The Amazing Lost Survival Skills Of Past Generations

If disaster struck today and you no longer had access to electricity or other modern comforts, would you be able to survive? In days of old, our ancestors relied mostly on themselves to get through day-to-day life. They possessed a lot of useful skills that helped them build shelters, feed themselves, and protect them from adversaries.

Many of their survival skills were rather basic, but they are things that not many people are able to do today. From preparing animals for supper to building furniture for the home, check out some amazing abilities people had back in the day. Do you have any of these skills?

Starting A Fire For Warmth And Cooking

Starting A Fire

This is a basic survival skill that everyone should know. Our ancestors did not have access to lighters or matches, so they needed to learn how to start a fire the old-fashioned way. Fire is and was an essential element for cooking purposes and to keep homes warm.

Unless you were a boy scout, girl scout, or have learned the skills of a survivalist, you probably don’t know the primitive methods for getting a fire going and keeping it hot throughout the night.