Household Items You Didn’t Realize Need To Be Tossed

Over the years, homes can become filled with items that no longer serve any purpose. Piles of papers, unworn clothes, and tasteless spices are harmless, but a waste of space. Conversely, aged pillows, old air filters, and tattered towels can compromise the overall hygiene of your home. From appliance manuals to expired medicine, you may be surprised how many household items are waiting to be thrown out. Read on for a list of things it may be time to toss.

Old Papers Need To Get Shredded

Photofusion/John Birdsall/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Photofusion/John Birdsall/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

From old receipts to childhood birthday cards, papers can pile up over the years. Before you know it, there’s a stack of papers pouring out of every cabinet, closet, and drawer in the office.

Be sure to carve out some time every so often to go through old documents and shred ones that are no longer necessary. For sentimental items, consider cutting out any handwritten messages and condensing them in a scrapbook or a collage.