The Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Left On Cars

There are two types of drivers in the world — those that understand that things won’t always go their way, and those that are likely to freak out over the most minor of inconveniences. While the more relaxed driver might mutter under their breath at someone’s horrid parking job, they’re likely to forget about it and go about their day. On the other hand, the second kind of driver might be more inclined to leave a passive-aggressive note on someone’s windshield. Now, take a look at some of the hilarious notes that people have left on cars and pray you don’t get one yourself.

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Shelley Jucker
Shelley Jucker

Sometimes, all you need is a non-threatening note in order to get your point across. The person that wrote this note just thought they’d let this driver know that they were seriously inconvenienced by their park job.

We’re going to assume that this note was written somewhere outside of the United States. This is so, since most people in America would most likely have replaced the word “bloody” with a much more vulgar word.