These Awful Home Decor Trends Of the Past Three Decades Are Definitely Out

Like fashion, home decor trends change every year. But the difference is that home decor stays around for years after the trend has ended — it’s not as easy to refurnish an entire home as it is to buy a new shirt. If you’ve ever glanced at your overstuffed chair and thought, “Why do I still have that?” you know what we mean.

Just because these were the “in” fads doesn’t mean that they worked. Whether it’s the sponge paint of the ’90s, the bubble chairs of the 2000s, or the millennial pink of the 2010s, these trends are no longer “in.” Spare your home from the worst decor fads of the past three decades.

Sponge Painted Walls – 1990s

A person sponge-paints a wall with blue paint.
Pinterest/Mignon M
Pinterest/Mignon M

If you were into crimping your hair in the late ’90s, then you probably remember sponge painting. With a giant sponge, anyone could transform their plain walls into…something. Then they dabbed on another color so the walls could have a cloudy, messy texture.

Does sponge painting look good now? No. Did it ever look good? Arguably not. And it looks far worse when dressers and sinks are sponged in multiple colors, like the seats of a public bus. To put it lightly, this design hurts the eyes. And it somehow makes your home seem dirty.