These Thanksgiving Fails Will Give You Turkey Nightmares

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that can be extremely stressful, but all of the hard work pays off in the end. If you’re either attending or hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, there’s so much that goes into it — whether it’s cooking all of the different courses, socializing with estranged relatives, or tackling the mountain of dishes. During the process, something is bound to go wrong for some people. You just hope it’s never you. Well, here are some people who weren’t so lucky.

Have The Taste Of Thanksgiving All Year

Thanksgiving gumballs

There’s nothing better than biting down on a gumball only to have the flavor of pumpkin pie, cranberry, or turkey bursting in your mouth. Gumballs last a long time, so you can chew on one of these Thanksgiving-flavored gumballs on the beach in July if you get a craving for a Thanksgiving meal.

You can even put these out as an appetizer on Thanksgiving as a little taste for what is to come. Just make sure to keep them out of the reach of children!