Toilet Paper Hacks That Put Spare Rolls To Use

Everyone owns toilet paper, but many people throw away the remaining rolls and inner tubes. Doing so wastes a household staple. Toilet paper offers far more valuable than a one-time use in the bathroom.

With a little creativity, you can transform toilet paper rolls into cord organizers, phone speakers, and even bird feeders. Once you learn these toilet paper hacks, the options will seem endless. Find out how to use spare toilet paper rolls in a life-changing way.

Neatly Store Your Cords

Toilet paper rolls contain cords.

Nothing’s more annoying than tangled, messy cords. To store and separate all of your cords neatly, just use old toilet paper rolls. And the best part? You don’t have to do any crafting!

Simply roll up your cords and place them in an empty toilet paper roll. This way, all of your electronics will remain separate and won’t tangle. If you want to decorate the toilet paper rolls, go for it! They make great crafts as well.