If You’ve Ever Worked In Retail, You Know These Moments All Too Well

Working retail is like an American right of passage. Most of us have done it. Most of us know the struggle. I honestly think that working retail makes you a better person. It makes you more empathetic to any retail workers you might meet in the future, and it gives you some basic life skills that will help you for the rest of your days.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not absolutely awful while you’re in it. Yeah, you’re a better person after you’re done working retail, but not while you’re working retail. While you’re working you’re just grumpy and burnt out. Keep reading to see some memes that’ll make you feel understood, at least.

The Customer Is Always Right


Photo Credit: Tortuz / Reddit

Do people really have nothing better to do than complain about a product not being in stock until Thursday? Come on, lady, you can wait two days to get your soap dish.

Complaining isn’t going to make the delivery truck get here any faster. There are no magic words that can help you, I promise.

People Who Do This Are The Worst


Photo Credit: thatmistry / Reddit

How hard is it to walk an extra five steps and put those shopping carts back in line with the rest of them? At least these people left their carts somewhere near where the carts are supposed to go.

I guess that’s better than leaving them in the middle of the parking lot.

Might As Well Just Stay Here


Photo Credit: @retailprobz / Instagram

That feeling when you lock up and immediately start counting the hours before you have to come back to work is no fun at all.

You could probably get more sleep if you just set up a mattress in the stockroom. If you work in a store that sells beds, you wouldn’t even need to set up a mattress.

Turn That Frown Upside Down


Photo Credit: @retailprobz / Instagram

And then you say “sure thing, boss,” and slap on the fakest smile anybody has ever seen. I think I’m an expert at detecting fake smiles now, just because I know so intimately which muscles are involved in producing them.

If you’re feeling extra sassy, you could even throw in a fake laugh to go along with it.

If You Leave Your Dressing Room Like This, Kindly Go Away And Never Come Back


Photo Credit: JinxSphinx / Reddit

I know how tempting it is to just leave the clothes you don’t want all over the floor. We’re all in a rush and hanging clothes on a hanger isn’t the most exciting activity in the world.

But in the name of all that is holy and sacred, please think of the changeroom worker who has been up since 7 AM. Just hang up the clothes and don’t ruin her day more than it has probably been ruined already.

We’re All Out Here Trying Our Best


Photo Credit: dredsina / Reddit

I don’t know why the company doesn’t make bags you could fit three adult humans inside (honestly, it’s probably for safety reasons), but I do not manufacture the bags. I just distribute them.

You can have these two bags and see if you can cobble something together that you’re happy with. You’ll probably never be happy, though. Keep reading to find out how it feels to work at Best Buy right before Christmas.

Nothing To See Here, Boss


Photo Credit: tank.sinatra / Instagram

No matter how hard you try to look innocent, your boss always knows what’s happening.

Goofing around with coworkers who are actually awesome is one of the few benefits of working in retail. Yeah, it’s not technically allowed, but we all gotta stay sane somehow.

The Sweet Sounds Of Self-Checkout


Photo Credit: SoulfulYam / Reddit

Is it really self-checkout if you need to have one or more staff members present in and around the self-checkout at all times?

I don’t think so. That doesn’t sound like self-checkout at all. That sounds like assisted checkout, but with even more obnoxious robot noises.

An Inside Look At Any Best Buy Breakroom Around Christmas Time


Photo Credit: DrMambo93 / Reddit

Nowhere is safe around holiday season— not even the break room. You’re in there for half a second before somebody calls you to help a customer pick out a sound system. How about “no?” How’s that for a sound system?

But of course, you don’t say no. You say yes. You spend half an hour showing them all of the different speaker options. And then they decide just to order the one they want online.

These Two Consecutive Reviews Beautifully Summarize What It’s Like To Work Retail


Photo Credit: Benpresc / Reddit

This is the retail trap. Some people love human interaction. They would want help flushing the toilet after they poop if that were a socially acceptable service.

There are other people who prefer to be left alone. We can’t tell which is which just by looking. It’s not like they’re wearing giant “help me” or “get away from me” signs.

This Could Go One Of Two Ways


Photo Credit: ScooterMcThumbkin / Reddit

Sometimes tech-illiterate old people are super cute and nice. They really appreciate being helped and they even leave you a nice tip.

Other times, they are rude and belligerent and they don’t understand anything you tell them. Then they get frustrated, so they leave. Read on for what every customer thinks “the back” looks like.

HAHAHAHAHA Wow, I Haven’t Heard That One Before


Photo Credit: SpandanaTalluri /Twitter

There is a sound from deep within my body that I have to repress every time someone makes this joke. It’s even worse when you can tell that they think they’re so funny and clever.

Customers, please stop saying this. Go to comedy school. Come back when you learn how to write some original jokes.

“Hey, How Are You Today?”


Photo Credit: RyanAlready / Reddit

Look, we hate small talk as much as you do. No, I don’t really care how you’re doing today. It would still be nice if you could answer me, though.

Common decency goes a long way in today’s society, especially in the entrance of an American Eagle after I’ve worked three hours of my seven-hour shift and I’m just trying to stay standing.

I Promise It’s Not Narnia


Photo Credit: crazy_dog_lady101 / Reddit

I promise, if it’s not in the front of the store, it’s probably not in the back either. I’ll check if you really want me to, but I’m just going to walk out of your direct line of vision, play on my phone for a minute, walk out and tell you that we don’t have it.

The back is not a magical second store. It’s mostly just cleaning supplies and broken stuff.

When Someone Asks If The Store Accepts Checks


Photo Credit: insertlifehere / Reddit

Yes, we technically accept checks. But checks are a pain in the butt, and we would much prefer a debit card, which is sort of like a check. Except everything happens instantly.

Get with the times, people. Keep reading for that face you make when your manager backs you up.

Off The Clock Means Off The Clock


Photo Credit: @retailprobz / Instagram

I know I’m still wearing my uniform, but it’s 4:02 and my shift ended two minutes ago, and the only reason I’m still here is because the bus doesn’t come for another six minutes and I like to watch my co-workers have to do all the stuff that I don’t have to do anymore.

How about you go ask one of them your very important question?

I Know We’re Not Closed, But We’re Basically Closed


Photo Credit: Oyeahitsbatman / Reddit

I’m going to choose to ignore the glaring grammatical error in this meme because this duck makes an excellent point.

You cannot do anything in five minutes. It will take you at least seven minutes to make a purchase. We’ve already counted the cash in the till. Please turn around and go home.

I Told You So


Photo Credit: @retailprobz / Instagram

Bish, you think I’m saying stuff just to say it? I am saying stuff because it is company policy to say stuff. My manager also has to follow company policy.

If we don’t have a product in stock, the manager can’t make it magically appear. Managers are there to manage staff, not to manage your problems.

The Right Thing To Do


Photo Credit: ayyehawks / Reddit

Customers, take a cue from nice guy Dave. If you open a box, at least buy that box. Nobody else is going to buy the box that you opened. You don’t need a sealed box. You had a sealed box, and you opened it, so now that box is yours.

If you open a box and you’re unhappy with the contents, that’s maybe a different story.

Time Moves So Slowly At Work


Photo Credit: @retailprobz / Instagram

That feel when you keep looking at the clock and it literally does not move. One hour feels like seven hours in work time.

I should have aged seventy years by now. Where are my wrinkles? Oh yeah, they’re in my soul. Deep, deep in my soul.