confused

We know right away this is going to be a long and fruitful journey with this grandma and her new phone. Right away, she instantly doesn’t know what it means to text via cell phone and that is priceless. This grandchild probably got a nice laugh out of this conversation.

Almost Got It, Grandma!

After reading the first response, you already can tell this is going to be a good one. As the responses keep going on, its almost as if grandma is learning to talk for the first time. Piecing together letters before eventually forming exactly what she needs to say.

Get With The Times, Gramps

To be clear, a semicolon before the parenthesis is a winky face. A winky face is very polarizing depending on who you send it to and when you send one to your grandpa, I think it’s safe to say this confusion is totally approved. Why is this grandchild winking at grandpa?

Sorry, Wrong Number

Someone, get their grandma. Multiple failed attempts at trying to reach the person who is supposed to take out dinner only mean grandma and grandpa are going to be eating a little later than usual. I hope she was able to figure out the correct number before it was too late.

Google Is Not Here

Texting someone to get answers from Google is a strange new method. Oh wait, that’s just grandma getting her search bar confused with her texting app. I wonder if the recipient of these requests ended up answering back with the correct answer. Either way, this is hilarious.

What In The World

Apparently, grandma is in the middle of the ocean right below Africa. How she ended up there is beyond me but the real question is, what does she mean!? What would make her send such an obscure text? Your guess is as good as mine.

This Is Odd

This is hilarious. Ending the conversation with “don’t get cocky” is what puts the cherry on top here because what exactly is going on? What could Nanee possibly be referring to when she is talking about “scares”? Some may never understand this conversation and others will love it.

Accidental Finger

Was grandma being serious here and just expressing her true feelings or was it a true accident? By the tell of the reaction, it would appear that this was totally left field so maybe it really was an accident. But hey, I guess you’ll never really know.

When All Else Fails, Send Dog

Verizon is just trying to get some type of response from this grandmother but she isn’t quite understanding. Her first response was completely off for some reason so I guess her defense was to send a dog that represents how she’s feeling. Smooth move, grandma.

Grandma Just Wants To Be Hip

Boy oh boy, this is priceless. Not only do we get a confused grandma but we also get one who knows that she is out of the loop with all the new lingo and activities that young folks keep up with. It’s even funnier that she had to announce who she was at the start of the message.

Fallen And Can’t Get Up

Well, this is odd. It just looks like she accidentally pressed the enter button and went to a new line. At first, you might think that she fell at home and is asking not to be made fun of. But after closely reading, she just isn’t familiar with texting. It’s okay grandma, I won’t laugh.


No, this isn’t an example of Peyton Manning audible before the snap. This is a truly clueless grandma attempting a simple text. How she went from V to Oklahoma is astounding. It completely shows her unawareness. But like her sweet grandchild said, practice makes perfect so she’ll get it one day.

True Picture Image

This is interesting. Instead of sending a regular reminder with words in a text, this grandpa took it to the next level. He turned what he wanted to tell her into a picture message of his words written on a piece of paper. If that doesn’t spell “I don’t know what I’m doing” then I don’t know what does.

No Phone, Huh?

This looks like the start of the conversation so for Grandma Rose to start the conversation like this is gold. What point was she trying to make with this text? Maybe she got a new phone and she meant that she didn’t have her old phone?

Is That A Heart?

This one is classic. A true testament to how times have changed. Less than three (<3) used to be only used in math but now it equals a heart. For some, it might have flown right over your head, just like it did with this grandmother.

Hey, I Hope You Get This

Did grandpa realize this message would have never got to him or did he figure out soon after sending this that his grandchild was oblivious to the text until the phone came back into his possession? The how-to on using technology is there, but it seems his wit is missing.

What Is This, Twitter?

In a conversation that was mistaken to be taking place on social media, this grandparent is getting all hyped up. There is no way they are going to share their information with you via social sites. Just quit asking already, okay? This is a situation best handled in person.

Someone Get This Man Some Help

Texting yourself is no big deal, especially if you know that you’re doing it. But when you do it by accident and come face to face with yourself in the same conversation, that’s when it either gets embarrassing for you or funny. How do you think this grandparent felt?