People Who Are Making Things Way More Difficult Than They Need To Be

Your parents always tell that you that nothing in life comes easy, but that phrase is more of a general guideline rather than a firm rule. Still, some people take it to heart and always put in way too much effort.

I promise you’re not lazy if you take the easy route every once in a while. You don’t need to create an elaborate set up to secretly take a photo of a mirror. You don’t need to use chopsticks to eat absolutely everything. These people made easy things way more difficult than they needed to be, but hey, it’s their world, and we’re just living in it.

If You Can Afford A Macbook, You Can Afford A Cell Phone

macbook selfie stick (1).jpg

Photo credit: Logiel2 / Reddit

Even the tourists who usually love a good selfie stick are looking at this man like he’s ridiculous. And that’s because he is. No matter how good the camera is, there is no reason why you need a Macbook Selfie Stick.

Unless you want the FBI agent assigned to you to have 24/7 access.

Gotta Play It Cool When The Ice Cream Truck Drives By

eating popsicles like a real boss.jpg

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

This guy has a serious problem on his hands. He clearly loves a cold popsicle on a hot day, but he’s trying to keep his reputation intact. You can’t go around licking popsicles and keep your street cred.

Cutting off pieces and eating them straight from the knife is way more difficult than needed, but might be worth it.

Face The Fact You’ll End Up With A Second Degree Burn

pick up coffee cup its too difficult.jpg

Photo credit: @Wooda_Magoo / Twitter

This guy can’t figure out how to drink his coffee from this ridiculous cup, and I feel his pain. There is no right way to hold those cups. Each method is physically straining. It’s time to face the fact that you’ll have to grab the cup around the middle and burn your hands if you want to drink your coffee.

Our favorite new internet trend of people trying to sell mirrors on Craigslist shows exactly how trying way too hard makes you look ridiculous.

Has Maxwell Ever Heard Of The ‘Crop’ Feature For Photos?

amazon review for overalls.jpg

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

In hindsight, Maxwell is probably regretting his spur of the moment decision to just put the Amazon packaging over his head for this photo.

I’m sure after he posted the review a friend let him in on a secret tool called the “crop feature” which would have let him avoid all of this embarrassment.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

cook spam with hand sanitizer.jpg

Photo credit: @beyondshaun / Twitter

Spam is never the right choice no matter how broke you are. A can cost more than $2.00, and you could buy a double cheeseburger for that price.

If you do opt for the Spam though, take it down to the communal microwave and zap it until it’s cooked. It’s not worth this amount of trouble.

There Is No Easy Way To Sell A Mirror On Craigslist

taking picture of mirror to sell.jpg

Photo credit: @craigslist_mirrors / Instagram

One of the best trends to hit the internet is people trying to sell mirrors on Craiglist without taking a mirror selfie. The fact of the matter is, there’s just no easy way to do it. This person probably took the hardest route by blindly sticking their hand out the door and hope for a good shot.

The husband coming up probably spent the first month of his marriage in the doghouse because he had to be stubborn.

We All Have One Friend That Makes This Way Too Difficult

force eyedrops into your friends eye.jpg

Photo credit: Twitter

I’m not sure why this is such a common thing, but it seriously feels like at one point in every teenager’s life they’ve forced eyedrops into their friend’s eye.

I was always the one holding the other person’s eyelids open, so I know just how hard they make it for you.

One Urinal To Rule Them All

rock climbing urinal.jpg

Photo credit: HopeMyLifeGetsBetter / Reddit

Only those most deserving can relieve their bladder in this bathroom. Urinals are meant to be convenient and quick ways for men to go to the washroom, but I don’t think anyone can climb that with their pants down then hold on long enough to pee.

This urinal is the true equalizer. Every man is forced to use the stalls now.

This Dad Made The First Month Of His Marriage Real Difficult

dad wanted to go home early.jpg

Photo credit: @KhaledEreikat / Twitter

All this man had to do was suck it up for a few more hours and his marriage would have been smooth sailing. Instead, he took the stupid route and started a fight with his wife on their wedding day. Men do a lot of bonehead things, but this guy takes the cake by starting out his marriage in the doghouse for absolutely no reason.

Usually, I hate when things are more difficult than they need to be, but keep reading to see why I wouldn’t mind having to jump through a few hoops.

You Can’t Criticize Them For Trying

its not going to fit in the back of that car.jpg

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

The thing making this way more difficult than it has to be is that the woman is forcing her nine-year-old child to help lift it. These have to be the two most inexperienced movers I’ve ever seen.

They definitely won’t know when to quit, and they’ll keep trying to shove a couch into the back of a four-door sedan for hours.

Maybe You Should Have Just Been Honest With Her

vegan hot dog.jpg

Photo credit: icamehereforpuns / Imgur

I understand that in any relationship you have to make sacrifices, but pretending you’re a meat-lover to get the girl seems a little too far. It’s not even like you can lie about it at this point since you literally have a forearm tattoo that says “vegan” in block letter.

It would be way easier to be straightforward with her.

I Wish Someone Would Make It This Difficult For Me To Spend Money

bank machine making it real difficult.jpg

Photo credit: xsited1 / Reddit

I honestly wish I saw more ATMs like this. I know how lazy I am. I would actively avoid withdrawing money if it meant I had to hop up on someone’s shoulders. This ATM is making things way more difficult than they need to be, but for once, that’s not the worst thing.

Back in the day, when Sandra from accounting steals your food from the work fridge, you used to just send a company-wide fax putting her on blast. The people coming up took it to the extreme.

This Is Social Suicide

eating pizza with chopsticks.jpg

Photo credit: sd2002 / Imgur

This guy must have the strongest finger muscles known to man if he can casually hold up an entire slice of pizza with chopsticks. This is not even a convenient way to eat pizza. He’s starting with the crust first, so the rest of the ‘za is bound to fall apart by the end.

Pizza was perfectly designed for simple eating, and he’s ruining everything.

The Natural Cycle Of Capitalism

words with friends real life game.jpg

Photo credit: Imgur

How did we, as a society, devolve so much that we are gullible enough to buy Words With Friends, board game edition. All you have to do is dig out Scrabble from the back of your game closet.

This is a clear-cut example of when capitalism goes too far and won’t let us enjoy the simple things in life, like getting a triple letter score on an X.

Maybe You Could Just Leave A Passive-Aggressive Note Instead

milk theft at the police.jpg

Photo credit: @WYP_PC3220Sharp / Twitter

I understand it can be frustrating when people keep taking your stuff from the office fridge, but I feel like a full-blown padlock isn’t the easiest solution. Maybe try talking to people and politely ask them to stop? Or take the easy, non-confrontational route and write a passive-aggressive note. There’s got to be a better way.

I really want to know what the endgame was for the thief who clearly doesn’t know the easiest way to steal a bike.

No One Needs This Kind Of Negativity

eat burgers with or without peel.jpg

Photo credit: @willycrooks / Twitter

What kind of strange human being thinks that this is the best way to eat a burger? Biting through the wrapper isn’t taking the easy route — it’s taking the most difficult one possible. Imagine chewing through that tough, waxy paper.

I’m all for laziness, but it’s no excuse here.

She Did Not Make Her Tattoo Artists Job Very Easy

glad the tat man knew what was up.jpg

Photo credit: @sierraalexiss_ / Twitter

This girl really did not make it easy for her artist. Thank goodness that tattoo artists train all their lives for taking terrible ideas and making them beautiful. If I had seen the left picture without context, I would have thought a four-year-old drew it.

Bravo to the tattoo man who turned this trash into gold.

What Was The End Game For Stealing This Bike?

tried to steal a bike the hard way.jpg

Photo credit: vtechiswack / Reddit

At what point did the person trying to steal this bike think that it would be easy? I don’t condone stealing bikes, but just walk up with some lock cutters.

Thankfully, someone caught them during the act, and they ran off. But what was the end game here?

For The Ultimate Neglectful Owner

the pet petter is way too much.jpg

Photo credit: 2Pak / Imgur

Why spend quality time with an animal that you decided to commit 10-20 years of your life to when you can just buy a Pet Petter?

All you have to do it spend $20.99 + tax, train your pet to lay still underneath it, and make sure the dog doesn’t try to eat it. What could go wrong?

I’ve Been Burning Through Air Fresheners All My Life For No Reason

using an air freshner wrong all of life.jpg

Photo credit: @TraeGilley / Twitter

Why are the most simple solutions not the most obvious ones? I’ve always just tried to figure out a way to get the air freshener not to close and run out of scent in four days.

I was too busy raging at my air fresheners to realize I was doing things the difficult way for years.