Hilarious Clothing That’s So Poorly Designed The Ford Pinto Is Jealous

We’ve all seen clothing that makes us wonder who in their right mind would ever buy it. While not every fashion trend or design can be a home run, clothing companies should at least try to make their products a double or a single.

The clothes that you’re about to lay your innocent eyes upon in a second are bizarre and quite honestly, cringeworthy. While we’re thankful these pictures were captured, it’s confusing why anyone would buy these items in the first place. When white tie-dye shorts make it look like you messed yourself, or a nice formal two-toned dress makes it appear that you have a giant phallus on your chest, it makes you wonder if these people ever looked in the mirror.

Who Wears Short Shorts?

This Olympic outfit is all about body positivity, and we’re all for it. Look at the one guy standing up on that podium showing off his baby blue short shorts.

In a time when wearing any shorts above the knee is looked down upon for guys, this Olympian is a trailblazer.

That’s Definitely A Fifth Date Dress

Imagine being so excited for your work formal and impressing your crush who works in HR, only to have your dress look like this.

I guess we shouldn’t shouldn’t judge intentions. Maybe she was putting out the vibe, and he wasn’t responding to it the way she wanted. So, she took drastic measures into her own hands and left nothing to the imagination.

Also Known As “School”

The subliminal message this girl is projecting with her shirt is spot on. She might be smiling as she goes to her first day of school, but inside she knows the hell she’s about to encounter.

Her brother is still blissfully accepting school and going without a fight. Kudos to this girl for standing up publicly for what she believes in.

Some Colors Should Not Be Tie Dyed

Tie-dying your shorts and shirts is a lot of fun. While the art form seems like it’s a free-for-all activity with no rules, this picture tells us otherwise.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @butterknot
Photo Credit: Reddit / @butterknot

There are specific colors that should absolutely never be used and brown is one of them. This is the result — a woman looking like she’s done her business in the flour aisle.

Not What It’s Intended To Mean

The idea behind this shirt is good, but the execution is atrocious. It’s hard to imagine that the designer greenlit this shirt without any thought that it would be read incorrectly.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

At first, a “well-read dangerous woman” sounds intriguing, kind of serial killer-esque. But this shirt just goes right for it and calls her a creature. In the defense of a well-read dangerous woman, I’ve even seen Beyonce get called a creature so it could be taken as a compliment.

If You Read It Three Times It Still Won’t Make Sense

Underarmour is all about empowerment and inspiration. This is neither of those because it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Buiamil
Photo Credit: Reddit / @Buiamil

This is like when you’re writing an essay and have to fill the word count, so your conclusion is just a bunch of bundled words and run-on sentences that don’t make sense.

These Will Make Your Grandparents Scream

The thought of buying ripped jeans is bad enough for your grandparents, now imagine walking into their house with these on. Pre-dirty pants will never (and should never) be acceptable in their place.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

These pants will ensure that you’ll no longer be fed when you walk into their home. No longer will they brag about you to their coffee club friends.

Tiny Little Bowed Legs

She looks like she just got off of riding a horse across the country or something. This looks like a severe case of bowlegs, and it’s not working in her favor. To be nice, we’ll go with the fact that it’s just a bad angle.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @poodleange
Photo Credit: Reddit / @poodleange

Interestingly enough, bowlegs are usually caused by vitamin D deficiency (or rickets), which directly affects the shins.

Can Someone Please Tell Jesus?

Many kids these days won’t even remember the AIDS epidemic. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that there are still over a million people in the U.S that are living HIV positive.

Only one in six people who have it are aware of it. Every 9.5 minutes someone in the U.S becomes infected with HIV. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the shoes, but you get the point.

What Body Type Do These Fit?

These just don’t make sense. If you’re like me, you’ll stare at this picture and contort your body trying to figure out how you could wear this garment.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @waskonator
Photo Credit: Reddit / @waskonator

No matter how you decide to put it on, you’re still going to look like an idiot. But style is subjective, so to each their own.

This Shirt Is Sponsored By Anxiety

Well if this isn’t the most depressingly real shirt you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. This missed the mark on the Bob Marley “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” motto and got real.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @zapsquad
Photo Credit: Reddit / @zapsquad

If there was a shirt that could perfectly describe being anxious, it’s this one. For many of us, we’ll be taking our wedding vows and instead of soaking the moment in we’re worrying about whether we left the oven on at home.

Run, Semen, Run!

Photo Credit: Reddit / @avensawesome

You know how all of the best athletes get shoe deals? Michael Jordan has some iconic ones, Lebron James, Steph Curry, Alan Iverson, etc., but the best athlete has always been overlooked — until now.

Finally, the semen that won the race that defined your life is starting to become recognized. These shoes look FAST.

The Atomic Wedgie

Is it just me or does this dress make it look like she has one of the deepest wedgies of all time? Let’s hope that she was able to pry that thing out because it looks intimidating.

Not only that, the design looks like an optical illusion that makes you see grey fuzzies in your head if you stare too long. Also, zebra stripes are so 2009.

Thta Si Nto Hte Rghit Splleing

While many people will say that it’s hard for them to see how this type of obvious mistake could be made, I understand it.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @gisasur
Photo Credit: Instagram / @gisasur

The designer was definitely in their last hour of the workday before they were going on vacation. All of you know that during that hour, nothing productive is going on in your head. While your body may look like it’s focusing on the task at hand, your mind is focused on relaxing at the beach and blacking out, with a berry mojito in hand.

For Who, An Elephant?

Are you kidding me? If there’s a one-year-old who can fit in that size large men’s shirt, the FBI needs to investigate immediately.

I do not doubt in my mind that six of the top ten NCAA Divison 1 schools have already sent recruitment letters to this kid for their basketball and football teams.

These Look Like They Smell Like Pee

Have you ever seen someone who just looked like they have a certain smell? Like The Rock looks like he smells of crushed boulders and sweat, and Gary Busey looks like he smells exactly like a barn.

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Anyone who wears these pants will look like they smell like old dog hair and pee. It’s never a good look, or smell for that matter. So just don’t wear these, please.

Don’t Let Kanye See These

The ripped jeans craze has been taken to an entirely new level with these jeans. Kanye West will see these and “get inspired” for a new denim fashion line that looks just like these.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @chrzzl
Photo Credit: Reddit / @chrzzl

If you want to know what it feels like to get hit in the face with a frying pan, just walk into your grandma’s kitchen wearing these. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Unfortunately Placed Pockets

In a time when TV news lives and breathes with their ratings, this might not be the worst idea. Those pockets will cause many double takes and perhaps even keep some viewership.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @fastgr
Photo Credit: Reddit / @fastgr

It’s no longer about what the anchors are saying; it’s all about the entertainment and aesthetic. She got a promotion after this, no doubt.

This Shading Is Never A Good Idea

Whoever thought that it’d be a good idea to design speed skating uniforms with a crotch patch should be fired.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Locktronix
Photo Credit: Reddit / @Locktronix

Not only do they have a crotch patch that directs all eyeballs to their privates, but they also have what looks like a pubic hair patch embroidered too. This has got to be a sick joke. Maybe these were designed by a Canadian.

The AIDS Shoe?

Many kids these days won’t even remember the AIDS epidemic. But the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimate that there are still over a million people in the U.S who are living HIV positive.

Photo Credit: Reddit / @CamRourke23
Photo Credit: Reddit / @CamRourke23

Only one in six people who have it are aware of it. Every 9.5 minutes someone in the U.S becomes infected with HIV. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the shoes but you get the point.