The Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Left On Cars

How do you deal with the dumb drivers of the world? Some people go into full-blown rage mode and lay on the horn. Others have a very special skill where they can completely ignore the terrible drivers around them.

Then there are the people who take their rage and channel it into a passive-aggressive note and leave it on a windshield. If you’re one of the first two and need a better way to channel your rage with the bad drivers around you, take some inspiration from these notes…and pray you don’t end up with one on your windshield.

They Took Passive-Aggressive To A Political Level

Shelley Jucker
Shelley Jucker

It’s all fun and games until somebody brings politics into the argument. This person must have really been angry at this driver’s parking spot. Not only did they accuse them of being “slow,” but they even assumed the political party that they might support.

What would have made this note even funnier is if the person that parked the car was actually a democrat. We also aren’t sure if that note is supposed to be in all capital letters to make a point or if that’s just how they write.