These People Had No Choice But To Give It A Try

As the great Michael Scott from the TV show, The Office, once said, “‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky’ – Michael Scott”. If you don’t try something then you shouldn’t be able to pass judgment on it. Like, for example, if you’ve never had ketchup on your pizza then you can’t say it’s gross.

This list will hilariously show you that ambition is never a bad thing, even if the result isn’t good. Just because a dog decides it wants to drive the family car and crashes, doesn’t mean that the pup’s ambition to drive isn’t respectable. Enjoy.

Set The Bar High And You’re Bound To Achieve Greatness


This is an upgrade from what I wanted to be when I was that age. A lot of kids stop their aspirations at being a bus driver or gas station attendant, and not many strive to be a different species altogether. There are so many perks to being a dog, like not having to work and getting to sleep, eat, and poop wherever and whenever you want to.

Don’t Lie, We’ve All Tried To Fit Into A Baby Swing Once Or Twice


When you’re an adult in denial, you can get yourself into some tight situations. For example, the nostalgia of being in a baby swing is too much for some people and they give in. This 100% of the time results in a bad turnout for the circulation in your legs, so it’s pretty obvious you just shouldn’t do it.

This Is Going To Be A Ruff Drive Home


Dogs have places to be and people to see as well. They’re left at home all day to fend for themselves and then they are expected to be “man’s best friend” when they get home from work. Some pups have hair and nail appointments across town that they have to show up to. Others have girlfriends and boyfriends they have to drive around.

Don’t Knock It Till You Try It


Never trust anything you see on the internet. It will never turn out as well as it does on the web and it’ll only make you look like a complete fool. There’s this SpongeBob SquarePants popsicle that is supposed to look exactly like the sponge but looks NOTHING like him. I don’t know where I’m going with that, but basically, most things aren’t as advertised.

I Think I’m Going To Hit The Gym For The First Time This Year


Half of going to the gym is the mental game that comes along with it. If you trick your brain into thinking you’re at the gym then you’re at the gym, no questions asked. It’s like if you fold three pizza slices into looking like one slice and eat them all at the same time — your body is tricked into only thinking you ate one slice. Science.

The Math Adds Up. I’m Doing It


Ambition is a great thing, man. Get you some friends who look at jumping over all these cars in a mini bike and says “I can do it no problem” because they’re the real winners in life. Imagine having so much confidence in yourself that this stunt was something you even considered? Let’s hope some EMS were nearby.

Susan, We’re Doing This In One Trip, No Questions Asked


Getting back from a big grocery run and having seven bags to carry inside but only wanting to take one trip looks a lot like this. The absolute sorcery that you come up with to somehow fit all the bags onto your body is, to some, the greatest achievement. Many people would rather lose all the circulation in their hands before having to take that extra trip.

Dad, Nothing Borat Did In That Movie Is Appropriate To Reenact In Real Life


This is what happens when movies like Borat become cultural norms. ONLY Borat can pull off that mankini. You need to have a certain body type and physique to look good in that thing, and unfortunately for this dad, he doesn’t make the cut. The Rock, Borat, and Chris Hemsworth are the only people in the world who can pull that off, so don’t get any ideas.

You Just Said Fetch, You Didn’t Specify For What


Dogs just want to have fun, eat good kibble, and fetch a few balls here and there. But, when you play with a tennis ball EVERYDAY it’s like anything, you want to try something new. This pup is at that stage right now and is willing to try anything other than putting that ball in its mouth.

Hot And Fresh Out The Kitchen


It’s important to specify what you’re looking for. Corndogs can be taken in a few different ways, and this picture is an example of one. It’s like if you were to ask for a “beef dip” at a restaurant. Most would know what that means, but you shouldn’t be surprised if you get a slab of beef with a side of Fun Dip. It’s just basic math.

Can Someone Pull Nicole’s Head Out Of The Ground?


Being a cheerleader is a thankless job. You literally go out every game to hype up a crowd that’s not there to watch you, yet you’re putting your life and integrity on the line each time. With all the flips and lifts, it’s weird we don’t see more pictures like this of Nicole, who is currently out of commission on the side.

When The Weather Computer Goes Down, You Have To Improvise


The show must go on no matter what happens. The weather computer (who knows if it’s a computer but for convenience sake, we’ll call it that) went down, but families need to know if its a “vest day” or a “light jacket day”. This team came up with a solution that makes the most sense and is the closest to the original. Good job fellas.

My Mom’s Acute Angle


When you’re vetting for a tattoo artist who is going to be the one who puts ink on your skin for life, it’s probably a good idea to make sure they’re literate. Not exactly sure what this artist was thinking, but one thing’s for sure and that’s the fact that this tattoo is 100% unique. No one else in the world has this tat which can’t be said about the billions of people who have an anchor tatted on their lower back.

Tinkerbell Pankcakes? More Like Tinker-Hell Pancakes. Am I Right, Or Am I Right?


This is the same type of resemblance as when you go on your first Tinder date. You expect to see Tinkerbell in the left-hand corner, but instead, you see pancake Tinkerbell. Pictures are so deceiving now with all the editing software and filters that can be used. Sometimes your date is unrecognizable from their pictures. When you want Bradley Cooper from The Hangover and get Bradley Cooper from American Sniper it’s not a good start.

Next Time, It’d Be Nice If We Saw Your Face, Mom


This was the first time this mom tried to take a mirror selfie and it didn’t pan out the way that she wanted. Contrary to popular belief, a mirror selfie isn’t just a picture of your phone in the mirror — it actually does require some facial features to be included. Next time mom. There’s always next time.

I Think The Term Refers To Being The “Black Sheep” Of The Class


There has been a sudden surge in wine and paint nights where suburban moms go to a restaurant and pretend to paint while mostly just drinking. The little guy’s painting would be a masterpiece during many of those paint nights so he should be proud of himself. Why paint a snowman when you can stand out?

They Put It Out There For Everyone To See, And It Completely Backfired


They risked ALL of their morals and integrity by putting this picture on social media. It was going to go one of two ways: either everyone would be commenting how cute and corny they were for getting these shirts, or it would turn out the way it did. All it takes is one comment to completely ruin your picture, especially if the comment is what everyone is thinking.

Cheese Is Expensive, And Cheez-Its Are Expensive-r


A few things that you realize when you get older is that weed actually won’t kill you if you try it, and cheese is really fricking expensive. Those are literally the ONLY two things you’ll learn when you get older. This lady is taking advantage of her cheese and eating it by the block to fully allow her palette to get the complete experience.

Not Going To Lie, Kimberly And Gary Are About To Have A Ruff Breakup


Gary, Gary, Gary, Gary. What are we going to do with you? For Kimberly’s sake, I don’t know what would be worse, your man cheating on you with another woman, or with a dog? Not sure what would possess Gary to come up with that excuse. Someone hit you in the neck with a bat Gary, COME ON.

Simple, Meaningful, Stupid, And More Stupid


What is with the raunchy decisions on tattoos these days? I feel like people forget that these are PERMANENT. With that being said, tattoos are all about what they mean to the person who’s getting them. This could be his Dad’s favorite chair or his mom’s favorite thing to throw at his dad when they were in a fight. Who knows.