We Found Out Why These Kids Are Crying, And Honestly, We’re Still Confused

Kids can cry for any reason, really. It doesn’t have to be a good reason— just a reason. Sometimes, when your kid is crying and you’re having a rough day, the best thing you can do is find humor in the situation. These parents posted pictures of their crying kids on Instagram. They shared the reason for their kids’ tears with the hashtag, #reasonsmykidiscrying.

I’m sure one day, all of these kids are going to look back at these photos and cry from laughter. But for right now, these are real tears for real serious problems. Keep reading to see a kid who’s upset about a pickle shortage, a girl who wants food to double as jewelry, and a boy who just wants to listen to hard rock at 7 in the morning.

No Tutu For You


Photo Credit: @bethanyiscreative / Instagram

I told him we couldn’t buy a tutu today, but we’d put it on his Christmas list.”

I hate waiting for tutus too. Christmas is so far away, and a tutu is more of a summer garment anyway. Nobody wants to twirl in the snow. Everybody wants to twirl in a sprinkler underneath the August sun.

This Kid Is In A Real Pickle


Photo Credit: @lolaloop1 / Instagram

He ate the last pickle.”

I feel you, bud. I also wish pickles were an unlimited commodity. Unfortunately, after you eat them, they don’t just reappear. Someone has to go out to the grocery store and use their hard earned cash to buy some more. Life isn’t fair.

The Tyranny Of Sleeves


Photo Credit: @kelseygphoto / Instagram

“while one child is adjusting to his preschool routine, this one’s having a very difficult time adjusting to sleeves…”

Sleeves are the worst. They keep your arms from going every which way and they feel super constricting. Don’t worry kid, we all get used to them eventually.

Food And Fashion Don’t Mix


Photo Credit: @juliepinks / Instagram

“I told her she couldn’t wear her Lo Mein as a bracelet.”

Look, I get you, Lo Mein is pretty and stringy, and it looks like it could be a perfectly good bracelet. It’s also way more fun to eat noodles off your wrist than off a fork. But if you put saucy food on your body, you’re going to get all sticky and then guess who’s going to have to clean it up?

Dressed To Impress


Photo Credit: @lynwarner81 / Instagram

“When your uniform isn’t fitting right and your mom can’t fix it.”

On-field fashion is very important. Even more important than the game, some might say. Still, an ill-fitting uniform is no reason to throw a fit. Pull yourself together and rock that sporty monochrome look.

No Vroom Vroom In This Room


Photo Credit: @don_ricardo_n / Instagram

“Q: ‘can babies ride motorcycles?’ A: (shouting) ‘No!'”

This kid really does not want to see any babies riding motorcycles. Motorcycles are super dangerous, especially for babies. Really, nobody should be riding them at all. They’re loud, and they disturb the peace. If you’re going to ride one, though, you should at least know how to name all your colors.

Wrong Store, Little Lady


Photo Credit: @ashleymfelts / Instagram

“Why is she upset? She lost her sticker from Target. We were at Fred Meyer.”

To be fair, Target and Fred Meyer look pretty much the same. They both have red signs and apparently, they both have stickers. This girl doesn’t much care where she got her sticker from. All she knows is that she wants it back.

Not Too Sharp


Photo Credit: @fullychargedfitness / Instagram

“I won’t give him a knife.”

It’s hard to be too young to handle knives. I mean, knives are great. They cut food and spread butter and they look cool… Just wait a few more years, little dude. Then you’ll be able to have knives (and you’ll also be able to have homework and actual chores).

No Thing Is Too Trivial


Photo Credit: @xellamhatton / Instagram

“I took away his water bottle that he didn’t want…”

See, here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if he wants it or not. All that matters is that he had it, and then it was gone, and he isn’t quite sure where it went. If the water bottle just disappeared, what’s next? His shoe? His favorite toy?

Living On A Prayer


Photo Credit: @ashleyy_maynard / Instagram

“When your Bon Jovi jam goes off…”

All you can do is pray for it to come back on. The bad news is radio stations don’t usually like to play songs by the same artist back to back. The good news is that it’s 2018 and you can play whatever you want through the car speakers.

It’s The Nature Of The Beast


Photo Credit: @awayland47 / Instagram

“His ice cream is cold.”

Sorry kid, that’s just the way the ice cream freezes. Sometimes things are cold, sometimes things are warm. That’s just the way food works. If you don’t like it, have some room temperature yogurt. Keep reading to find out just how many sandwiches it’s going to take to make a boy happy.

Bugs Are Scary


Photo Credit: @chelsey_nicole / Instagram

“‘There’s a bug on me.’ Notice the huge terrifying bug.”

You know, even small bugs can do some serious damage. Ticks are pretty small, but that doesn’t stop them from carrying Lyme disease. I’m way more scared of ticks than I am of huge spiders. I think this kid has the right idea.

AC/DC Is Life


Photo Credit: @nbeaudrot / Instagram

“Because I wouldn’t let him listen to Thunderstruck at 7am.”

When you need to listen to your jam, you really need to listen to your jam. It doesn’t matter if your jam isn’t super age appropriate or if it’s too early for hard rock. A good jam is an essential part of a balanced breakfast.

An Eating Machine


Photo Credit: @megiburci / Instagram

“I don’t have enough bread to make him a third sandwich. And no, I haven’t offered him any delicious alternatives. I’m a monster.”

Darn-tootin’ you’re a monster. What we have right here is a growing boy. A growing boy needs sandwiches. How dare you deprive him of the carbs he so desperately requires?

Stuck In the ’70s


Photo Credit: @helianthus12 / Instagram

I dressed him in an outfit I wore at his age.”

Mom, look, it’s not 1975 anymore. This look may have worked for you way back when, but we’re in a new era, and this kid needs some new swag. Orange is just not his color. A sky blue would really bring out his eyes.

A Writer In The Making


Photo Credit: @sararenae21 / Instagram

“Mommy won’t let him chew on an ink pen.”

We’ve all done it at some point. We know the appeal of chewing on a tough, plastic pen. I think this just means that this kid is destined to become a writer. He doesn’t know that writers don’t use pens anymore. Everything is digital. When he grows up, who knows if we’ll even have pens at all.

To Chew Or Not To Chew


Photo Credit: @clazzy812 / Instagram

“When you won’t let him chew on the nice remote.”

Oh, but the not nice remote is fine? Well, that’s confusing. How is he supposed to know which remotes are off limits? If one remote is ok to chew, they should all be ok to chew! Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Jr. Backseat Driver


Photo Credit: @lolaloop1 / Instagram

“I didn’t turn the direction he wanted to go in (opposite the direction of where we needed to go).”

This kid has very intense feelings about directions. Right is always better than left. You don’t go left unless you want to end up somewhere stupid. Right is right. Left is not right.

These Boots Were Made For Walking


Photo Credit: @shortranda / Instagram

“The boot wouldn’t stay on his foot.”

You could probably fit that whole baby in that boot. No wonder it wouldn’t stay on his foot. Get that baby some baby-size boots, stat. A kid without a cowboy boot is barely a kid at all. He needs this for his identity.

Mind Your P’s And Q’s


Photo Credit: @laceyclaunts / Instagram

“I asked him to tell his brother thank you for bringing him a book.”

Maybe he didn’t want the book. Did you ever think of that? Can he even read? Maybe his brother was really making fun of him for not being able to read. He is a sensitive kid. He’ll read when he’s good and ready.