Super Weird Signs That Answered A Question No One Asked

Whenever you see a sign, you should probably try to obey it. That’s not always the case since some of the rules people put on display don’t have to be strict. They come up with fun designs, and you should be happy that people in this world are willing to make weird things.

Trust me — you’ll get a good laugh out of some of these signs. If you own a cat, you’ll definitely understand why their cries for help are sometimes nothing but a lie. You might learn a thing or two whenever you come across one of these signs.

The Circle Of Life

pshyco killer.jpg

Photo Credit: deftonesdid911/Reddit

So, what you’re saying is that there are normal people out there? It must be nice living in the seventies again.

This is like the time I dressed up as a hipster for Halloween. The second I walked into Starbucks, I realized my costume backfired on me.

Love Is Expressed In Such Odd Ways

weird cursive love.jpg

Photo Credit: Shancar/Reddit

All you need to do is slowly replace all of her signs with yours. Just wait and see how long it takes for her to notice.

That will be hilarious until she realizes what you did and threatens to actually hail satan to deal with you. You can respond back with “Your inspirational quotes inspired me to show my emotions.” Game, set, match.

All Of Your Life, You’ve Resented Having A Double ‘N’ In Your Name


Photo Credit: thesmith87/Reddit

Jana’s not going to be happy with this. This had to be a joke their parents set up years in advance. Who knows, maybe her parents were so kinky that they felt satisfied with the name.

The real reason why banana peels don’t belong in the recycling is coming up shortly.

Why Is This Not Allowed?

why this is not allowed.jpg

Photo Credit: ItsBlare/Reddit

Come on, man, you still get it in the bowl. Some of you might have trouble aiming at the bowl while facing it, but that’s what new challenges are for!

It’s amazing what possibilities a parabolic flight opens up to you. If you did a front flip, that could be a gamechanger.

Stop Doing What You’re Doing!

stop that!.jpg

Photo Credit: Karl_DavidH/Reddit

Unfortunately, humans don’t always listen to the rules. Thanks to their stupidity, these signs are out and about because people do as they please.

They don’t care about the consequences until they’re caught. Yeah, maybe you should have thought about not touching the fly traps.

Banana Peels Belong In Mario Kart

common sense isn't common anymore.jpg

Photo Credit: Bluejays1977/Reddit

It’s pretty amazing how difficult recycling can be. But one important thing here is that banana peels don’t deserve this treatment. We’ve come a long way since the Mario Kart days, but seeing this inside an office space is a cry for help.

What’s the official sunblock of Ireland? One pub has the answer to that just ahead.

See Ya Later, Aligator

see ya later, aligator.jpg

Photo Credit: WeirdMathematician/Reddit

Talk about a disaster that’s waiting to happen. Great, once someone like Steven Spielberg sees this, he’s going to make a new movie.

It’ll likely be about alligators, and it will be similar to what he did with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

Hear Me Meow For More Food

cats have been feed bs.jpg

Photo Credit: lanadelrage/Reddit

The cat’s little face is like, “But Moooooom!!!” This deserves to be framed since it sums up the life of cats purr-fectly.

Now, picture this sign for dogs. You can easily make a list of the things they do to cause trouble. You might need more than one board as dogs do cause a bigger mess than cats.

Just Kidding, It’s Raining

lost of sunscreen.jpg

Photo Credit: Sammieonesock/Reddit

When it rains, it really doesn’t stop any Irish folk from enjoying a cold one. There’s no way for you to hate on this as the sign really explains what a vacation in Ireland is all about.

Just ahead, the most confusing road sign ever could easily baffle a group of intoxicated people.

It’s All About What It Says On The Card

ID Counts.jpg

Photo Credit: Collins446/Reddit

The law is the law. You mean well, but you’re not joking when it comes to underage kids trying to get a piece of ink on their body.

Too bad liquor stores don’t have these signs for people buying booze. You might look under 21, but you pretty much have to have grey hair to avoid being asked for ID.

The Sun Is Harmful

uv index.jpg

Photo Credit: Chap82/Reddit

Ok, so this is actually helpful, but it’s coming on a little strong. If this ever hit extreme, you can bet I would never see it because I’m not living my AC-filled house.

Honestly, this is similar to some nosy neighbor constantly saying to you “Hot one today, huh?”

Which Way Is The Easiest Way From Here?

which way do you go_.jpg

Photo Credit: rebel_nature/Reddit

My head hurts from looking at this. Picture a bunch of intoxicated people stumbling their way here, looking for the way home.

Your guess is as good as mine because they wouldn’t know where to go. They’ll randomly choose at least three towns, then hopefully, find their way back to Neverland.

Coming up, a pledge in Iceland that will make you scratch your head.

Just Wash Your Hands

wash your hands.jpg

Photo Credit: GallowBoob/Reddit

It’s time that we accept the fact that bathrooms are for everyone. There’s really no reason to get bent out of shape because the biggest issue is really our hygiene.

I’ve seen far too many people think they can sneak out of the bathroom without washing their hands, and I’m sick of it. Mermaids would never act that way.

For The Little Man

the little man.jpg

Photo Credit: deliciousredrum/Reddit

It makes you wonder how they choose between their kid’s dance lessons, their other kid’s college, and their mortgage. I mean, at least they aren’t a family that was working in the paper industry.

They would have shut down a decade ago, but, mom and pop shops like this will never bow down to the big man.

The Icelandic Pledge For Tourists

iceland pledge.jpg

Photo Credit: ilseno/Reddit

Sure, you sound like a fool reading this aloud, but that proves Iceland is pretty weird. I mean, if you go to England, there’s probably something like this in a pub that serves fish and chips. The second you make the pledge, you get a free meal out of it.

Once you come back from your trip, the lollipops will be the only good thing about your next doctor’s appointment.

Go Take Selfies In Your Own Bathroom

no selfies allowed.jpg

Photo Credit: nik_tha_greek/Reddit

I’m not sure about you, but I wouldn’t take selfies in this gym. However, it’s pretty funny watching others do it while they’re working out.

I get you want to look for your new match on Tinder, but all those likes on Instagram won’t be enough to overlook this huge breach of gym etiquette.

Garbage Men Don’t Want To See This

not a dump spot.jpg

Photo Credit: thehofstetter/Reddit

Next time someone does this, put a note on it with “Think about the garbagemen.” If that’s not enough, call the city or just stand outside their house menacingly (note: don’t actually stock people).

It might be a little more difficult for people to throw dog poop in an actual garbage can when you’re waiting beside it.

Not All Lollipops Are Delicious


Photo Credit: Tumblr

The second you saw this you thought of “circle-circle dot-dot now I got my cootie shot.”

Thanks to that, the old school trick is stuck in your head. Without vaccinations, we’d be screwed. So, the next time you get your shots, keep that in mind.

You Strong Like Rambo Look Like Hero

like potaotes.jpg

Photo Credit: ShadowL98/Reddit

As corny and cheesy as this is, it makes you wonder if anyone bothered to buy this souvenir. Well, there’s a good reason for that.

The reason why is because they’re living in 2002. The year won’t call back and asks for their jokes back since they’re still using dial-up.

Gotta Work The Corner Somehow

working the corner.jpg

Photo Credit: acidcow

It sucks when storefronts do this. You get all excited that you’re going to the store, then, you have to use another door.

You can throw a fit and storm off into another store, but why cause a ruckus when you can comply and just do what the sign says?