Weirdest Things Captured At Costco

While there are a lot of grocery stores out there, none are quite like Costco. They hand out samples, you have to buy in bulk, and they sell just about everything you could ever need ranging from sushi to play sets. So, when taking a trip to Costco, it’s not out of the ordinary to see some rather questionable things. Now, check out some of the wildest things ever seen at Costco, from what people have in their shopping carts to the unbelievable things Costco offers on their shelves, it’s an entertaining place to say the least.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Kids

Costco is a massive establishment so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your kids. It can be like a giant playground for little kids but instead of swings and monkey bars it’s full of food and forklifts.

If you’re not worried about something bad happening to them, you may just find them stuck behind a freezer door like this guy. Chances are he was hot from running around and needed to cool off for a bit.

A 20-Year-Old’s Dream Come True

If you’ve ever been inside a Costco, you know that their alcohol section contains more than a fraternity could drink in a lifetime. It’s a great place to buy booze, only if you’re over 21. However, apparently the rules are different at this Costco, and you’re only allowed to buy alcohol if you’re under 21.

We’re sure it didn’t take long for the college freshman to take their chances buying alcohol here. The sign clearly says it’s okay.

Costco Rotisserie Chicken Is Best Served Hot

It’s no secret that Costco’s rotisserie chicken is pretty darn good. Although eating it cold is an option, it’s worlds better is served hot right out from under the heating lamp. Yet, if you have more errands to run, it’s critical to keep that chicken at the perfect temperature.

Lucky for us, nature has blessed us with a giant heating lamp that works perfect for keeping Costco chicken nice and piping hot. We wonder if this person has been picking away at it all day.

A Different Kind Of Remedy

While alcohol is known to kill bacteria, we don’t think that exactly means that it will help to cure an illness, especially the flu. While some people might go to the doctor to get a flu shot, it looks like Costco wants people to pick up a handle of Kirkland vodka and ward off the flu by getting drunk.

Most people probably wouldn’t go this route but maybe the people that do know something that we don’t…

Costco Is Thinning The Herd

Remember that horrible phase when teenagers were eating Tide Pods and posting videos on the Internet? Well, while other stores were locking up their Tide Pods,, Costco was giving them out as samples! Looks like Costco was in full support of this trend and was using it as an opportunity to thin the herd.

We’re not sure why they wanted to do this because less people living means less people shopping at Costco. We all know that’s the last thing they want!

When Your Mom Says She Has To Run Into Costco Real Quick

We’ve all been there. You’re driving in the car with your mom and the next thing you know, you’re in the parking lot of Costco. She claims that she just has to “run in” and get a few things, but we all know what that means. You definitely don’t want to go in with her, but you also know you might die of boredom in the car.

Looks like this poor soul made the decision to stay in the car. Legend says their mom is still shopping in Costco today.

That’s Reassuring

Safety in the workplace should always be a concern. Nobody wants to get hurt while at work and nobody wants to get hurt on a trip to Costco. The fact that this Costco has only gone two days without injury is a little concerning. The real question is, was it an employee or a customer who was injured?

If I saw this I’d probably take my business somewhere else, for fear of a Kirkland car tire falling on my head.

How Do You Sample Toilet Paper?

One of the best things about Costco are the samples, everyone knows that. But we can all agree that it would be disappointing to see that one of the samples was toilet paper rather than food of some kind. How do you even sample toilet paper?

Do you just keep it in your back pocket until you need to use it? Or do you just feel it with your fingers before throwing it away? It’s an odd sample no matter what.

Liquor On Tap!

Well, we guess we know where we can find the alcohol to put inside of that giant wine glass, just on the side of Costco. While we know that this pump doesn’t actually contain any liquor, it’s just another thing that isn’t all that surprising to find at Costco.

For all we know, a truck does come each week full of Kirkland brand alcohol that is pumped through here and then bottled inside of the store.

Some Things Are Better Left Not Sampled


At a glance, it looks like Costco really started pushing the boundaries and were offering condom samples. Thankfully, that’s not the case. However, you do have to wonder how many people bolted over thinking that they were.

We just feel bad for the poor girl working next to the Trojan area as she offers what looks to be vitamin samples. Hopefully, she’ll get switched positions tomorrow because that must be an awkward situation for everyone involved.

Costco Hot Dogs In Mexico

For the most part, everyone loves Costco hot dogs. They’re of relative quality and reasonably priced. Also, shopping at Costco can definitely work up an appetite, so it’s the perfect option as you’re walking out the door.

However, it looks like the Costco’s in Mexico aren’t messing around when it comes to their toppings. Not only do you get jalapenos, but they line the entire hot dogs, just to make sure that you aren’t craving any extra heat. This dog is not for the faint of heart.

Decisions Were Made

Costco isn’t always the best place to make healthy choices. They have so many options both healthy and not that often you may find yourself making the wrong decision. While this person was originally going to go with with the healthy coconut clusters with organic super seeds, it appears that the smoked shorty sausages caught their eye.

Let’s be honest, nobody can be blamed for making this decision. Chances are, that bag of coconut clusters will remain there long after all the shorty sausages are gone.

There’s Not A Lot Of Money In Revenge


Looks like Costco entourages their employees to have a little fun on the job. It’s either that, or someone snuck in and got their hands on the nametag labeler. We’re sure that anyone that’s a fan of The Princess Bride really got a kick out of seeing someone walking around with this name tag.

We wonder if this employee also walked around with a sword attached to their side, although we highly doubt it.

Costco Employees Hard At Work

When a pigeon manages to get inside of Costco, it’s up to the employees to get it out by any means possible. Looks like this employee decided to set a trap in hopes of capturing the bird before a customer asks to speak with the manager about it.

We’re sure that the employee would rather do this than stock the shelves or hand out samples, so they probably pray for wild animals to get in the store all of the time.

Nothing Quite Like Some Chihuahua Cheese

If you’re ever in the market for some cheese made from Chihuahuas, then Costco is the right place for you. They have no shortage of this product and apparently, it’s great for tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and salads.

While this may seem like an unusual item in most other grocery stores, we all know that anything goes at Costco. We’re also sure it pairs nicely with a Labrador quesadilla and some German Shepard salsa.

Future Warlord

You can buy literally anything at Costco, they even have an area designated to books of all kinds. While most little girls might pick up something by Dr. Seuss or a book about a princess, but not this one.

She picked out The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a book that is considered to be the most influential strategy text in East Asian warfare. That’s definitely not a very light read but to each their own!

I’m Just Going To Have One Glass

We can’t say that we’re surprised that you can buy an unnecessarily-sized wine glass at Costco, but this is just absurd. You must be able to fit around five bottles of wine into that glass, which is enough to send anyone to the hospital.

Although it’s a novelty item, we can’t imagine anywhere that someone can fit this in their house without making it look like the inside of a sorority house. We just hope that it’s plastic instead of glass or things could get messy.

Happens Every Time

This man’s wife sent him to Costco in order to get some milk, which he did. However, he also happened to pick up a 65″ flat screen television. While some people’s significant others might be furious because of this, you also shouldn’t send someone to Costco thinking that they wouldn’t come back with a little something extra.

Most people’s carts at Costco look similar to this because it’s a trap for shoppers who just need a few things but can’t control themselves.

Just A Heads Up

The products at Costco make it very clear what’s written in the fine print so that people don’t try to take advantage of the store. In this case, it looks like they even made a warning sign for the parking lot in case the place flooded.

We’re not sure which 100 year storm they’re talking about, but now nobody can complain if their car gets flooded because there’s clearly a warning sign. Costco is always one step ahead of its customers.

After You’ve Been In Costco For Hours

Sometimes, going to Costco can be a fun adventure, and at other times, it can be a nightmare. We’ve all been stuck in Costco for so long that eventually we just give up and find a nice piece of furniture to sit on.

That’s exactly what this stuffed bear looks like, someone whose mom has been looking at a new vacuum for hours. It’s either that or the bear is sad because nobody has taken it home with them yet.

Old Fort For And Old…

old fort cheese

For the older generation, this isn’t cheddar cheese, this is Old Fort cheese. We don’t know what the difference is other than the font size. The bar clearly says “cheddar cheese” but you can read what you want first.

According to the person who posted this photo, this is their grandfather’s favorite “Old Fort.” We wonder what his least favorite it? Or what other Old Forts even taste like?

A Sense Of Humor Is A Must

costco receipt

While this might not be the weirdest thing ever caught at Costco, we’re laughing to hard not to include. Plus, working at a business as fast paced as Costco, we have no idea how the employee had time to draw this!

This joke must have uplifted this six-year-old’s spirits. How could it not? They got a personalized joke on their pizza box with an adorable and extremely clever pun to read!

That’s Not A Minion

minions at costco

This poor person though this yellow pole was a minion hiding at Costco. Apparently the store was holding a promotion for the movie characters at the time, and someone thought their store was going above and beyond.

Unfortunately it turned out to just be an oddly placed yellow pole. What is doing there? Who put it there? What is is supposed to do? We’re confused, we thought these poles were supposed to be outside.

Freddy Krueger Found!

freddy krueger at costco

Retirement looks like it’s going well for Freddy Krueger! The horror villain has taken off the claws and turned his sweater into a polo. It’s clear he’s more concerned about hunting down great deals then teenagers these days!

Of course, this isn’t actually Freddy Krueger, but it is a convincing Halloween costume. We hope this man was wearing this getting in October, although the weather looks too nice for that.

BBQ Anyone?

a special bbq

This was a big mistake by whatever Costco employee thought it would appropriate to put laundry detergent on a BBQ. Either they have a very dark sense of humor or thought the BBQ was a display holder.

There’s also the chance this was a customer who decided to prank the store. In any case, we recommend not barbecuing with laundry detergent. It might make your clothes smell spring fresh, but they won’t taste very good.

The Best Costco Model

coscto model elijah wood

Is it us, or does this Costco model look exactly like Elijah Wood? We thought he could for the rest of his life off his Lord of the Rings money, so he must have done this shoot just for fun!

We’re kidding, that model is not Elijah Wood, but you have to admit there is a resemblance. It’s something about the eyes, hairline, and smiles. They might actually be long lost siblings!

Burn It Down

costco heating instructions

These are not he heating instructions Costco should be out. First off, if your oven can get to 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit that’s highly impressive, but be careful because you might end up burning your house down.

For this particular instruction, we’re going to assume Costco made a typo and didn’t properly check to make sure their instructions were correct. Unfortunately, they messed up the most important part of the instructions.

Incident Reported

incident report costco

Something happened on this couch making it unsellable at the moment. The costco employees who found it labeled it, “incident report couch.” We don’t want to know exactly what incident was reported, but we have some ideas.

Whatever happened, but must have been pretty bad to force the note. It should probably be taken off the sales floor. Seriously, would you buy a couch with this unsettling label on it?

A Healthy Haul

a healthy haul

On the surface this looks like a pretty typical Costco haul. All the signs are there; the trunk is full, food is packaged in bulk, an it’s all healthy. Wait, what was that?

This car trunk is full of healthy food! Whoever was shopping must have incredible willpower to go to Costco and not buy a single unhealthy item! When we shop there it “accidentally” ends up in our cart and then we “have to buy it.”

Leak Protection – Costco Style

leak protection

Which brilliant Costco employee came up with this leak prevention device? We’re guessing one of the new one. This trash can is not stopping the floor from getting wet, it’s just slowing down the process.

At least they thought they were solving the problem. That’s what the note indicated anyways. The good news is it doesn’t look like there is actually a leak. The bad news begins if one starts…

What Are You Planning To Do With That?

olive oil

Costco is all about buying in bulk, we know that. But what on earth would you need this much olive oil for? While the typical bottle of olive oil is around 51 ounces, this barrel boasts 55 gallons of extra virgin olive oil,

While the person who posted this image on Instagram claims, “That’s a hell of a good deal!” we’re not so sure who their target market is for this massive quantity of olive oil.

Shopping at Costco is Exhausting, I Need A Nap

napping at costco

Between these two guys, who do you think is doing the most work on errands day? The guy laying down on the mattresses is attempting to appear like that one who did all the heavy lifting, but we know the truth.

These two look like they’re probably roommates and decided to go out and get matching mattresses. We’ll take a wild guess and say that guy pushing the cart will be the one loading them into the car.

It Could Have Been Worse

toilet turd

Someone shared this photo of a toilet at Costco and we have to say, it’s a pretty good joke. If someone happens to look inside the bowl, they’re in for a surprise. And it’s worth pointing out that this could have been much, much worse if it were an actual turd.

We’re going to go ahead and guess that the age of the jokester is about…. 21 years old. There might even be a chance that they work there, considering they have access to cardboard and a pen.

Waldo Found: Game Over

waldo found

There are some things you expect to see at Costco, and then there are gems like this. One guy was shopping around Costco and happened to spot Waldo! Is there any way that this guy was accidentally dressed like Waldo? This must be intentional…

A reddit user captioned the picture: “It only took an hour, but I found Waldo at Costco today.” Well that’s a productive day. Enjoy a couple of samples on your way out, sir. You won.

Probably Should Have Done That In A Different Order

pizza while you poop

We get it, when nature calls, you have to answer. But really, this guy could have planned better. This photo was snapped in a Costco bathroom. Someone obviously was excited to get their slice of Costco pizza, but didn’t realize that they also needed to use the restroom.

Instead of leaving the slice on the table like a normal person, they decided to bring the pizza into the bathroom with them…. And even set it on the bathroom floor. Yuck.

Well This Is Awkward

Awkward Costco Cake

A woman tried to do something nice for her company, and of course, no good deed goes unpunished. So of course the custom cake that she ordered to say “Keep up the hard work!” arrived with a typo.

Instead, it encourages, “Keep up the hard wood!” which is going to be very, very awkward to present to coworkers without some wide eyes and a visit from HR. It’s better to just take that cake home.

Everything Is Bigger At Costco

big avocados

Yes, even the avocados at Costco exceed all expectations…. This could seriously confuse a few folks who aren’t properly educated in fruit. And yes, avocados are a fruit!

Avocados have a reputation of going bad before you’re able to enjoy them– they’re just never quite right. We couldn’t imagine finding the right timing to eat an avocado of this size. You could feed a family of eight with that thing. We can all rest easy knowing these are in fact, watermelons.

It’s A Big Store

lazy customer

A day shopping at Costco feels like the equivalent of running six miles. The store is just so big! It’s clear that it isn’t this guy’s first rodeo. Oh, no. He planned this out the night before and came prepared.

This resourceful shopper brought his hoverboard and his headphones along with him to Costco. It makes the shopping experience much easier and more enjoyable. We’re taking notes… notes from a genius.

Costco Beer?!…. Pass

costco beer

Costco’s Kirkland label went a little too far with this one. There are plenty of things that we would trust to buy under the store’s own label, but beer is not on that list.

Although they try to make the packaging look fierce, racey, and attractive… it’s still Kirkland beer, and we’re not buying it. Of course their packs are bigger than most… 48 cans! Still– no. We cannot and will not show up at a BBQ with this.

Overwhelmed With Options

dasani options costco

Dasani knew what they were doing with this water bottle vending machine at Costco. Who knew water could be so sassy? They decided to remark, “decisions, decisions” while offering customers eight options of the SAME water. More like “water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water.”

Some people need more simplicity in their life. And maybe fewer calories and sugar in their diet, too. So we’ll take Dasani’s side with this one.