People Who Are Playing Life On Expert Mode And It’s Hilariously Impressive

While most of us are treading water in the deep end of life’s pool, some are swimming laps. That’s a stupid analogy of saying that a lot of people are just surviving each day while others are thriving.

We’re barely succeeding in the easiest song on Guitar Hero, Slow Ride, while some of our peers are crushing it in Through The Fire And The Flames on expert mode. These are the overachievers who have mastered maneuvering through everyday life with flying colors. While many people rely on book smarts, these people crush it on the street smarts part of life which is way more important.

Next Level Lazy

phone on face.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / TheSpocker

We all have those days when it feels like your muscles are 100 pounds heavier than usual. It’s impossible to move, you have no energy and no motivation to even hold your phone or laptop.

This kid has found a way that he can use his laziness to his advantage. It’s all about resource management and finding the environment that suits your lack of motivation.

Okay, Maybe This Is Next Level Lazy

very lazy.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / TheSpocker

This perfectly follows suit with the last page because it’s just another brilliant mind using their surroundings to their advantage.

When it’s Sunday morning and your body feels like death from a hangover, it’s imperative to be able to still entertain yourself. Hangovers are crippling, but they’re much more manageable when you’re playing life in expert mode like this kid.

This hilarious picture coming up shows that everyone doesn’t naturally have the holiday spirit.

Parenting Done Right

parenting done right.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / TheSpocker

It’s not a surprise that once you have a kid, your life takes a drastic downward, oops, I mean upward turn.

One sacrifice you have to make is being able to have alone time with just you and a beer. When you explore the parenting hacks like what you see above, it makes the day more tolerable.

Rake It Up, Rake It Up, Rake It Up

rake it up.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / RuggedlyHandsome

Can we just talk about how depressing the fall season is? It’s the beginning of the end for people who love warm weather.

There are leaves falling on the ground harder than most of our GPA’s during finals week, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just colder weather and snow ahead.

Holiday Spirit Isn’t For Everyone

christmsa tree.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / TheSpocker

Let’s be honest, the holidays aren’t for everyone. It’s a lot of positivity, happiness, and joy that fills the air and not everyone is interested in that.

Also, can we address the fact that real Christmas trees are just a huge nuisance? They drop pine needles everywhere, they make your house smell, and they take up a lot of room. I like the practicality of this tree much better.

If you think you’re a petty person, just wait until you see this lunch date gone wrong just ahead.

Yeah, It’s A Monday

security mondays.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / TheSpocker

We’ve all been struck with the Monday Blues. It’s the day of the week where everything seems like it’s dragging — especially your dignity.

Flashbacks from Saturday night when you passed out in the bar washroom after too many tequila shots hit you like a brick wall.

What’s The Pettiest Thing You’ve Done?


Photo Credit: Instagram / @thesavageposts

Pettiness is the cornerstone to many of our personalities. We don’t want to be outright mean to someone’s face because that’s too confrontational, but we want to get our point across.

I don’t care who you are, if you find out your ice cubes are hot dog juice there’s an immediate possibility that you’ll end up on Jerry Springer. You’re bringing them onstage, you’re hearing that DING DING DING and you’re ripping some hair.

Okay, Yeah, This Is REALLY Petty

she called me petty.jpg

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This is aggressively petty and I love it. When he said SPLIT the sub, he meant 50-50. He didn’t pay that money so that he could get 40% of the sandwich. That’s nuts.

This guy was obviously raised to be a fighter and to stand up for what you believe in no matter how much scrutiny you’ll potentially experience.

Just ahead, an inspirational quote about how to eat hot pockets and it’s life-changing.

This Person Is A Pizza Prophet


Photo Credit: Instagram / @streetcatto

I think that most of us can just go ahead and say that the crust is the worst part of the pizza. No one has ever liked a pizza because it has a “solid crust.”

On the contrary, people have liked the pizza because the cheese, sauce, and base combo is great. This person probably pissed a lot of people off, but what they did was A-OK in my books.

We Need More Wine Trolls

if you encounter.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / decorativemooseknuckle

There’s nothing more annoying than vegans who can’t stop talking about their lifestyle, and wine drinkers who smell the liquid before drinking.

No, Susan, you don’t smell a “hint of oak-infused oranges” in your red wine, you just don’t. We need more people like this guy who pretends to hear his wine and troll hardcore wine drinkers.

Life’s Too Short To Care About Burning Yourself

Life Tip_ Instant.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @tampons

Sometimes people can be impatient, but this is another level of impatience entirely, if you’re ready to throw a scalding hot piece of food in your mouth.

An adrenaline rush occurs the moment before you know you’re about to intensely burn the inside of your mouth. There’s no reason to do it. I want to know the scientific reasoning behind it.

Coming up, the new nickname you won’t be able to shake.

The Confidence And Calmness Of An Extraterrestrial

OMen of death.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

I think we need to investigate this girl immediately. This is not a human reaction to having a bird straight from the prehistoric ages land on your head.

This girl might be the first sighting of an alien sent from Mars. She’s way too calm and collected about this whole situation sitting on her head. If she was human she would’ve been flailing around on the ground in the fetal position like the rest of us.

What An Exhilarating Read

I Was Not Prepared.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Hsggshsis

While most people are nose deep into their favorite Margaret Atwood or E.L James novel, this man is reading music notes straight from a Beethoven symphony one can only assume.

It’s a common misconception that hipsters are just young people. This picture should change that perception.

This Is A Life Changing Revolution

got so drunk.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

There are certain titles that should be given to certain items. Milk should be called “cereal sauce,” spoons should be called “pudding shovels,” and Cheerios should be called “bagel seeds.”

If you want one more, how about life jackets should actually be called “float coats.” These are names that should be things but they’re not, and that’s unfortunate. Let’s start a petition.

Just ahead, how one girl was able to lose 180 lbs in three seconds. It’s incredible.

A Real LIfe Jedi Warrior


Photo Credit: Instagram / @anxietyhits

This is one way to turn something negative into something very positive. That scar was born to be a lightsaber more than Anakin Skywalker was born to be a Jedi.

It’s interesting to note that the word Anakin means “giant” in Hebrew. In the books, he was always talked about as being a giant of a man. So there’s your pointless trivia to bring up at the dinner table tonight.

Buys Small Coffee, Sets Up Office

took wifi next level.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @nochill

Life is about being able to find the little holes in the system and exploit them. Why would you pay for internet when you have businesses looking to get your money by providing free wifi?

This is well thought out. He didn’t just bring a laptop, he brought his full office and was able to stay there all day with the purchase of a coffee.

Passive Aggressive Evangelizing

are you following jesus this close.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

I think it’s safe to say that many of us have fallen victim to a religious guilt trip every once in a while. Every time we’re in a sticky situation we ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” and then we do the exact opposite.

This person is using the guilt trip to make sure that people aren’t following too closely which is a pet peeve for most drivers. It’s got to be effective.

Shadier Than Standing Under The Tree

after they broke up.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / FakePlasticTrees

Jenny Craig called, she wants her diet back. This girl holds the world record for fastest weight loss from one picture to another.

She was able to go from a relationship girl to a tree hugger in a matter of seconds. Who knew that technology was going to be so great for dieting?

Don’t You Eat Burgers With The Wrapper?

cheese burger.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / DutonTheCrouton

It’s becoming a new trend to eat burgers with the wrappers they came in. With increased knowledge about the effects of plastics and litter to the environment, people are taking things into their own hands.

This is probably more repulsive than people who eat the skin of a watermelon. If it’s green it needs to stay far away from the inside of my stomach.

“I’m Easy Going”

please send me extra.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

Look, there’s a big misconception as to whether someone who never can decide what they want is “easy going” or just selfish. Most of them say they’re the latter, but I don’t believe it.

You’re selfish because you’re having the other person make decisions for you. Now your satisfaction is in their hands and it’s all their fault if you end up getting toppings you don’t like.