These Funny Doctors Inject A Dose Of Comedy Into Their Serious Work

Doctors, dentists, and other health professionals have stressful jobs. It is their responsibility to keep thousands of patients healthy and happy. They often work long hours and deal with a lot of tough situations. When the stress of the job seems like too much, some doctors have found a great way to let loose with comedy. These health care professionals make sure that every patient is at ease and they do it in some really funny and inventive ways. From medical puns in the maternity ward to hilarious decor at the fertility clinic, you’ll love the way these professionals let loose.

A Fun Way To Remind Patients Of Their Medical Needs

Saundrea Griffon/Pinterest
Saundrea Griffon/Pinterest

Nobody wants to have a routine colonoscopy but at least this doctor’s office found a funny way to set a reminder based on your age. A little bit of imagery can go a long way in reminding patients of their medical needs. Admittedly, we don’t remember these shoes so we are probably good for at least a few years.

There isn’t a whole lot of colonoscopy humor in this world — for good reason — but we love that a doctor was willing to have a little bit of fun with their patients. Guests to the waiting room probably had a good laugh — until their actual colonoscopy was scheduled and underway.