Hilarious Clothing That’s So Poorly Designed The Ford Pinto Is Jealous

We’ve all seen clothing that makes us wonder who in their right mind would ever buy it. While not every fashion trend or design can be a home run, clothing companies should at least try to make their products a double or a single.

The clothes that you’re about to lay your innocent eyes upon in a second are bizarre and quite honestly, cringeworthy. While we’re thankful these pictures were captured, it’s confusing why anyone would buy these items in the first place. When white tie-dye shorts make it look like you messed yourself, or a nice formal two-toned dress makes it appear that you have a giant phallus on your chest, it makes you wonder if these people ever looked in the mirror.

Who Wears Short Shorts?

This Olympic outfit is all about body positivity, and we’re all for it. Look at the one guy standing up on that podium showing off his baby blue short shorts.

In a time when wearing any shorts above the knee is looked down upon for guys, this Olympian is a trailblazer.