If Working Smart Was A Sport, These People Would Be Hall Of Famers

Right from a young age, we’re told that as long as you work hard, you’ll achieve your goals. We’re told that hustle beats talent, and dedication beats creativity. “You can do anything you set your mind to,” they say.

What if I were to tell you that what your parents, teachers, and managers have been telling you is really just a lie? Working hard isn’t always productive, and just because you spend 60 hours at work every week doesn’t mean that you’re going to get that promotion. Working smart is the key to success. It’s a skill that’s always overlooked when it shouldn’t be. The people who do this don’t have to work as hard, and they get to have more fun. I mean, how many other people have the perfect escape plan for those long weekends? They’re the creative minds that find loopholes in the system and expose them.

Keeping An Eye On Every Passenger

eyes on back of head.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ladbible

Flying on an airplane is stressful. For control freaks like me, it’s one of the only times when you literally have no control over anything.

There’s probably nothing worse than having a screaming baby onboard. Unfortunately for this guy, there was a screamer just three rows behind him. That’s why he put eyes on the back of his head to keep an eye on that baby. This made the baby uncomfortable and embarrassed. The baby stopped. Mission accomplished.

You Become An Instant Conehead


Photo Credit: Reddit / FlyingOstrich

Can we just talk about these cone heads on dogs? Why do we have to turn man’s best friend into a walking lamp who can’t fit through any door?

That device would be like tying a human’s hands together behind their back when they have an irresistible itch. Dogs that aren’t allowed to lick open wounds are like humans who can’t scratch their leg when someone keeps touching it with a feather.

This Is One Way To Ensure Guys Don’t Loiter In The Bathroom

looking at you bathroom.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / PixelWarrior5253

Let’s be honest here, the bathroom at work and school is a place to go where there is peace and quiet and no judgment. It’s your little escape away from the rat race that is adulthood.

Now, if there’s a painting like this hovering over a urinal, that whole no judgment thing just gets thrown right out of the window. Mission accomplished for this office, which will see a decrease in bathroom visits from the men.

Coming up, a girl brings the perfect item for her last day of work, and it’s very petty.

“What Do You Do On Slow Days?”

Star Wars.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / mateoardian

While a timely “slow day” at work can be nice (when you’re hungover or feeling under the weather), most of the time they’re just boring. That is unless you fill time with stuff like this.

Making these Walkers from the Star Wars movies isn’t just creative, it’s actually genius. It’s even better knowing that it’s made out of dipping sauce, which is iconic.

It’s Wite-Out Not White-Out, By The Way

Wite OUt.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Jabroni12

Did anyone else have those kids in your class that had to be pointlessly rude to you for no reason?

They were the kid that sat at the front of the class and raised their hand for every question. This is the kid that would laugh if you got an answer wrong and was also the grammar police. I spelled it “White Out” once and this kid went out of their way to correct me on the spelling and it was traumatizing. I have nightmares to this day.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

sorry for you loss.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is this girls last day of work, and she is making it very clear that they’re losing an asset. The message on the cake is so petty but brilliant.

This rivals the divorce cakes that are starting to trend. Instead of telling your wife or husband that you’re splitting up with them over text, just do it with a cake. It softens the blow a little bit.

People who opt to stand at their desk need to take some creative lessons from this guy coming up.

This Is NOT Drugs And I Am NOT An Undercover Cop

not cocaine.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This person brought sugar into their work kitchen and made it VERY clear what isn’t in the bag. It tells more about this person and their mindset than we probably care to know.

Susan, no one thought that the white stuff in the baggy right beside the coffee maker was cocaine. That’s just you, girl.

When It’s Friday And You Need To Sneak Out A Little Early

paul from HR.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / suddenly_satire

Here’s the situation — it’s Friday at noon and you’ve got a big weekend planned. You’re thinking about anything other than work.

In fact, beer cans are floating around in your head like dancing angels. What do you do? Well, you leave. Your only option is to get a cardboard cutout of yourself and pretend you’re at work.

Who Decides That This Is Okay?

standing desk 9000.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Martholio

What is with people who decide that they want to stand instead of sit at their desk? I get that it’s a posture thing, blah blah.

But there have to be inherently lazy people out there like myself. This guy is for sure a vegan who counts water in his “caloric intake chart” and thinks plants have a heartbeat.

Just ahead, the brilliant username for any game that won’t let you change it later. Sounds boring, but it’s not.

Doug, You’re Not Funny

eyes on shoes.jpg

Photo Credit: Facebook / 9to5life

This is that one annoying co-worker who won’t shut up or leave you alone. That was aggressive, yes, but sometimes you have to be.

Doug is the guy who always peeks his head around your cubicle to tell you the weather at unnecessary times. He’s also the guy that has the mentality of a five-year-old and thinks putting googly eyes on everything “makes them come alive.”

Bad Case Of The Mondays

sleeping behind things.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / qela

Monday’s are awful because it’s the beginning of the work week and it’s very difficult to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s almost impossible to put in any effort on a Monday, so it’s imperative that you work smart. This security guard is taking a quick five, while also maintaining the illusion that he’s keeping a watchful eye.

Sorry, What Did You Say?

changed later.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / TheCommonsLife

This is like when you tell a kid that they shouldn’t jump in the pool with all of their clothes on. They’re going to find a way to jump in the pool with all of their clothes on because that’s what kids do.

It takes a couple years before kids will actually treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. It might happen when they turn 30.

Coming up, this person takes socks and sandals to the next level and it’s outstanding.

This Is Revolutionary

burger skin.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Martholio

It’s a trend that is slowly taking over the world. With increased education on the negative impact litter is having on the environment, people are eating wrappers.

They’re calling it burger skin and it’s very effective. If everyone starts eating their litter, the world will be a much safer place for our children.

Drink Holders That Make A Difference

coffee drinking.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Most of us have a dream to change the world. A dream that someday your name will be in the history books for making a positive difference in this world.

Well, the person who came up with putting iced coffee into this awkwardly shaped compartment has officially made a difference. Move over Mother Teresa — an iced coffee prophet is coming.

What Are Thooose?

what are those.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / FFXIVkittycat01

Socks and sandals are one of the biggest fashion faux-pas around. Let’s be honest here; it’s practical for those days when it’s too hot for shoes but not hot enough to go barefoot.

This style of shoe-dal eliminates the stigma around socks and open toe footwear. We are very thankful for designers who are looking out for us regular folks.

What do you do if you see a lonely KitKat bar? Hopefully not what this person just ahead did.

“Okay, But They’re Comfy”

don't buy nikes.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / D1rtymaca1

Look, it’s hard to fault the woman who decided to wear Nike shoes to the anti-Nike rally. She’s smart because she knows that they’re the only brand that makes quality rally shoes that allow you to stand on your feet for a long period of time.

Less aching feet equals more time to get the message out. It’s kind of a double-edged sword for her. It’s like wearing a dolphin fin necklace to a PETA rally.

A True Deal Maker

mobile office.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / brdesignguy

When you don’t have an office for yourself because they’re too expensive, it’s important to utilize your surroundings.

This creative cat decided that he would bring his business onto the subway and it’s surprisingly efficient. He’s easily accessible to all of his clients across the entire city.

One Does Not Just Walk Past A Kit-Kat

Kit Kat.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Whitlow14

There are very few things in the world that have a temptation power that would result in this kind of behavior. A Kit-Kat bar is one of those.

If you’re just going to leave that chocolate covered red rocket in plain view, you can rest assured it will be gone by the time you get back. This picture is just a PSA for anyone who isn’t careful.

The Dictionary Definition Of Petty

I Said No Onion.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / jllongtine2

This is petty, but it’s smart. Instead of just asking the server to get you a new meal, use their own mistake against them.

Writing the message in onions will ensure quicker and more frantic service. Also, it shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make a point which will probably guarantee a free meal.

Life-Changing Parenting Hack

parenting fails.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s really important to work smart when you’re a parent. Kids always want attention, and they have more energy than an extra-caffeinated Coca-Cola.

Figuring out ways that you can tend to their needs and your needs at the same time is crucial. A Sip of beer for dad and a swing for daughter.