$1 Can Go A Long Way Around The World

Life is good when the direct deposit hits. But then the rent, cell phone, and electricity bills are all due, and you have to snap back to the reality of eating ramen every day for dinner. I think we can all agree that we deserve to have our hard-earned dollars put to good use.

Well, when you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of work, pay bills, work, pay more bills, stop and think about how far your money can go everywhere else in the world. Seeing what you can afford in Poland will make you want to move there immediately, but Switzerland’s prices will make you thankful for what you have.

No President Can Promise Gas Prices As Low As They Are In Venezuela


Photo credit: CARLOS BECERRA / AFP / Getty Images

One of America’s favorite things to do is complain about the price of gas, but Venezuelans never have to do that. Back in 1997, the Venezuela government froze price at 0.098 Bolivars per liter.

Converting that to gallons and American dollars, it equals out to about 15 cents for a gallon.