People Who Executed Their Plans Absolutely Perfectly And It’s Truly Inspiring

It’s not every day that you can say that you were able to follow through on a plan and execute it perfectly. Most of the time we’re scrambling last minute to get everything figured out and completely botch whatever we’re tasked with.

While many of us are just treading water trying to keep our head up, the people in this article are swimming laps. They’re figured out the key to success and are running with it.

This Is What The Athletic God Would’ve Wanted

coworker broke his.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @djbewbz

Look, to each their own, but I really don’t understand the standing desk idea. Why would you want to stand up voluntarily when you can be sitting comfortably doing your work?

It’s like choosing to trek through the rainforest in bare feet to get to your destination when you can just take a bus with wifi built in.

Nothing Is Real On Social Media

im still on the bus.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @will_ent

We need to start understanding that nothing on social media is real. Everyone uses those platforms to flex their “wealth” or new material items that they can’t afford.

People will take pictures like this, which looks like he’s cruising in a new whip when in reality they’re just scrunched up beside some homeless guy on public transportation.

Mom Coming In The Clutch

mom just asked this guy.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

When you’re in a little bit of a dry spell in the relationship department, sometimes you’ll get some help from unlikely sources.

This mom is putting her wingman hat on and shooting her shot for her daughter. This is the kind of ride-or-die relationship we need with our parents. Coming up, a grandmother who perfectly executed her plan to take out as many bikers as possible.

“I Can’t Come Out Tonight, I Have Too Much Work”

my baby the cutest.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram

This is exactly how we look after we cancel our plans to go out for the nineteenth time in a row.

Every excuse in the world has been used, but this time your uncle’s hamster’s best friend is in town, and you have to be home to say hi to him.

Leaving Nothing To The Imagination Here

aron baynes.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / sharkenleo

This is important for all of us non-sports fans who never know what’s going on. We watch sports just to please the other people in the room, but we literally have no idea what’s happening.

If watching sports on TV was as easy to follow as it is with this graphic, I’d be the biggest sports fan. In fact, I’m now the most dedicated Aron Baynes fan of all time as of now.

Obstructed Perfectly

biking girl.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Emishor

When this grandmother woke up this morning, she had one goal and one goal only — obstruct the bike race at all costs.

She perfectly maneuvered her way into the middle of the road, just barely missing the front-runners. She’s bearing down and bracing for impact for when the rest of the gang catches up. Perfect execution. Coming up, Robocop in the flesh, and he’s even cooler than you ever imagined.

Just One Of The Girls Tonight

girl with dogs.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @sophieinnes_

Nothing says “girl’s night” quite like going to a bar and taking a picture with fruity drinks in your hand while a dog poses in the middle.

This dog looks like he just ordered six bottles of Grey Goose vodka and is planning on drinking one and pouring out five just to flex his money.

“We’re Going Home To Visit Out Family”

swan family.png

Photo Credit: Reddit / DroxxTheFox

Everyone gets a little bit homesick at some point in their life, and swans are no different. These swans got stuck in the uh, sex shop apparently, and just made their way out.

On a quick side note, anyone who knows the temperament of swans is aware that they’re aggressive. Taunting them like this is basically a death wish, so good for these brave souls.

Whatever This Police Man Is Wearing, I Want It

police man.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Noideawhatjusthappened

Okay, Robocop. You’re not fooling anyone, we see you. Whoever created this entire outfit should be given a raise.

This is such a badass look, and if every officer had an aesthetic like this, they would definitely deter crime. No one wants to be seen getting cuffed by a man on stilts. Just ahead, a girl who got herself in a sticky situation and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Monkeyin’ Around, Get It?

Brothers In Atns.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / callcybercop

Even this monkey knows that the prices of taking an Uber or taking a cab are way too expensive.

You can be going around the corner yet somehow it costs you $15 and an automatic five-star rating. Hitchhiking is about to become very popular again, and this monkey is ahead of the curve.

Package Hiding Level: Expert

mailman hid package.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Jadenmu

Package delivery people are completely taken for granted. They have a skill set like no other, especially now that they have to be creative and find hiding spots for packages in the weirdest way.

With package theft increasing, delivery people have to really bare down and hide the goods in weird places. This is perfect execution.

We Have A Sticky Situation Here

glued my eye lids.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @criva99

With an insane amount of makeup products and accessories, it’s not a surprise that people are having a hard time figuring out how to correctly use them all. This is, in fact, not how this procedure is supposed to go.

On a side note, remember those kids who used to flip their eyelids up for fun and grace everyone with a disgusting visual of the inside of their eye? This is them now. Coming up, a coffee shop sign that couldn’t have been done any better.

The Promposal Superhero


Photo Credit: Twitter / @Jenna_mcinstosh9

I’m not a huge fan of promposals because they’re cheesy and, quite frankly, unnecessary, but this one is done really well.

This guy added a serious danger element to his spectacle and it deserves some respect. If that rope broke, that would’ve been the end of his neck, and perhaps more importantly, the end of his reputation.

Game. Set. Match.

sonic sister.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

We need more people like this girl who is willing to put her life on the line for food. She’s dedicated and confident, and nothing is going to stop her.

The CIA saw this picture and immediately called her up. She is stealing their job of going undercover and stealing things, so they felt a little bit left out.

Shut Up And Take My Money

come in and try.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @some_bull_ish

This is one of the best signs you could put outside of a coffee shop. While everyone else has “thanks a latte” on their chalkboard, these people use self-depreciation to their advantage.

Not only does self-deprecating marketing sell curiosity to the customer, but it also is scientifically proven to sell more coffee. That’s not true, but you believed it for a second, didn’t you? Coming up, a VIP table that has an emphasis on the PEE and it’s kind of brilliant.

If You Believe It Is, It Is

when you're in denial.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @beigecardigan

Want to know another true scientific fact? If you tell your body that chicken wings are actually dry kale salads with cumin spice, your body will believe it.

Again, that’s an anecdotal study that I did on myself and I have yet to get the results, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. Deception works in every other aspect of life, so why not nutrition?

This Is A Life Sentence

wine bottle.png

Photo Credit: Reddit / Loveinthemud

The execution of this couple’s tattoo is actually pretty good. As someone who despises these types of tats, this one is actually decent.

The problem is that they literally can’t break up or else they have a life sentence to a stupid, half-finished tattoo.

VI-PEE Seating

eating in bathroom.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Whoever designed this restaurant should be fired immediately. Unless they designed it so that families with whiny and crying children get to sit there so they don’t bother anyone else.

If that’s the case, then this table in the washroom should become a staple at every fine dining establishment.

It’s Hypocritical, But It’s Hard To Blame Her

protesting nike.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @memes

When you’re going to be on your feet protesting, there’s only one shoe brand you can trust — Nike.

This woman is smart and putting her comfort and her lack of future back problems in front of the cause in this case, and it’s admirable.

When Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

flash was on .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / Penguinfarts

This is something that occurs all too often. You’re in public and you see the love of your life and NEED to tell your friends about it.

You quickly open Snapchat and fumble around with your phone because you don’t want to miss the opportunity. You take the picture and a beam of light shines on them. You’re exposed. The only thing you can do is hide in shame.