If Working Smart Was A Sport, These People Would Be Hall Of Famers

Right from a young age, we’re told that as long as you work hard, you’ll achieve your goals. We’re told that hustle beats talent, and dedication beats creativity. “You can do anything you set your mind to,” they say.

What if I were to tell you that what your parents, teachers, and managers have been telling you is really just a lie? Working hard isn’t always productive, and just because you spend 60 hours at work every week doesn’t mean that you’re going to get that promotion. Working smart is the key to success. It’s a skill that’s always overlooked when it shouldn’t be. The people who do this don’t have to work as hard, and they get to have more fun. I mean, how many other people have the perfect escape plan for those long weekends? They’re the creative minds that find loopholes in the system and expose them.

Keeping An Eye On Every Passenger

eyes on back of head.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ladbible

Flying on an airplane is stressful. For control freaks like me, it’s one of the only times when you literally have no control over anything.

There’s probably nothing worse than having a screaming baby onboard. Unfortunately for this guy, there was a screamer just three rows behind him. That’s why he put eyes on the back of his head to keep an eye on that baby. This made the baby uncomfortable and embarrassed. The baby stopped. Mission accomplished.