People Who Have Clearly Never Heard The Phrase “Beggars Can’t Be Choosers”

Sometimes people find themselves in sticky situations. They lose a job, or they had a rough start, or they just need a helping hand. Asking for help can be a tough thing to do. Not for these people, though. These people have no problem asking for help, and then asking for more help, and then offering nothing in return.

Keep reading for someone who wants to “collab” with an x-ray tech, a guy who wasn’t satisfied with his miracle, and the least appealing Tinder profiles I have ever seen.

The Princess And The Memory Foam

memory foam crop.jpg

Photo Credit: Influka / Reddit

This is somehow both infuriating and so entertaining. Why do people think they’re entitled to free stuff? Everything costs money— whether you get it from the store or from a person on Facebook.

Memory foam doesn’t grow on trees, you know. It is extremely synthetic.