People Proving They’re Not The Brightest Crayon In The Coloring Box

Sometimes our better judgment flies out the window and we’re left dazed and confused. In those moments, we make mistakes and we mess up and we post our fails on the internet to show the world just how dumb we can be. It happens to the best of us.

Luckily, all of that stupidity is super entertaining. Keep reading to see some of the lowest moments in human evolution. Meet a man who doesn’t know how to eat a granola bar, a Christian bookstore that misunderstood a Mark Twain quote, and some people who really don’t know how Frankenstein works.



Photo Credit: E-RaticArtist / Reddit

Oh dear, Classical Art Memes, this is a rough one. Yes, kind Facebook editor, he is called Owen Wilson. Owen Wilson is an iconic actor who says “wow” in every movie he’s ever been in. He is the brother of Luke Wilson, Zoolander’s rival and other half, the most notable nose in Hollywood.

Kieth Urban is a country singer.

I Guess He’s Never Seen A Tape Before


Photo Credit: tossoutexpiredcandy / Reddit

Apparently, nobody told Generation Z how tapes work. You’d think after the first time the tape dek scratched up his phone, he’d stop shoving it in there.

People who do stupid things should invest in a scratch proof screen protector. Maybe also some history lessons. I guess cassette tapes are history now.

Someone Didn’t Pay Attention In Math Class

stupid 18.jpg

Photo Credit: AdamE89 / Reddit

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but how big is a spoonful? If you have a really big spoon, I guess a quarter cup could be a spoonful, but a third of a cup is pushing it.

This person really needs to figure out how fractions work is she’s going to be doing anything in the kitchen.

Do People Actually Fall For This?

stupid 19.jpg

Photo Credit: JoeinJapan / Reddit

I see Holland, I see France, I see no difference between these two pillows. Why is the French pillow so much more expensive than the Dutch one? It’s the same pillow flipped ninety degrees!

Keep reading to see a guy mess up breakfast harder than you ever thought possible.

Et Tu, Brute?


Photo Credit: InfiniteBro / Reddit

The best part of this instance of stupidity is that this person thinks that is ranch dressing. How dumb do you have to be to confuse ranch and Caesar? They are completely different dressings! Geez.

Oh, also, they should read some books.

You Can’t Be Serious


Photo Credit: woodamnpig / Reddit

This picture is not helpful. We know how big the phone is. We can look up the specs on the internet. We need to see what condition the phone is in. Maybe ask a friend to take a picture for you with their phone.

Unless you don’t have any friends, in which case you’re not dumb, just lonely.

That’s Not How Cereal Bars Work

That’s Not How Cereal Bars Work

Photo Credit: AhmarIT / Reddit

So, I get it, the name “cereal bar” could be confusing — if you’ve been living on another planet for most of your life.

The best part of cereal bars is that they’re portable. What would be the point of compressing cereal into bar form if you’re just going to break it up in milk? I guess it works for Weetabix.

Do Your Research


Photo Credit: mike_pants / Reddit

Yup, definitely time to rethink your position. I wonder what this person based her opinion on if it wasn’t peer-reviewed evidence.

Just a hunch? The way the sky looked that day? The “scholarly” in quotation marks is killing me. Read on to see another misuse of quotation marks, but not in the way you might expect.

For The Birds


Photo Credit: FlipettyFlop / Reddit

Brain farts are the best kind of farts. They’re not smelly, and they make for excellent Twitter posts. Someone commented on this post that they once forgot the word “oven,” so they called it an adult microwave.

All objects should have alternate names like this. Socks could be foot sleeves.

Odd Use For The Word “Otherwise”


Photo Credit: GallowBoob / Reddit

I’m assuming that she actually enjoys cuddling her nephew and that she just doesn’t know how to use the word “otherwise.”

I’m not going to assume that this is a Freudian slip and that she really doesn’t enjoy spending time with that baby. It’s probably just a grammar issue, right?

You May Want To Read That Again


Photo Credit: Rude1231 / Reddit

Mark Twain is somehow trolling religious people from beyond the grave. This is a facepalm if I ever saw one.

Twain didn’t like organized religion at all. He did like books, though. So at least it matches the bookstore part of the Christian bookstore equation. Read on for a professor who should probably go back to school.

Moderate Celebrity


Photo Credit: Endless_Vanity / Reddit

Apparently, this happens to Tony Hawk all the time. He posts stories like this on Twitter regularly.

Maybe he should start carrying around a skateboard and wearing a shirt with his name on it so people will catch on to who he is. Although, the name this didn’t help this TSA agent much.

The Curvature Of This Statement


Photo Credit: Krakengreyjoy / Reddit

It’s true, flat-earthers are all AROUND us. It’s a good thing that physics and astronomy are always there to set those guys straight.

The word “globe” literally means spherical. If you’re a member of the Flat Earth Society, you shouldn’t get to refer to the world as a globe.

The Students Are In The Computer


Photo Credit: siouxie_siouxv2 / Reddit

This is exactly why we need to think before we email. It’s also why a lot of us wish there were a way to take back stupid emails. Too bad the internet doesn’t work like that. Once something’s out there, it’s out there forever.

Keep reading to see what can happen when you’re too stupid to run two distinct Twitter accounts.

Someone Definitely Hasn’t Done Their Homework


Photo Credit: Aussiewiskeydriver / Reddit

Saying Frankenstein is about a misunderstood monster is like saying Animal Farm is not actually about animals, or To Kill A Mockingbird is actually about tolerance. Correct. All of these things are correct.

I guess reading makes you a snowflake now. This is a whole new kind of stupidity.

Another Frankenstein Blunder


Photo Credit: Reddit

This guy thought he was being smart. He thought it was the rest of the world who didn’t know the difference between Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster. Looks like he just didn’t get the joke.

It’s so much worse to be stupid when you thought you were being smarter than everyone else.

Living A Double Life


Photo Credit: siouxie_siouxv2 / Reddit

Always make sure you’re logged out of your alternate account before you go hyping yourself up on Twitter.

Upon further inspection, it looks like this guy just doesn’t know how to retweet. He copied and pasted @TheOfficialABCD’s tweet into his own, which makes it look like he has a fan account for himself. It’s still stupid, but it’s less nasty.

They Can Still Hear, You Know


Photo Credit: GimmieThatKarma / Reddit

Part of me secretly wishes that this guy hadn’t realized his own mistake and that he had actually tried to make clicking sounds with his tongue.

How long could that go on for? How many clicks would our ears be blessed with? Stupidity is so entertaining sometimes.

Time To Call For Backup


Photo Credit: iam_nobody / Reddit

I am imagining that this saga extends into infinity. The backup AAA guy also locks his keys in his car, and they have to call for somebody else, and then the pattern repeats until the universe deems humanity too stupid for this world and we’re all replaced by robots.

This is how the robot uprising begins.

UPS Done Goofed


Photo Credit: GallowBoob / Reddit

I wonder what’s in that package. A poster? Some child sized skis? A fluorescent lightbulb? The possibilities are endless.

Delivery people, this is why you should always knock. It’s also why drones are going to replace you within the next five years. It’s official: robots are smarter than us.