Toilet Paper Hacks That Put Spare Rolls To Use

Everyone owns toilet paper, but many people throw away the remaining rolls and inner tubes. Doing so wastes a household staple. Toilet paper offers far more valuable than a one-time use in the bathroom.

With a little creativity, you can transform toilet paper rolls into cord organizers, phone speakers, and even bird feeders. Once you learn these toilet paper hacks, the options will seem endless. Find out how to use spare toilet paper rolls in a life-changing way.

Neatly Store Your Cords

Toilet paper rolls contain cords.

Nothing’s more annoying than tangled, messy cords. To store and separate all of your cords neatly, just use old toilet paper rolls. And the best part? You don’t have to do any crafting!

Simply roll up your cords and place them in an empty toilet paper roll. This way, all of your electronics will remain separate and won’t tangle. If you want to decorate the toilet paper rolls, go for it! They make great crafts as well.

Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

A person pours essential oils into a toilet paper roll.
Pinterest/Gladis Beeler
Pinterest/Gladis Beeler

You can keep your bathroom smelling nice with just one toilet paper roll and a bottle of essential oil. Sprinkle a few drops of oil on the inside of the roll before you put it on the holder. Don’t get any on the paper itself, since the harsh oils can irritate your skin.

The essential oil will keep the area around your toilet smelling nice. Whenever the scent disappears, you can spin the roll to “re-activate” it.

Turn Rolls Into A Desk Organizer

A YouTuber transforms toilet paper rolls into a desk organizer.
YouTube/DIY Projects
Pinterest/Plaid Crafts

You don’t have to throw out every single toilet paper roll. With a bit of work, you can transform these rolls into a desk organizer! Cut the rolls down to varying heights, and connect them with hot glue.

To get an easy solid color, spray paint the rolls. Then you can add stickers, beads, bows, or whatever else you’d like to decorate your new organizer. The rolls can hold writing utensils, scissors, tape rolls, flash drives, and more!

From Toilet Paper To Tissues

A roll of toilet paper has transformed into a tissue box.

If you have too much toilet paper but not enough tissues, one can easily transform into the other. Use a whole toilet paper roll and carefully remove the cardboard tube. Then, take the loose sheet and fold it underneath one end of the roll.

Poke the loose sheet through the other end of the roll, and it’ll look like a tissue box. That way, you can pull out new sheets without unraveling the entire roll.

Hand Your Pants Without Creases

A toilet paper roll holds pants on a hanger.

Draping pants on a hanger may be convenient, but it’s a recipe for wrinkles. You can prevent these wrinkles with a couple of toilet paper rolls. You just need to attach a toilet paper roll around the bottom of the hanger.

Cut one side of a toilet paper roll, wrap it around the hanger, and tape it closed. You may need two or three rolls to cover the hanger. Then, hang your pants without the risk of wrinkling them.

Design A Quick And Easy Phone Speaker

An illustration shows a toilet paper roll functioning as a phone speaker.
YouTube/Your Home Magazine UK

An old toilet paper roll can become an easy, DIY phone speaker. First, measure how wide your phone is. Cut a rectangle in the roll that’s just big enough to hold the phone. Stick four thumbtacks into the roll to create a stand.

The roll will amplify music from the phone’s speakers. Some people add two more toilet paper rolls on the side for louder music, but you only need one to make a difference in the sound.

Prevent Wrapping Paper From Unraveling

Toilet paper rolls contain wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper is so much easier to store when it’s not constantly unraveling. If you tape it, the tape will rip the paper when you use it next. So how can you get around this? You guessed it — toilet paper rolls.

Take two toilet paper rolls and cut one side out of each of them. Wrap them around opposite ends of wrapping paper. You don’t have to tape the rolls shut for them to work.

Improve Your Vacuum

A person uses a toilet paper roll as a vacuum extension.

Some vacuums don’t come with extensions that reach narrow places. If this is the case, make your own vacuum extension. Tape a toilet paper roll to the end of a vacuum, and pinch the opposite end.

The DIY extension can reach difficult areas such as windowsills, car seats, and sliding door tracks. And the best part? It’s so easy that you can make a new extension every time you need it, as long as you have a toilet paper roll.

Make A Bird Feeder

A bird stands on a bird feeder made from a toilet paper roll.
Pinterest/Julie Walker
Pinterest/Julie Walker

A toilet paper roll can make a fun craft for your kids and a gift for the birds. Cover the toilet paper roll in peanut butter or honey, and roll it in bird seeds. Keep the roll outside, and you have a DIY bird feeder!

You can also hang your new bird feeder with some twine. Weed the twine through the toilet paper roll. If the roll won’t stay horizontal, glue the twine to a popsicle stick, and stick that inside the roll.

Prevent Your Pets From Ruining Toilet Paper


Some pet owners struggle to keep their toilet paper safe. Their pet latches onto the loose toilet paper, paws at it, and suddenly, the entire roll has unraveled. With a simple hack, you can prevent this from happening.

After using the toilet paper, tuck the loose hanging piece inside the inner roll. Even if your pet does swipe at it, the entire roll won’t unravel. It’s simple, but it can save a lot of money over time.

Craft Gift Boxes

Toilet paper rolls are transformed into gift boxes.
Pinterest/hello Maxipads
Pinterest/hello Maxipads

Save your toilet paper rolls for next Christmas or birthdays because you can transform them into tiny gift boxes. Before you start, glue wrapping paper onto the roll. It won’t even look like a toilet paper roll that way.

To make the box, pinch both sides of the roll horizontally. Fold one side over the other and glue it shut. If you need a visual, there are plenty of tutorials on blogs and YouTube videos.

Start Growing Plants

Toilet paper rolls hold plants.

You don’t have to buy peat pots or pellets to grow new plants. You only need a toilet paper roll to contain the seeds as they sprout. After the plants grow, you can transfer them to a pot.

On one side of a toilet paper roll, make a series of cuts about an inch apart. Fold the cut sections into the center to create the bottom of your “pot.” Place the rolls in a tub, fill them with soil, and plant your seeds.

Contain Plastic Bags

A paper towel roll contains plastic bags.
Pinterest/Trudy Morgan
Pinterest/Trudy Morgan

If you like to save your plastic bags, you’re not alone. But it’s hard to organize all those stray plastic bags. For a DIY fix, just shove several plastic bags inside a toilet paper roll. Leave one end out so you can easily pull it out later!

Save your toilet paper and paper towel rolls to organize your plastic bags. Storing your grovery bags this way saves a lot of space, and now you can keep and reuse them.

Make A Homemade Eyeglass Case

A YouTuber pushes eyeglasses into a case made from a toilet paper roll.

If you don’t want to spend money on an extra glasses case, make one. For this simplest method, you just need to flatten a toilet paper roll and duct tape one end shut. It’s a last-minute hack that could help if you lose your glasses case.

For a nicer case, you can wrap the toilet paper in fabric. Cut one side open, wrap the roll in felt, and glue it shut. Then close one end just as before.

Transform The Rolls Into Napkin Rings

A napkin ring is made out of a toilet paper roll.
YouTube/Guidecentral English
Pinterest/Ellie Besaw

With spare toilet paper rolls, you can craft rustic napkin rings that guests won’t even suspect are recycled. To start, cut a toilet paper roll into two-inch sections. Then, you just have to decorate them.

Glue some burlap or lace to rolls. Cut the decorative material into 2.5-inch sections, fold them over the edges, and glue them on. The roll will look like a pretty napkin ring, and you won’t have to spend a dime.

Use The Rolls As A Fire Starter

Toilet paper rolls are filled with lint to create fire starters.

If you need a fire starter, don’t buy one–make it yourself. Grab a spare toilet paper roll and lint from your dryer. Stuff the lint inside of the paper roll, and you have the easiest fire starter imaginable.

Some people pack these fires starters for camping. To do so, seal both ends of the roll with melted wax and wrap it in wax paper like it’s a tootsie roll. That way, you can carry it to a campsite.

Construct A Knife Sheath

A toilet paper roll acts as a knife sheath.

Want to safely pack your kitchen knives? Save some toilet paper rolls for a DIY knife case. All you need to do is flatten a toilet paper roll and duct tape one end. Viola! An easy knife sheath.

If you need a smaller sheath, flatten the roll and then cut one side down to the size of the knife. Close the sheath with the power of duct tape. If the roll keeps falling off, wrap the tape around the middle of the sheath.

Organize Your Scarves

Scarves are stored in toilet paper rolls.

When it comes to organization, toilet paper rolls are king. By now, you may not be surprised that these rolls can also store scarves. Roll up your scarves, stuff them into the paper rolls, and stack them into a box or bin.

You can also store your beanie hats this way. Roll up your beanies in the same way as your scarves, and stuff them into the rolls. When winter passes, you can put your warm clothes away without taking up too much space.

Melt Old Wax Into A New Candle

A Redditor made electric candles out of toilet paper molds.

If you have old candles, don’t throw them out! You can melt the extra wax to create a new candle. Save a toilet paper roll to use as a mold, and you’ll have a tall pillar candle.

To start, wrap the bottom of the roll with tin foil and attach it with tape or a rubber band. Stick a pre-tabbed wick inside the roll, and then pour in your melted wax. Remove the toilet paper roll, and you have a new candle!

Hide Your Money

A toilet paper roll forms a secret compartment inside of a mason jar.
Pinterest/Uniquely Christmas Trees
Pinterest/Uniquely Christmas Trees

Want to hide your spare cash? Create a secret compartment using a toilet paper roll. Put the roll inside a mason jar, and fill it with your valuables. Then, surround the roll with something decorative–stones, paper, M&Ms, whatever you like.

Pop a lid on the jar, and it’ll be disguised as a decoration. You can also use this technique to add a bit of money to a Christmas or birthday gift. It’ll certainly surprise your loved one!