Cooking Fails To Make You Feel Better About Your Skills In The Kitchen

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, no matter how closely we follow the instructions, no matter how long it takes us, the recipe just turns out wrong. Maybe you realize afterward that you forgot an ingredient, or you set the oven to the wrong temperature. Or maybe you have absolutely no idea what happened but you know something is definitely wrong.

These people may not know where they went wrong but the reason doesn’t even matter because the finished product is all we care about. There’s a reason we’re calling these cooking fails and not cooking successes.

Pay A Professional

cake fail
Photo Credit: Instagram / @pom_cakez
Photo Credit: Instagram / @pom_cakez

When will parents learn that not everyone is destined to be a professional cake decorator? Obviously, you want to impress your kid and all their friends (and their parents, let’s be honest) with some extravagant cake. But then you quickly learn they’re actually really hard to make.

If your child desperately wants that space-themed birthday party with an astronaut shaped cake, spare yourself the pain and embarrassment and just order one from a bakery.