These People Need To Open Their Eyes And Take A Good Look At Their Surroundings

Ferris Bueller said it first — “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Boy, did these people miss it. I don’t know if they were too concerned with getting the perfect photo angle, but at least we get to laugh at their lack of observation skills.

These people were so oblivious that they missed some pretty wild things going on in the background. One girl was so busy taking a selfie she literally didn’t see a mom take off her sandal to discipline her kid. These people might be living their life in the fast lane, but they need to pump the brakes and take a good look around.

The Happy Couple And A Happy Dog

dog pooping in background.jpg

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

Congratulations to the happy couple on buying their first car, but maybe you should have checked your blind spot before snapping this photo to share with friends and family.

A quick shoulder-check and these two would have seen this dumping dog and been able to avoid a lot of embarrassment.

Never Underestimate The Teacher

teacher left the room.jpg

Photo credit: Bigthom63 / Reddit

We severely underappreciate our teachers. They put in so much hard work to teach the youth of our nation, and it all goes unnoticed.

Their hard work isn’t just in the classroom though. This teacher wasn’t afraid to go the extra mile, and up an extra floor, to make sure her students don’t cheat.

This Man Knows His Priorities

petting cat in hug.jpg

Photo credit: Reddit

This poor woman has no idea that she’ll always be second-fiddle to the cat. I have to respect this man’s choices though. She’ll play with his heart and leave him lonely forever, but a man’s bond with his cat is forever.

The lesson of the day: get you a man that can do both.

The photo coming up is a harsh reminder that even wholesome family moments can be ruined if you don’t stop and take a look around.

Mr. Steal-Your-Wallet

mr steal your wallet.png

Photo credit: DanNexus5 / Imgur

Every guy is worried about their girl going out to the club and getting snatched up by another man, but they should really be concerned about their wallets.

This guy is a stone-cold killer. He could care less about picking up any of these girls and is only worried about picking up his tab.

Congrats, You Played Yourself

selfie in mirror distortion.jpg

Photo credit: UNew / Reddit

Who do you trust when your own reflection goes ahead and plays you like this? Usually, a mirror selfie is the one time you can be completely in control of how you look.

In reality, there are so many things that could go wrong in a mirror selfie. This is actually not that bad.

Should Someone Check In On That Kid?

family vacation photo.jpg

Photo credit: sablefire / Reddit

The best part about this photo is that its part of a Christmas card. So not only did this family completely miss a girl trying to choke her younger brother at Mt. Rushmore, they didn’t notice it after.

The mom who chose the photo, the developers who printed out the photo, and everyone in between was totally oblivious to what was happening in the background.

The guy coming up took the opposite route and decided to blend in, rather than stand out, in his surroundings.

That’s One Way To Ruin A Selfie

kid being beat at bathroom.jpg

Photo credit: Speciman / Reddit

The look of fear on this child’s face is all too relatable to anyone who has been threatened with a flip-flop in their lifetime.

The girl in front was just trying to take an innocent mirror selfie and ended up capturing a child’s life flashing before his eyes.

That Kid Is Pretending He’s In A Sad Music Video

homeboy in the background.jpg

Photo credit: @will_ent / Instagram

At first, I was concerned for the child in the background of this guy’s selfie, but let’s be honest, we all did this as kids in the car.

Maybe Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” or any Adele song was playing. But as soon as that ballad comes on, you stare out the window dramatically and pretend you’re in the music video.

Maybe He’s Hyper-Aware Of His Surroundings

didnt see the wedding photo.jpg

Photo credit: helldozer1 / Imgur

In a twisted case of not being aware of your surroundings, this service member might be way too aware of his surroundings. Old habits die hard, so maybe he’s just used to blending into the background.

I don’t blame him for this mishap. I blame his wife who chose a forested area for their engagement shoot.

Thanks to one little kid coming up, no time is safe to take a dressing room selfie.

This Mom Has No Idea Whats Happening With Her Child

kid with knife in car.jpg

Photo credit: @djbewbz / Instagram

Driving is one of those things that can take up so much of your concentration and energy, that you end up being totally oblivious to things happening right in front of your face.

This mom has absolutely no clue that her son is hanging out the window holding an 8-inch knife.

A Modern Day Saga

brother choking on fries.jpg

Photo credit: / Instagram

This photoset is a literal adventure. It starts out with the most dramatic photo. You can see the fear and danger in this kid’s eyes. The next two show a brush with death until finally, the kid ends up okay and lets us all know it.

Whoever was taking these photos wasn’t ignorant. They knew what was going on and kept on snapping.

This Little Kid Knows Whats Up

kid checking things out.jpg

Photo credit: Suariotheweird / Imgur

Just when you think you’re safe to try on that little black dress because there are no men around to check you out, this little boy comes out of nowhere.

For all we know, the girl taking this selfie could have done a quick look around and completely underestimated this little boy. At least she tried.

One person coming up learned the hard way why food, photos, and beaches don’t mix.

Where Do You Buy That Many Copies Of Click?

57 copies of click at parents.jpg

Photo credit: upvoteHero / Imgur

I’ve seen people replace family photos or art in their parent’s house and have it go unnoticed, but leaving 57 copies of Click is a new record.

How oblivious do you have to be to ignore a full shelf filled with Adam Sandler’s fifth-greatest film of all time?

This Newscast Is Bananas

bananas in back of news.jpg

Photo credit: hooria0011 / Reddit

People love to photobomb the background of newscasts, but these two New York Mets fans even brought props. The cameraman should have told his partner what was going on in the back, but he looks new, so he needs to learn.

There isn’t enough time in the day for news anchors to always make sure nothing ridiculous is going on in the back of their shots.

This Is Not Worth It For Your Foodstagram Post

seagull ruining icecream photo.jpg

Photo credit: Tm23246 / Reddit

When will people learn to stop trying to take photos of their food at the beach? Seagulls are just rats that fly. They have no moral high ground and will do whatever they can to ruin your beach day.

If that includes taking a massive bite out of your ice cream that they can’t even correctly digest, then they’ll do it.

We all disagree with our parents, but the dad coming up took his disapproval to a whole new level, and it makes the best photo.

Drug Deal, Or Just Sharing Snacks?

yearbook drug deal photo.jpg

Photo credit: joyceharrell375 / Reddit

This yearbook caught something pretty mysterious happening in one school photo. Hey, those two on the left might just be trading study notes or crackers, but they might also be dealing something else.

Whoever was the editor for this yearbook was either really oblivious or has a weird sense of humor.

That Mixtape Must Be Fire

kids head on fire.jpg

Photo credit: rownak_khan07 / Reddit

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, so is someone going to tell this kid his head is about to go up in flames? Or are they just going to take a photo and let him keep studying?

At least he’ll have a good excuse why he can’t hand in his homework.

Make Sure Dad Isn’t Around At Your Engagement

dad had other proposal ideas.jpg

Photo credit: @allison_barron / Twitter

When you’re getting proposed to, the last thing you’re thinking about it whether or not you have to take a peek over your shoulder to make sure dad isn’t standing there too.

Allison was definitely surprised to find out that her special moment wasn’t just between two people.

The Cigarettes Looks More Like A Photoshop Than A Photobomb

cigarette photobomb.jpg

Photo credit: Spook_Master_Jack / Reddit

Most of the time you have to worry about whats behind you. This girl had no idea she also had to be on the lookout for things flying in front.

Whoever tossed away this cigarette must have laser precision, because it looks like someone photoshopped in the emoji cigarette.

I’m Probably This Woman In The Background Of Many Restaurant Photos

food befor eyou d.jpg

Photo credit: @will_ent / Instagram

At first, I laughed at how unimpressed this woman in the background of this photo is, but then I realized it could easily have been me. The first twenty minutes at any restaurant is the worst because you’re hangry and impatiently waiting for your food.

The girl in front may have ordered first, but I’m still upset that she’s eating and I’m not.