If You Don’t Know About These Things, You’re In For A Big Surprise When You Move In With Someone Of The Opposite Gender

I’m all for equality between men and women but let’s face it, deep down there are a few things we do a little differently. For a lot of people, those differences become obvious as soon as you two move in together.

Whether you’re platonic roommates, dating, or married, when you have to live in the same space as someone of the opposite gender some things become very clear, very quickly. Any long-term couple will know way more than they ever wanted to know about each other’s bathroom time. See how many of these things you already knew when it comes to men and women living together.

Men Have No Idea About The Cost Of Most Bathroom Products

bathroom products.jpg

Photo credit: @greenlittleways / Instagram

I’m convinced that most men just buy all their bathroom products at the dollar store. Yes, some guys spend an outrageous amount of money on hair and skincare products like girls, but most have no idea what the cost of a proper moisturizing lotion is.

Girls have to save up for weeks for one trip to Sephora.

Hair. Is. Everywhere.

hair on the shower wall.jpg

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Any dad with daughters known that you could knit a sweater with all the long hairs they shed.

This one can apply to both men and women. Yes, pulling a long hair off the shower wall is disgusting, but cleaning up beard trimmings around the sink is just as gross.

Boys Have Different Rules For Whats Dirty And Clean

laundry chair guys.jpg

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Living with men show you just how different laundry standards are. For girls, if they wear a blouse, then it goes in the laundry. For boys, a shirt isn’t dirty until there are noticeable sweat marks, stains, or it smells bad.

Girls have developed a better system. If they find a pair of leggings that fit perfectly, they buy three pairs and rotate them until laundry day.

Keep reading to find out the real reason why your dad was so precise about the temperature in the house.

Women Cry More From Anger Than Being Sad

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People say women are emotional, but if they’re going to sad-cry, it will be with their friends while eating ice cream. If men see women cry, it’s because they’re angry.

It’s a well-known fact that women love to argue in a text, but face to face they usually crumble and get so worked up the tears start flowing.

Men Actually Spend Way More Time In The Shower Than They Think

dexter in shower.jpg

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People think that women take forever in the shower, but that’s not true. They take forever getting ready, but the actual shower part is quick and efficient.

Guys take ridiculously long showers considering they have fewer things to worry about. How are they in there for 25 minutes when they have 2-in-1 shampoos and don’t have to shave?

Women Are Always Either Super Hot, Or Super Cold

girls always cold.jpg

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Temperature swings aren’t restricted to women in menopause. Girls are either freezing or sweating. There’s no in-between.

If you thought your dad was strict about the thermostat in the house, it’s because your mom was probably a pain in the butt about it.

If the fashion industry changed some of their standards, girls would probably do this thing that guys do whenever they come home.

Guys Don’t Spend The Entire 30 Minutes Pooping

men in the bathroom foreber.jpg

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This fact is surprising to a lot of women who move in with guys. At first, it’s concerning how boys spend so much time in the bathroom. Is something wrong? Do they need to go to the hospital?

Then it becomes clear they are not spending the entire time pooping, they’re just sitting on the toilet on their phone.

Women Go Through So Much Shampoo

woman shampooing hair.jpg

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It’s mindblowing to men how fast women can go through shampoo. And apparently, you can’t just buy them Head and Shoulders 2-in-1.

It has to be some sort of salon-grade shampoo and conditioner. Oh and don’t forget about the overnight moisturizing mask.

Guys Just Empty Their Pockets Wherever They Are


Photo credit: Pawel Dwulit / Toronto Star / Getty Images

It’s impressive the number of things guys can accumulate in their pocket during the day, and when they get home they dump it all out on the first surface they can find.

Go into a house, and you’ll find spare change on the kitchen counter, the bedside table, the coffee table, and everywhere in between.

Moving in together probably means building a new budget, so make sure to leave room for this one item that women seem to use so much of.

Girls Always Have The Shower At 1000 Degrees

hotter shower the hottest.jpg

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We all love a nice, hot shower everyone once in a while but women take it too far. Even if it’s in the dead of summer, the water is scalding hot.

It can make it pretty hard to get it on in the shower when you’re body feels like it’s on fire and she refuses to adjust the water temperature.

Boys Have A Random Box Of Cords, Wires, And Plugs

box of cords.jpg

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Having a random box of cords is something that men learn at a young age and take into adulthood. As a teenager, the box holds mostly extra auxiliary cords and headphones for video games.

But as they get older, men start adding extension cords (to play video games from far away), phone chargers, and plugs to the box. It’s weird, but super convenient when you need something.

Women Use An Insane Amount Of Toilet Paper


Photo credit: MARTIN BERNETTI / AFP / Getty Images

Men across the board all agree that women go through a lot of toilet paper. This is hard to compare though since men don’t have to use toilet paper half the time.

Definitely, leave an extra few bucks in the monthly budget for toilet paper if you move in with a woman.

Anyone who’s stayed over at a guy’s house knows they always have this one thing wrong with their bed, and that has to change when you move in together.

Men Make A Lot Of Sound Effects Over The Day

r2d2 sound effects.jpg

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Women have noted just how loud men can be in some pretty typical everyday actions. Who knew that doing the laundry or putting away the dishes required sound effects?

Maybe women were just brought up to be quieter, or maybe they do all their sound effects in their head.

Panty Liners Are Just Giant Stickers


Photo credit: LOIC VENANCE / AFP / Getty Images

Thanks to She’s The Man, men around the world figured out just how absorbent tampons are, but panty liners are still a mysterious item for many guys.

Basically, they’re just giant stickers. Plus, anyone with kids will know they also work as a makeshift band-aid if you’re desperate.

So Many Men Only Have One Pillow On Their Bed

bed with one pillow.jpg

Photo credit: _jamsterdam / Twitter

It’s surprisingly common how many men have one pillow on their bed. It’s reminiscent of Barney Stinson’s bed from How I Met Your Mother, where his entire apartment is designed to be offputting to anyone staying the night.

Men, if you’re moving in with a girl or want someone to stay the night, you’ll need to buy a second pillow.

If you were worried about her hair being everywhere, you’re in for a nasty surprise when you start finding this next item on every surface of your home.

Bobby Pins Are Relentless

bobby pins everywhere (1).jpg

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You don’t need to be living with a girl to know that bobby pins are everywhere. Just invite a girl to stay the night, and one pin will quickly find their way into your home. You’d think for the amount of hair they shed, they wouldn’t need so many bobby pins but think again.

Losing bobby pins is as common as that one sock going missing in the dryer each week.

Guys Eat A Lot And They Eat Fast

squidward pattys.gif

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One woman on Reddit talked about how while she was nibbling at a popsicle, her boyfriend chomped his down in four bites. It’s true even on Thanksgiving. The guys seem to already be on seconds before the women can finish their first plate.

Maybe it’s a “survival of the fittest” thing, but it seems that even if they’re eating a small snack, men eat really fast.

Women Taking Off Their Bras Is Like Men Walking Around In Their Underwear

bra off hair up.jpg

Photo credit: @miracle_iran / Instagram

One of the things about moving in together is learning how surprisingly similar the two of you are. People like to think that guys are the only ones who want to walk around with no clothes on, but any woman knows the best part of the day is taking off your bra for the night.

Clearly, humans around the world all like to feel comfortable and free in their homes.

Guys Aren’t All Slobs


Photo credit: Bert Hardy / Picture Post / Getty Images

Not all men are as messy and smelly as your older brother. This is a shock for a lot of women, but men aren’t as bad as you’d think.

In fact, a lot of men enjoy cleaning. Thanks to Jersey Shore, it’s become cool to do laundry and have fresh clothes to wear.

Apparently, Women Pee Really Loudly

woman bathroom.jpg

Photo credit: @Reductress / Twitter

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom fan, when you move in together you can hear everything that goes on in the bathroom. A lot of men have commented that women pee really loudly.

Some theorize it’s because girls can’t “aim for the sides,” but whatever reason it is, let’s all remember that each other’s bathroom time is sacred.