People Who Got Asked To Go To The Gym And Clearly Replied With “Jim Who?”

We all have that athletic, healthy friend who seems to have energy oozing from every pore in their body. Meanwhile, we struggle to get the crumbs off our shirt from eating chips while laying down on the couch all day.

Many of us didn’t choose the gym life, and the gym life certainly didn’t choose us either. Walking into one is like walking into a foreign country. After fifteen minutes of being in a gym, we naturally start getting cravings for junk food we haven’t even seen in 20 years. It’s a very lonely feeling when you’re new to working out, but thankfully after reading this article, you’ll realize that you’re certainly not alone.

Spirit Animal

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

I don’t know about you, but this girl is my absolute spirit animal. When you want to go to the gym to make yourself feel better, but also want ice cream — this is your only option.

Who cares if every calorie burned will be wasted once that vanilla swirl hits your lips? You win some and you lose some.

Who Wants To Actually Work Out?

Photo Credit: Reddit / mike1305
Photo Credit: Reddit / mike1305

It’s insanely hard to get abs. People who have abs basically have to work out every day and also just eat grass off of their front lawn.

They don’t get to truly enjoy the fruits of life when you’re healthy and athletic. This guy just took matters into his own hands and created abs for himself.

One Pump, One Wing, One Pump, One Chicken Finger

Life is about balance like I stated above. If you’re going to go to the gym, that’s great, but then treat yourself with the greasiest food possible afterward.

For every sit-up you do, you should regard your body’s hard work by shoving a full slice of pizza down your throat. Coming up, a type of shirt that should be banned from every gym and this picture just ahead shows why.

The Gym Is Just A State Of Mind

Photo Credit: Reddit / FlimFlam_69
Photo Credit: Reddit / FlimFlam_69

Let’s be honest here, for us NARPs (Non-Athletic Regular People) the key to happiness with our health is deception.

If we can trick our body into thinking it’s going to the gym, but really it’s just going to McDonald’s then you’ve literally won life. Congratulations to this person, come collect your gold medal.

This Is Some Extra Motivation

Photo Credit: Reddit / zerothousand

This is some extra motivation to get a good pump in when you really don’t want to. If this guy doesn’t lift the weights, it’ll crush his iPhone.

Most people don’t put their money where their mouth is, but this guy actually did. And for that, we have a lot of respect for him.

A Back Thong?

Photo Credit: Reddit / crdash
Photo Credit: Reddit / crdash

Can we just petition to get rid of guys who wear these to the gym and think that they run the place?

Like, you might as well just not have a shirt on. You’d get a lot more respect from people like me if you just went tarps off and owned your cockiness. Just ahead, you get to see the geriatric version of the superhero Thor working out in real time, and it’s incredible.

What A Nice View

One way that you’d be able to attract more people to go to the gym is if more of them had nice views of nature.

When your head in is the ceiling on the elliptical it’s not the most inviting thing in the world. I guess it’d be interesting for an electrician, though that’s about it.

Swinging Thor’s Hammer

If you want to look like a total jackass feel free to head on over to the weight bench and pick up Thor’s hammer.

The only thing this would be good for is if you’re training for the Whack-A-Mole World Championships, but that’s literally it.

So Many Questions

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Scratch everything I just said in the slide above because this guy needs to be lifting Thor’s hammer.

I have so many questions about this outfit but to each their own. I know I wouldn’t be messing with, uh, whatever this guy is if I saw him in a bar. Coming up, a gym that did something completely unfair to its members but deep inside we all would’ve wanted it.

Kind Of Like Gatorade, I Guess?

For people who don’t have loads of energy to spare, we need a little bit of a boost.

Sometimes that boost has to come in the form of a little bit of a sugar rush. In this case, the person took a full liter of Pepsi and it couldn’t be any more incredible. Insane amounts of sugar and caffeine, what could be better?

Safety First

Hey, it’s hard to blame this woman for wanting to put her safety before anything else.

The stationary bike at the gym probably isn’t the most dangerous machine in the world, but you can never be too sure.

This Just Isn’t Fair

I don’t know what Planet Fitness is thinking by doing this, but I absolutely back it. There’s no reason every gym shouldn’t have pizza on their table as a reward for their athletes.

It’s not fair in the slightest to people who are trying to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong thing to do. A couple of people just ahead decided to get a buzz on before they went to work out and it’s goals.

Gym Or Nap — Same But Different

It’s actually not a bad strategy to just go to the gym and tap a big nap. Your mind, body, and soul all know that you’re at the gym so you’ll already feel better about yourself.

There are a lot of mats and balls that make for very comfortable surfaces to sleep on. I back the strategy. Hey, if you wake up and feel energized enough to get a five-minute workout in afterward then it’s a win-win.

Living Her Best Life

When you’re as old as this lady is, there’s no time to not be living your best life. For her, it’s five o’clock somewhere so she’s taking her martini glass with her everywhere.

There comes an age when you just don’t care anymore and you do what you want to do no matter how crazy of an idea it is. One woman coming up doesn’t want to miss the news, but also won’t miss her workout so she met in the middle in the funniest way.

Sometimes A Buzz Is Necessary

Just like our favorite grandmother in the slide above, this person decided that they needed a little buzz to kick-start their workout.

It’s hard to blame them. Sometimes it’s the only way that you can put one foot in front of the other on a journey to the gym, so I don’t blame them.

Uh, That’s Not How That Works

One of the problems with going to the gym is that there are so many different machines with different ways to use them.

Yes, they all have instructions, but you don’t want to be the person who’s reading every machine’s instructions and look like a total newbie. This guy probably should’ve taken a quick glance at the picture, at least.

We’re Burying The Lead With This Picture

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Bodybuilding

Not to make a newspaper pun here, but we’re burying the lead of what’s awesome about this picture.

Yes, she’s reading the newspaper which is not only great civic responsibility but she’s also wearing Crocs. Studies show the more people who wear Crocs, the better. I don’t know what study, but there’s got to be one.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Now that we’re on the topic of studies, one of them shows that even the thought of exercising will actually give you abs of steel.

Okay, stop believing the studies that I’m throwing out there because they’re 100% TRUE. Anything is true if you genuinely believe it. Right?

The First Version Of iPhone

Photo Credit: Twitter / @MarksGym
Photo Credit: Twitter / @MarksGym

Even though this iPad is so big and bulky, we also have to remember that we used to carry walkmans around.

Walkmans (or disc-mans) were the bain of my existence. First of all, they were so bulky and inconvenient. Secondly, you basically only had one CD to listen to on a loop if you were wearing it for more than an hour.

What The What

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Let’s just end this by saying that I don’t have a clue what’s going on here but I think he might frequent the gym a little bit too much.

This guy needs to go outside, cut some grass maybe even watch a movie or two at some point in his life.