Pictures That Prove Girlfriends Are The Most Savage Creatures In The World

Where do we even begin with girlfriends? They’re our lovers, best friends, chef, maid and increasingly — the breadwinners of a family. They come off as the soft half of a relationship who doesn’t have a mean bone in their body.

But, if you know a girlfriend or, God forbid, are one, you know that it’s not the case. They may come off as nice, but deep down they have a burning hate for their boyfriend. There’s no science behind that, but looking at these pictures it just has to be true.

And Now He’s A Hair-ophobic

my girlfriends nearly put me in cardiac.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @boywithnojob

Thanks to this guy’s girlfriend, he’s now deathly afraid of hair and any of its accessories.

You would think that whoever created this hair clip would at least put some thought into what it looks like when it’s clipping. Anyone who puts that in their hair will look like they have a tarantula attacking them.

This Should Send A Haunting Statement

never buy unfrosted.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / malleeman

Okay, this is very aggressive and unnecessary, and it seems that she’s sending a very clear sign as to what’s to come if he does this again.

But, she does have a point here that seems to resonate with me. Unfrosted Pop-Tarts shouldn’t exist at all. If they do, they should just be called the crappier version of the cereal because that’s what it is. Coming up, a girlfriend who would scare even the cruelest dictator.

The Errands Are Very Complicated

beautiful sunshine.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Why do girlfriends send their boyfriends on excursions that they know we won’t be able to fulfill successfully? The answer is simple, they want us to fail and humiliate ourselves.

Now her boyfriend has to spend two hours in the make-up section trying to color match, which if you know men at all, is basically impossible.

When He Has Two Boys Nights In A Row

colgate mayo.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / Sandpanda

When you’re in a relationship you can basically kiss your social life goodbye. Even if you do get a night away from your significant other, you feel guilty about it.

This is the inevitable punishment for the boyfriend when he takes two nights in a row to hang out with the guys.

So, Does That Mean Triplets?

preggo preggo.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

What does this even mean? It’s saying that she’s pregnant but also not pregnant which means that it’s probably an alien. Naturally.

As soon as this thing comes out of her there needs to be someone from Area 51 on site to take it away for testing because we can’t risk an alien invasion just yet.

I Will Find You, And I Will Kill You

me as a girlfriend.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @dailyteensfeed

This is straight out of a Liam Neeson movie. The FBI called they want their surveillance tactics back.

This girl is as scary as they come. There’s no way her boyfriend can even take a step without her knowing. Just ahead, a hilarious picture that shows how girlfriends aren’t subtle at all about wanting to get married.

She ONLY Takes What She Wants No Matter How Inconvenient

chocolate ice cream.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / JasN1

If this picture doesn’t perfectly describe your relationship, I don’t know what does. Not only will she eat your fries from McDonald’s before you even get home, but she’ll pull this stunt off with no remorse.

This is like only eating the middle of an Oreo cookie and then handing it off for someone to eat. YOU ATE THE BEST PART ALREADY WHY WOULD I WANT THIS?

Way Worse Than The Carrie Underwood Song

save image.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Mind_Virus

We can all thank Carrie Underwood and her song Before He Cheats for every boyfriend’s car getting mauled.

It’s becoming a very popular date destination to go ax throwing, and now I’m thinking it probably backfired. She made her uh, statement very clear in this situation, not only for the boyfriend but for everyone who walked by the car that day.

The Hints AREN’T Subtle

baby girl taylor.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @SD_Savage20

If you’ve been dating a girl for more than two months you already know that she thinks about when you’re going to pop the question.

She makes it very clear that she’s ready by always having a wedding dress shopping tab open, and by sending Snapchats like this. Every time they go on a date she prepares mentally for him to get on one knee and is always disappointed. Coming up, a picture of a girlfriend that will give you nightmares. I apologize in advance.

She’s More Savage To Other Guys, Don’t Worry


Photo Credit: Twitter / @YoungJustice13

What you have to remember is that even though your girl may be savage to you on the daily, she’s more savage to other guys.

This should be the most comforting text you’ll ever receive. The guy on the opposite side is feeling like a fool because he just got trolled HARD.

He Already Has It All, Hunny

crazy GF.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @iamkiddo_diary

Let’s be really honest here, girlfriends are insanely controlling. With that being said, they always take out their pettiness on other girls.

For example, if a random girl looks at some other girl’s boyfriend in public, you can rest assured that those eyeballs aren’t going to be in the sockets by noon of the next day.

They’re Literally The Devil

tried to sneak in.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / tkhartri1997

Okay, so if I took this picture of my girlfriend there would only be one option for me. I’m scrambling out of the house and starting a new life for myself in Dubai or Kazakhstan.

This girl looks like she is straight out of The Grudge and it’s absolutely horrifying. The power of Christ compels you, the power of Christ compels you. Coming up, a surprising mistake that a couple made that actually works out in the boyfriend’s favor.

They Take Advantage Of You While You Sleep

eyeborws on fleek.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Snspang

If you wake up to your girlfriend just staring at you, your initial reaction will tell you that it’s because she loves you. That’s not the case.

It’s because she’s sizing you up. She’s taking neck measurements and jaw measurements in case she ever feels the need to strangle you in your sleep. That’s science.

When She Packs Your Lunch The Night After An Argument


Photo Credit: Imgur

One thing you should always remember is to give your girl space after you have an argument. Don’t let her pack your lunch, or make your coffee in the morning (she probably drugged it.)

This girlfriend took out her anger by packing him potatoes which is better than the alternative, which is sulphuric acid.

Okay, This Isn’t The Worst Thing

tried being cute.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

While we all make mistakes that come back to haunt you at the end of our relationships, this isn’t one of them.

If you both try to surprise each other with Buffalo Wild Wings that’s actually a blessing. That way your girlfriend can eat as much of your food as she wants and you’ll still have some left over. Coming up, a shirt that will make you cringe and be scared for a dude all in one glance.

Jealousy Spews From Every Inch Of Their Body

im sory i can't be here.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @infinite.sandwich

Girls will get jealous about absolutely anything. If you compliment a croissant, they’ll ask you how they can be more like the croissant so you love them more.

This girlfriend is jealous of this snake’s new extensions and she’s already inquiring to get some just like it if her boyfriend approves.

Stage Five Clinger Alert

stage 5.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Okay, first of all, there’s going to be a huge problem if I come back from vacation to find my room decorated like a crappy kindergarten class on Valentines Day.

Second of all, this would be the only red flag I needed to burn my entire house down with me inside of it just to avoid her.

Stage Six Clinger

me as a girlfriend (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @theGOATLG

This is a public service announcement for any guy out there, if your girlfriend gives you a shirt with her face on it, run.

Like don’t just run out of the city, run out of the country, and just to play it safe you should probably take the next shuttle up to space. This girl is crazy and will probably eat you for dinner one night.

They’re Literally Calling Their Own Shots

marked an x on my arm.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter

The problem with girlfriends is that they’re so cute and cuddly until they’re not. They may seem like they’re mentally stable but then they pull stunts like this.

At least this boyfriend is aware of why she’s marking x’s all over his body, most just think she’s playing a weird game of Xs and Os.

Bae Can Cook Like No Other

made me toast.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @that_guy_from_trees

It’s such a bonus when you have a partner who can maneuver around the kitchen really well. It’s pretty obvious that some people just shouldn’t make food in general.

If you’re burning Kraft Dinner after the tenth time in five days making it, I think it’s time to call it quits. Bread and butter have your name written all over it.