People Who Took Things Just A Little Too Far

We don’t all share the same sense of humor or the same views on life. Some people are huge jerks who just don’t give a damn and other people think their jokes are funny when in reality, they are taking things too far. From stabby squirrels to rebel unicyclists, these people prove that sometimes people take things a little bit too far.

Some of our favorite instigators deserve to be locked up and others probably had no idea that what they were doing was going to piss off complete strangers.

Breakfast Anyone?

Well, that’s one way to show up the kids from Breakfast Club by making actual breakfast! This is a great way to fool your teacher into making them believe you’re studying when in reality you’re trying to get that balanced breakfast out of the way. Hopefully, she brought maple syrup and butter for it!

Squirrels Are Weapons

This wife used a cute little squirrel to stab her husband. We bet your brain is churning over all the possibilities for this one. Perhaps she used the squirrel’s teeth to attack her spouse? It turns out she actually used a ceramic squirrel! Sure this headline is incredibly misleading but it probably got people to tune in to the news at noon. In any case, she attacked her husband with a squirrel when there were so many better (worse!!!) options.

Space Jam Will Always Be A Classic

There’s more controversy to this than the cups themselves. This is slandering a classic cinematic masterpiece with some of the best basketball players of all time, Bugs Bunny, and Bill Murray.


Don’t Be Influenced By A TV Show

Talk about making a commitment to getting out of school. Long are the days of “faking sick” with an upset stomach to skip school. Instead, kids, these days are turning to TV shows to get some sort of inspiration to become the next Ferris Bueller. Next time, don’t be influenced by Hannah Montana.

Common Sense Thrown Out The Window

If this was full of dog poo, that dog would be digging through that nasty bin. Clearly, the dog does not want to go in there and who could blame them? We can feel bad for the animal but still laugh out loud at this literal interpretation of the public notice. Signs can be so confusing.

Pumpkin Spiced Salmon

Step aside, pumpkin spice latte lovers. This meat counter is taking the spice to a whole new level with salmon. You just have to make sure to take the skin off before throwing in salmon in your Starbucks coffee. That’s how this works right?


Fake Proposal, Free Dessert

My past relationships never lasted long enough to do something like this. Give these two lovebirds credit for faking a proposal just to get a free dessert. They probably planned it the moment they saw how expensive a fancy restaurant was. This is a prime example of relationship goals. Well done!

When You Aren’t At The Olympics

Nice try, boys. They put some creativity into this by making people think they were in attendance at the Olympics. How original. First of all, the tickets are REALLY expensive. Second, think about the plane ticket price. As the old saying goes, fake it if you can’t make it.

Bring Your Own Cup Day At 7-11

This man deserves a round of applause for being a genius during “bring your own cup day” at 7-11. That’s a unique way to use a kiddie pool, especially because he looks more like the “cool uncle” type. The next time 7-11 does this, I’m buying a kiddie pool from Walmart before the sugar rush kicks in!


Pumpkin Pasta Sauce Is Real

The mad scientist who created this is likely the one who came up with pumpkin spiced salmon. I don’t get the hatred behind pumpkin things. They’re delicious, and it’s one of the many harvested produce you can eat for a little while and then ignore the rest of the year.


Halloween Is Scary

Halloween is a spooky time of year and this person took their costume to a whole new level. They look like a creepy version of Sponge Bob’s home and this image will burn your retinas for good. You know what though, they won’t be fooling anybody the moment they’re in the costume contest!

Irony In One Photo

That is one big crush. As ironic as it looks, this is the only logical thing to do when your bottle is dangling from the machine. They spent their $1.50 so they’d better get their Orange Crush. Orange you glad this car didn’t crush the store? So many puns…

Wheeling And Dealing

An animal store like the one in the photo is genuinely referring to baby birds, but that didn’t stop these mad lasses. It’s clear that these two girls couldn’t resist doing a quick stunt like this one. I guess going to the pet shop to meet girls is becoming the new Tinder.

They’re Failing It

One disgruntled McDonald’s employee decided to take their frustrations out on the customer. This makes me want to gag seeing a slice of cheese being tossed around like that. It goes to show that people who work for the Big M have a passion for not giving a damn when it comes to cheeseburgers.


Amazing Writer In The Making

This was taken near the Moab Rock in Utah, which is one of the most scenic byways you’ll come across in the state. This is right up there with the dad joke “I’m starving.” “Hello starving, I’m Dad.” I’m sure a couple people have chuckled to themselves driving by this sign, but finally, someone took it upon themselves to bring this sign to life.

Butthole Juice

In other news, butthole juice is the newest craze at Starbucks. There are only so many double mocha frappuccinos a person can make before they crack. It seems like more of a troll than anything else, but it doesn’t look like Alex is too worried.

Unicycles Are Allowed, Sucker

Curse those unicyclists who are such rebels these days. They’re living the thug life while sticking it to the man. It sucks for the ones who can’t ride along this plaza block. Now that I think of it, this is a big reason why you need to learn how to ride a unicycle.

Fake It Until You Make It

Don’t forget to spell your name wrong on the coffee for that authentic Starbucks feel! Pretending you have it all is a great way to fake it until you make it. Then, when you have it all, you realize it was better when you ever dreamt about it. Remember, life is about the journey, not the destination.

Mike’s Hard Window Breaking

Mindless vandalism is what the cool kids are doing these days. Pretty sure this vandal smashed through the glass after reading; ‘If it ain’t broke, break it.’ Maybe next time they shouldn’t get riled up after seeing an advertisement for their little sister’s favorite drink.

The Most Extra Ugly Christmas Sweater

There’s always that one person at the office who just has to take things a little too far—whether it’s bringing a full breakfast spread to a Monday morning meeting or dressing up as a literal Christmas tree for the ugly sweater party. This woman’s holiday get-up if the definition of putting a little (or a lot of) extra into the holidays.

He’s Not Wrong

Alright, in this guy’s defense, he’s not really wrong and was just listening to what the sign had to say, right? …Right. We’ll go with that.

If you think this guy takes it too far, wait until you see how petty the next person is.

Next Level Petty

Some people can easily let things go while some people can’t help but be petty every single chance they get. This burger eater is the latter and, not gonna lie, we kind of love them for it. In their defense, if you’re paying for a meal, it should be what you wanted, yeah?

Admit You Have A Problem

You know what they say—admitting you have a problem is the first step. We get sriracha is a decent condiment, but there is no reason to be our here buying sriracha-flavored chips only to drizzle more sriracha on them. It’s not THAT good people!!!

Who Makes These Signs?

First of all, lol. Second of all, who makes these damn signs? We get it. This park was trying to convey in a nice way to stay away from the plants. But they could have (and should have) worded it a million different ways. Props to this visitor for taking things too far. We’re sure he does it all the time.

Someone Get This Kid A Scholarship

Little kids are complete savages. They’re smarter than us and they don’t even realize it. When this little guy’s mom told him he couldn’t go outside, he did the only logical thing…keeping his feet on the living room floor while his body is on the deck. Not even a teenager and already taking things too far.

Well, The Sign Does Say “Draw Bridge”

This guy is the perfect example of that one friend who takes everything a little too literally. To be fair, his bridge drawing looks pretty good. Perhaps if he’s not already an artist then he has found his next calling.

Don’t Fall Asleep First

We all have those friends who take things too far. You know—the kind of friends you definitely don’t want to be around when you’re drunk and pass out. Unfortunately for this guy, he was the unlucky lightweight of the night. If that’s permanent marker, they did him pretty dirty!

You Probably Didn’t Have To Do That

Young kids love being rebellious. And with the rise of social media, the internet gets to see them document their rebellion in all of its cringe-worthy glory. These girls thought they were being ultra rebellious by sneaking out and making it appear like they were sleeping soundly in bed. We’ll give them points for being clever, but you probably didn’t have to cut off your hair!

Moms: The Most Extra

Let us start by saying that we love our moms and we’re so grateful for them. With that in mind, moms have a reputation for being slightly extra and taking things too far. Case in point, Caleb’s mom, who acted like she was full-on mourning his “departure” when he left for college.

Ah Yes, The News Does Hit Home

Nothing like waking up in the morning and enjoying a cup of a hot coffee while reading the newspaper! That is until the newspaper delivery truck careens right into your home that you work so hard to afford. At least they were right when they said: “where the news hits home.”

When a Regular Christmas Tree Isn’t Enough

We all have those neighbors who make us feel like party poopers. You know, the one who, oh I don’t know, buy a 20-foot Christmas tree! Honestly, this is pretty cool despite it being the most extra. Maybe we’ll do it next year…or at least get a tree.

Oh, You Know, Just Studying

Honestly, who doesn’t sit on a velvet pink throne while studying? Ok, we don’t. For the average person, a regular computer from saying, Walmart or something, would suffice. But some people just always have to take things too far. Keep doing your thing! You’re probably more comfortable than all of us.

When The Whole Fam Is Extra

Puberty is a weird time for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Just when you think people would calm down and not take something too far, then you see this. We’re not sure what we love most about this picture. The cake or the fact that this girl is totally on board.

Too Far In The Most Amazing Way

Honestly, this picture is too much, but it’s also pretty amazing. Not only does is this man super extra, but judging by the pose, the sunglasses, and the look on its face, his dog is extra too. Like owner, like dog, right? Keep doing your thing.

When You’re Bored At Work

Some people get extra creative when they’re bored. Case in point, the employee who breathed some new life into this dead cockroach he found. Although this is creative, we have to say he took things a little too far and yes, we would like to file a complaint.

Taking Things Too Far On The Job

Speaking of taking things too far on the job, these guys take the cake. Of course, a regular game of tic-tac-toe would have been far too boring, so they got creative. Honestly, we’re just a little jealous we’ve never had the chance to play a game like this. We wonder who won?

Does It Now?

You know, branding is super important these days. You want to deliver your message in a way that is concise and creative, while still being true to your mission. We’re not exactly sure what the Metro’s mission is, but we think it might be time for a rebrand.

A Regular Display Would Have Worked Too

Do you ever stop and think about the people who pour their heart and souls into these product displays only for them to be torn apart by thirsty customers in the matter of a few minutes? This is good but he probably could have saved a few hours by staking them regularly.

The Eyebrow Trends Have Gone Too Far

What is it about the holidays that make people even more extra than usual? And what is about eyebrows that people are so obsessed with? Alright, so eyebrows are super important to our overall faces. And while these eyebrows are creative, where are you going to wear these out to?!

Just Ask Her Normally!

This girl was kidnapped at four in the morning, stuffed in a trunk, and taken somewhere just so her boyfriend can ask her to the homecoming dance?! Kids these days have achieved new levels of extra and unnecessariness. We can’t believe they would even pretend to put their friend’s life in danger for something like this!

He’s Probably Pretty Lonely

This guy must be pretty lonely if he shaves his one leg to feel like a girl is laying with him. He may have gone a little too far to feel less alone, however, we can’t help but feel a little bad for this guy. We hope by now that he has found a real girl to lay with him… or at least that he evened out his legs by shaving the other one.

Just Being A Good Citizen

“Keep Portland Weird” is one of Portland’s mottos and its citizens certainly do their best to hold up to that reputation. However, this person is out there doing the most to make their city weird, even going so far as to endanger themselves with fire! We have to give them credit though, this is a pretty weird sight.

When You Take Superhero Comics Too Seriously

This family might be pretty big DC Comics fans if you ask us. They must have come across this sign and thought it’d be the perfect spot to stage this funny pic (notice how they’re all wearing shirts related to other DC superheroes). Needless to say, they might be waiting a while…

That’s Not How You Do It

When this pharmacy installed their drive-thru, this certainly isn’t what they had in mind. Whoever saw this took the concept a little too seriously and literally drove through the walls of the pharmacy! We just hope they have a good explanation for doing something so dumb. Those firefighters are shaking their heads in disbelief.

We Get It, You Lift

We’ve all seen those guys at the gym who are so beefed up they can hardly move the top halves of their bodies. They usually have itty bitty muscle shirts on with the sleeves intentionally cut off — and that’s probably to emphasize the fact that they have muscles. This guy may as well be shirtless!

He’s Just Trying To Eat His Breakfast!

This guy took eating breakfast al fresco to a whole other level. Whatever compelled him to want to eat right in the middle of the street, we can’t say for sure, but we will say that this guy knows how to live life to the fullest. We hope he at least got to finish those pancakes before being asked to leave.

We Hope He Just Found That!

When this guy saw the sign to “Keep An Eye Out For Motorcycles,” he took the warning quite literally by taking out his prosthetic eye. He does have one eye closed and we wonder if he’s just doing that so he won’t scare us or if it’s because he really has both of his eyes still?

This Is A Crime

When this person bought DiGiorno’s Pizza and Cookie dinner pack, they probably didn’t realize it was supposed to be dinner, then dessert. They actually had the audacity to put the chocolate chip cookies on top of the pizza and bake it like that! This person has gone too far and we can’t even begin to express our dismay over this travesty.


We So Hope That’s Fake

Talk about a serious prom-posal! This guy asked his girlfriend to prom by getting a tattoo! If that doesn’t say commitment, then we don’t know what does. But seriously, did this guy really not think that far into the future? Does he not realize that will be with him long after prom is over?

Well, It Is Free Wi-Fi…

A lot of coffee shops offer free wi-fi to their patrons and let’s just say that this guy is definitely using that perk to his advantage. He actually went so far as to bring his entire desktop computer into the store. We’re sure there are some limits when it comes to these things but to this guy, the limit does not exist.

Well That’s Pretty Spiteful Of You

These guys were so dismayed with the service they received at Whataburger that they had to turn around and steal the entire container of sweet tea. If you really feel that upset over your service, maybe next time you could just speak to a manager and get a free meal?

Kimmy Schmidt Is A Savage

If you’ve seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, then we’re sure you’re familiar with this particular scene. Xanthippe is always at odds with Kimmy, so when she delivered this common insult, Kimmy shot back at her with a response no one would expect — and it’s a little… dark.

You Have Some Explaining To Do

This person was so lazy to clean up a spill that they just grabbed what was closest to them to clean it up. Unfortunately, what was closest to them was the family cat, but this person didn’t get off easy. Now they have a lot of explaining to do and probably a lot of apologizing to the cat.

She Loved The Dog So Much She Became One

This woman got so heated in an argument with her roommate, that she went so far as to bite them! After all, the argument was over a dog, but she didn’t have to turn around and start acting like one! She may be 25 years old but she’s acting a whole 20 years younger than that.

Only At Wal-Mart…

Imagine seeing an intoxicated woman driving a motorized scooter and eating all the snacks in her path — yup, you might just be inside a Wal-Mart. There are certain things that you would only see in that store and this is certainly one of them. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who hope there’s surveillance footage of this.

When Chicken McNuggets Are Life

For any Chicken McNugget lover out there, you know how serious a shortage would be. But this woman was so concerned that her local McDonald’s was out that she had to call 911 over it! She did it not once, but THREE times. That might be an emergency to her, but let’s just say the authorities are not pleased.

The Man Just Wants His Beer!

This guy got arrested for calling 911 because someone kept taking his beer. After authorties arrived the first time, he was told not to do it again. But once they left, he turned around and called 911 again! He was clearly intoxicated, but we wouldn’t be surprised if someone was messing with him.

Never Get Someone’s Order Wrong

This woman was so upset that McDonald’s got her order wrong, she went a little crazy expressing her anger. We just hope that no one was harmed in this bizarre incident. What’s crazier is the fact that she was actually flirting with the store manager before this happened. It’s safe to say that he won’t be calling her.

The Fan Who Will Do Anything For Justin

In an effort to get the best view of Justin Bieber, this fan went in harms way TWICE to be able to meet him. That, of course, meant putting herself in danger and getting hit with his car in the process. She may be a true Belieber, but we can’t believe that she loves him so much she didn’t even care about getting hurt.