A Haunted Former Medieval Prison Is Up For Sale In England

The Cage haunted home
Inner Lives project/Twitter
Inner Lives project/Twitter

In England, an old medieval prison for those accused of witchcraft is now on the market for someone to call their home. Although it may look like an innocent building from the outside, it was once referred to as “The Cage,” a place where women were confined and even awaited execution.

On top of being a former prison that housed suspected witches, it is also said to be haunted, with some claiming it’s the most haunted building in Britain. According to the real estate agency Home Domus 360, “With a reputation attracting TV crews from around the world, this unique two-bedroom cottage comes available with many resident ghosts.”

The building itself is located in St. Osyth in Essex, the U.K., and this is the third time owner Vanessa Mitchell has put it on the market since she moved out in 2008. Supposedly, Mitchell had run from the house in 2004 after seeing mysterious blood spatters and was tormented by a demonic goat.

In 1582, during the St. Osyth witch trials, 14 women were accused of witchcraft with three of them being executed. The others were then locked up in “The Cage.” During the witch trials in England, Essex was one of the most involved areas. In England as a whole, between the 16th and 17th centuries, 112 supposed witches were executed. However, in the1640s alone, 82 of them were killed in Essex.

According to Wales Online, the asking price for the supposedly haunted former prison is 240,000 pounds or $305,478.