These People Tried To Achieve The Impossible And They Should Get An A For Effort

Like Kevin Garnett said, “Anything is possible!!” That sounds super uplifting, but it doesn’t always have happy endings. Achieving the impossible results in some bad choices along with some questionable decisions as to how anyone would end up in their situation.

It’s not impossible to be sneaky, but some people definitely didn’t think when they’re trying to move out or just hoping for the best despite the outcome. They’re so wild that it makes us wonder “How did they do this?”

Take Me To Church

take me to church.jpg

Photo Credit: @BobKellyFOX29/Twitter

Regular churchgoers would believe that a dog was being ordained. Wrong, the priest is just wearing a dog mask.

It’s intriguing why someone who praises the father, the spirit, and the holy ghost would wear a mask while preaching. Only thing comes to mind; he’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

The Best Hide And Seek Spot Ever When Your School Calls Home

best hide and go seek spot.jpg

Photo Credit: @nochill/Instagram

Could you imagine having this in high school? Like whenever the school phones home to stay you skipped class, you can just run out and hide in the bushes like Casper the Ghost.

Be sure to have a small supply of snacks; it might be awhile before you can get out.

Your Life Is Stuck On Repeat

over and over again.jpg

Photo Credit: @djwebz/Instagram

It’s obvious they’ll need a bigger vehicle than this. You have to respect that this is their way of improvising something that’s almost impossible, like pigs learning to fly.

Nobody’s fooled, but the person who thought of this is the real fool because no matter how hard they try, it’s just not going to work.

Having Google Maps or GPS in your car is very important, and you’ll find out why shortly.

Cat Staches Should Not Become A Trend

cat stache failure.jpg

Photo Credit: Samwiseii/Reddit

Not only is this a catastrophe, but this should be an award given to the cat with the most delightful butt.

As impressive as it is, that’s the best cat version of the Batman logo. You know what though, he missed out on an opportunity to make one of his nipples the butthole.

I’m Convinced This Is Jenga’s Headquarters

hasnt falling over yet.jpg

Photo Credit: 32624647/Reddit

That reminds me of the time my friends and I played Jenga, and somehow, the blocks never fell over.

Someone might have come across what could be Jenga’s secret headquarters, but someone could easily walk up to this, place a ladder and climb to see where the loot room is.

There’s Google Maps For That

car in the pool how does this even happen man.jpg

Photo Credit: GwEYT/Reddit

I’m guessing somebody took notes from Michael Scott from The Office when he drove his car into a lake because the GPS told him to.

It looks like they drove into the pool like no tomorrow. However, they should have realized that there’s this thing called Google Maps.

Just hope the next vehicle doesn’t have someone you know in it.

Only At Walmart, Where People Say “I Do”

dreams do come true only at walmart.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram

Woah, this was meant to be. This couple has come a long way since their first date at McDonald’s.

They probably have a lot of close family and friends who shop at Walmart, and it happened on the same weekend as their blowout sale. They’ll probably get to take home the patio set for free.

Welcome To Real-Life Mario Kart

mario kart.jpg

Photo Credit: @plushpenguin/Twitter

Japan is an exciting place to visit, and the people know how to have fun. Thanks to Mario Kart, these folks took the time and money to dress up as their favorite Mario characters and take the racing to the streets.

Better hope nobody brought banana peels, or else that’s going to cause a ton of traffic.

A Taxi Hearse Like No Other

taxi car for a funeral.jpg

Photo Credit: NarGills/Reddit

It seems as if the hearse only takes one-way fares. Business might be booming with this cross-over of an industry.

What are you supposed to do if you’re driving and this thing is out on the road? If you see someone you know riding in this, it might be a bad thing.

Nobody expected moving would become a reality like Final Destination.

Gravity’s End Game

unfortunate moment.jpg

Photo Credit: heyheyhiitsme/Reddit

You’ve never seen someone so drunk that found a way to confuse the laws of physics.

It’s a good thing he wore underwear after the sign went through the leg of his favorite pair of shorts. At this moment, you see a lousy decision flashing right in front of your own eyes.

Cheeto Game On Point

cheeto sign.jpg

Photo Credit: @juan_raygoza_/Twitter

It’s good to know that Cheetos has a good crisp. However, potato chips do come in all weird shapes and sizes.

You never know what you’ll come across. Just make sure you don’t hold this chip below your waist.

At Least The Food Won’t Expire

nothing falling out.jpg

Photo Credit: CCUSD/Reddit

The food’s not essential; this is some Final Destination stuff right here. You’re driving down the interstate highway, making a merge into the next lane, then BOOM!

The moving truck hits you, and you swerve. If you are a moving company, this is firmly not recommended.

You better watch out, the Cookie Monster could smell what’s coming up from a mile away.

Sitting On The Water By The Dock

floating on water.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

Dang, Jesus, this is the holiest of all photobombs. Not only did the big guy upstairs walk on water, but so did this guy.

Clearly, it was taken when he was jumping in the water, but seriously, somebody needs to get this guy his own religion.

This Guy Knows How To Get Around

weird way to take a shower .jpg

Photo Credit: Nanoushka/Reddit

He made that machine much more than just a hole digger.

The bucket needs to be big so he has the room to swim in the water. Hopefully, he doesn’t set himself on fire. Like good pasta, humans will float to the surface after a boil.

The Cookie Monster Is Coming

cookie hood.jpg

Photo Credit: Ibemario472/Reddit

Man, this is a bad idea. The Cookie Monster is going to smell this from a mile away, and it could become a disaster.

However, the car has been through a real struggle, and it’s time to find a new mode of transportation. As to why someone is baking cookies in the parking lot is a whole other mystery.

Sometimes, when you go to wine tasting, you end up seeing double.

Handwriting That’s Nowhere Near As Perfect As Yours

profs handwriting.jpg

Photo Credit: Boltwizard_/Reddit

Did your history professor happen to sign the Declaration of Independence? This professor is not human whatsoever as it’s almost impossible to have this handwriting.

If you practiced handwriting every single day in your life, there’s maybe a chance it might be as good as this.

Hoop, There It Is?

hoop there it is.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

There’s a good chance that Shaq did this. He was terrible at the free throw line in his career, but he had some dumb luck like this.

Maybe it was Charles Barkley who did this. He probably came out of nowhere just to spook Shaq and mock his lackluster ability at free throws.

A Rental Car Parks Beside Another Kia

matching kias.jpg

Photo Credit: renaissance_boy_/Reddit

After wine tasting, you always see double. What are the chances that two cars not only look the same but are one digit off in their license plates?

It’s math no one can truly understand, but I’m upset that 92 didn’t have the right sense to park on the left.

A Rainbow On Rainbow Blvd

rainbow blvd.jpg

Photo Credit: crunchyRocks/Reddit

There weren’t enough rainbows in Mario Kart, so this will have to do. It’s one of those things you don’t see very often, but it’s a moment that you have to take a picture of.

If no one believes you that this actually happened, at least you have the proof that there is indeed an end to the rainbow.

Don’t Be Like Cody

prayers for cody.jpg

Photo Credit: Zombi3Bait/Reddit

It’s not that hard to throw in free marinara for a single-topping pizza that’s almost $30.

You can give Cody a kids cup full of marinara, his girl will be so pleased that she won’t have to dump him. However, this goes to show that boys will do anything to please their girl, even if it doesn’t result in a happy ending.