We Are Living For These Musicians Who Called Out Their Ex Through Song

The best songs are born when musicians use their own experiences to influence their work. Sometimes this means we get hits about money, trucks, or family, but other times we get the juicy ballads about heartache.

It seems like some musician’s best works come after a nasty breakup. While I don’t wish heartbreak on anyone, I’m not totally mad that these musicians needed to use their songs to vent. From the inventor of shade to The Weeknd’s latest emotional album, these musicians have taken us on a rollercoaster of emotions, and we are here for it.

Justin Timberlake Wrote Not One, But Two Songs About Britney

justin and britney denim on denim.jpg

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R.I.P. to the most iconic couple of the 2000s. No one knows for sure what happened, but judging from Justin’s two-part breakup series, Britney seriously hurt him.

In “Cry Me A River,” Justin tells us that “I already know, I found out from him” but then in “What Goes Around…Comes Around” he lets us know that “I was ready to give you my name.” Yikes, you okay Justin?

The Beyhive Will Probably Never Fully Forgive Jay-Z

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There are so many savage songs on Beyonce’s LEMONADE album it was hard to choose which one about her cheating husband was the best. The two are still together but the album showed us all a new side of Bey.

In “Sorry” she makes it very clear that she is not sorry. Most iconic line? “Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye.” BOY. BYE.

You Oughta Know The Best Breakup Song Ever

alanis morissette oughta know.jpg

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The ’90s grunge breakup anthem that none of us knew we needed, but all of us loved. Alanis Morissette has famously kept it a secret who “You Oughta Know” is about, but everyone knows it’s about Full House‘s David Coulier.

I don’t know what he did to her, but I’m sure he still feels it when she scratches her nails down someone else’s back.

Alanis Morissette was the ’90s queen of the breakup song, but she was likely inspired by the original shade-thrower that’s coming up.

Fleetwood Mac Was Writing About Eachother


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Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” was written during a tense time in the band’s history. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had a complicated relationship and were writing songs about each other while on tour.

Nicks spoke out that everytime Buckingham sang the lyrics “Packing up, shacking up is all you wanna do” on stage, she wanted to go over and kill him.

Ray J Won’t Let Kim Forget

kim k in bed.jpg

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Of course, a Kardashian managed to slip herself into music history. Kim K was made famous for the leaked sex tape of her and her ex, Ray J. A lot of people forgot about it, but Ray J didn’t.

In 2013, he released “I Hit It First.” A salty reminder to Kim and her new fiance Kanye that he did, in fact, hit it first.

Carly Simon = The Inventor Of Shade

carly simon shade queen.jpg

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Kids these days don’t know what real shade is if they haven’t listened to Carly Simon’s original sassy breakup song, “You’re So Vain.” This song was supposedly an ode to Warren Beatty and let me tell you, it stung.

The chorus is all you need to know about the song. Simon’s song was the original subtweet. If you think it’s about you, it is.

When two singers break up it’s like Christmas morning. Double the heartbreak, double the songs.

Who Needs The Tabloids When You Have Selena And Justin

Who Needs The Tabloids When You Have Selena And Justin

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Oh, Jelena, will the saga ever end? These two have dominated tabloid romances for years thanks to their rocky relationship, and they each have multiple songs to prove it.

It all started when Selena released “The Heart Wants What It Wants” in 2015, alongside a teary music video. She then performed the song live at the AMAs and cried during the performance, and the entire room was looking for Justin’s reaction.

Their Songs Have A Full Narrative

crying selena gomez.jpg

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Justin never spoke out, but after Selena released her next single “Same Old Love,” he finally hit back with “Sorry” and “Love Yourself.” Selena’s songs are savage and emotional, but both of Justin’s breakup songs are a bop. It’s hard to choose a winner here.

I expect more songs in the future since the two recently got back together and broke up again.

Little Mix Had Perrie Evan’s Back When Zayn Broke Her Heart

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Photo credit: Little Mix / YouTube

When One Direction’s Zayn Malik abruptly called off his relationship with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, the teenagers of the world were shocked. To make it worse, Zayn was spotted only a few weeks later with Gigi Hadid.

Perrie and her band shot back with “Shoutout To My Ex.” There are a lot of salty lines in the song, but probably the most iconic was Perrie staring at the camera saying “Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe.” Ouch.

This next singer made people in healthy relationships want to be single just to experience his album.

The Weeknd Made Us Feel Feelings We Didn’t Even Know We Had

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Photo credit: @imjustherefortheweeknd / Instagram

We don’t know what Selena Gomez did to The Weeknd, but we know it hurt. The singer recently performed songs from his new album at Coachella and began crying on stage.

In “Call Out My Name” he sings that “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life.” Should we be concerned for The Weeknd?

We’re Not Sorry That Demi Is Feeling Herself Now

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Photo credit: @ddlovato / Instagram

Demi Lovato and her boyfriend of six years, Wilmer Valderrama, broke up in 2016 and it left Demi unhinged. A year later, she wrote “Sorry Not Sorry” about her heartbreak and how crappy the dating life is.

She let us know that “fineness is the way to kill” and judging by her Instagram selfies, she is slaying us all.

Basically, Every Taylor Swift Song Has Hidden Shade

taylor swift breakup songs.jpg

Photo credit: Taylor Swift / YouTube

Should we just list off all the guys Taylor has written about? Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Calvin Harris, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Cory Monteith, the list goes on.

Some people hate it, but if The Weeknd can cry at Coachella then let Taylor write whatever she wants. The men must know what they’re getting into.

Thank you, Disney, for giving us Miley Cyrus’ angry phase and the breakup songs that came along with it.

Big Sean Told Us All He Doesn’t Mess With His Ex

Big Sean Told Us All He Doesn’t Mess With His Ex

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I can’t really give you the best line from Big Sean’s song “I Don’t [expletive] With You” because, well, it’s pretty aggressive. He wrote it about his former fiance, Glee‘s Naya Rivera.

The two have publically thrown a lot of shade through tweets and interviews, but his song is definitely eye-opening.

Miley Wrote A Breakup Anthem For 16-Year-Olds

Miley Wrote A Breakup Anthem For 16-Year-Olds

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Every teenage girl was blasting Miley Cyrus’ “7 Things” in 2008 because it was a bop. Yes, we’d never been in a serious relationship in our lives, but we could relate to Miley’s anger.

The song was supposedly written about Nick Jonas. In it, she calls him vain (serious Carly Simon vibes) and accuses him of seeing someone else. The drama was real.

Then She Wrote An Anthem For 22-Year-Olds

miley wrecking ball.jpg

Photo credit: @MileyOnChart / Twitter

Fast-forward six years and Miley brings us another breakup anthem, this time about her then-ex, Liam Hemsworth. People may have been hating on Miley’s new phase, but no one can deny “Wrecking Ball” was a tear-jerker.

The breakup anthem is over and done though since the two got back together. She even released a new song, “Malibu” about how much she loves him. We love a happy ending.

The singer coming up wrote a full album to try and get his wife back because he was so heartbroken.

Poison Gave Us The Original Heavy Metal Tear-Jerker

every rose has its thorn poison.jpg

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“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison is one of those hard-rock ballads that anyone can love. Lead singer Brett Micheals told Behind The Music that he wrote the song in a laundromat after calling his girlfriend and hearing a guy’s voice in the background.

It looks like laundromat breakup songs are more heartfelt than you’d think.

One Direction Clapped Back At Taylor

taylor and harry styles.jpg

Photo credit: David Krieger / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

A lot of Taylor’s victims avoid the sting of her venom, but One Direction decided to hit back when she wrote about her relationship with Harry Styles. The band wrote “Perfect,” in response, and in all honesty, I was let down.

The song is basically about two people not being perfect for each other, but being good for a one-night-stand.

Robin Thicke Did Not Get His Wife Back

robin thicke and paula.jpg

Photo credit: Djamilla Rosa Cochran / WireImage / Getty Images

If you even remember Robin Thicke (yes that is him in the photo) then you probably only remember his song “Blurred Lines.” The song was his first major hit and with fame came the ladies. I guess he caved and cheated on his wife, Paula Patton.

She left him, and in a desperate attempt, he released a follow-up album titled “Paula” just to get her back. Spoiler: it didn’t work.

Katy Perry Exposed Travie McCoy’s Drug Problem


Photo credit: NICK HUNT / Patrick McMullan / Getty Images

Katy Perry has written a few breakup songs about her ex Russell Brand, but one of the most shocking songs came from her breakup with Travie McCoy.

In “Circle the Drain,” she sings, “You fall asleep during foreplay cause the pills you take are more your forte. I’m not sticking around to watch you go down.”

Ed Sheeran Killed Two Birds With One Stone

ed sheeran breakup songs.jpg

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Ed Sheeran didn’t want to be boring and just write a regular breakup song, he wanted to make sure it cut deep. In 2014 he released “Don’t” about his casual romance with singer Ellie Goulding.

The lyrics are salty, but one line references her hooking up with one of his friends and the internet suspects he is talking about One Direction’s Niall Horan.