If These People Had A Cooking Show I Would Absolutely Tune In To Watch The Inevitable Trainwreck

There’s a specific type of person who watches cooking shows and they’re pretty easy to identify. They like to cook, and they’re good at it. They have the sort of patience that Mahatma Gandhi is jealous of and they have a perfectionism that is unmatched.

For the rest of the world who is impatient and has no interest in watching other people cook food that they can only dream of eating, cooking shows aren’t that appealing. They’re just not relatable. Well, that is unless we gave the people in this article a show. They’re the regular folks who make mistakes in the kitchen… like BIG mistakes. I’ll binge-watch any cooking show that these people are in because it’ll make me feel better about my own cooking skills.

What’s More Rare Than Blue?

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

We need to start investigating people who say that they like their steak bleeding uncontrollably.

There has to be some sort of correlation between serial killers/cannibals and the way people like their steak. If blood is gushing out of your mouth as you bite into your steak and you’re enjoying it, please get help.