$1 Can Go A Long Way Around The World

Life is good when the direct deposit hits. But then the rent, cell phone, and electricity bills are all due, and you have to snap back to the reality of eating ramen every day for dinner. I think we can all agree that we deserve to have our hard-earned dollars put to good use.

Well, when you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of work, pay bills, work, pay more bills, stop and think about how far your money can go everywhere else in the world. Seeing what you can afford in Poland will make you want to move there immediately, but Switzerland’s prices will make you thankful for what you have.

No President Can Promise Gas Prices As Low As They Are In Venezuela


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One of America’s favorite things to do is complain about the price of gas, but Venezuelans never have to do that. Back in 1997, the Venezuela government froze price at 0.098 Bolivars per liter.

Converting that to gallons and American dollars, it equals out to about 15 cents for a gallon.

So You’re Telling Me I Can Get Drunk Off A Full Bottle Of Wine For $1 In Hungary?

hungarian wine.jpg

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Americans have become used to paying so much for alcohol that it is a complete shock when we find out how cheap it is in other countries. In Hungary, wine is such a staple that an entire bottle costs just over $1.

Liquor laws over there are much more relaxed, which means many people walk the streets drinking bottles of wine.

Oh… A Ketchup Packet… Thanks, Switzerland

ketchup packet.jpg

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Switzerland must think they’re better than all of us because almost everything there is extremely expensive. For $1 you could buy an extra packet of ketchup at McDonald’s. If you don’t want to waste your money on ketchup, you can get three pieces of gum for $1. What a steal.

If you’re a New Yorker, you’ll know the cheap food item coming up that is a staple for people on a budget.

Foot Massages Are A Cheap Specialty In The Philippines

foot massage $1.jpg

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The Philippines is an overall cheap travel destination for Americans, but their foot massages are especially thrifty. Most streets will include a foot massage vendor that will give you a quality massage for only $1.

Compare that to the $50 foot massage you pay at your local spa.

Use Pocket Change To Travel From Hong Kong To Mainland China

honk kong ferry.jpg

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A roundtrip ferry ride from Hong Kong to mainland China is barely $1, and it’s not just because it’s a scenic route.

Hong Kong is a Chinese colony. Hong Kong is allowed to operate as an independent nation, but they report to China. Even though the two nations are very different, a lot of travel has to happen between Hong Kong and the mainland.

New Yorkers Know That Pizza Across The City Is Cheap, Greasy, And So Delicious

slice of new york za.jpg

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Not a lot of things in New York City are low cost, but they do specialize in cheap (bad) coffee, and cheap (delicious) pizza. No matter where you go in New York City, you will find pizza places fighting each other for the biggest, cheapest slice. You can even find internet blogs devoted to the best $1 slices of ‘za.

Keep reading and travel to the west coast of America where basically nothing is $1.

Nigeria Sells A Can Of Coke And A Pack Of Cigarettes For Basically Nothing

coke and cigarettes (1).jpg

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A can of Coca-Cola and a pack of cigarettes doesn’t cost $1 in Nigeria, it costs less. In fact, you can buy three packs of cigarettes for about $1.

I’m not sure why these classic American products are so cheap over there, but something tells me some shady Washington lobbyists are behind it.

And I Thought McDonald’s Was Cheap In America

mcdonalds burgers .jpg

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All my life I’ve believed that McDonald’s was the pinnacle of cheap American food. Two cheeseburgers for $2 on the value menu is a steal. But South Africa decided to one-up us all and sell two cheeseburgers for only $1.

You’d think for prices like that, South Africa would make the list of most obese countries, but they don’t even reach the top 20.

Celebrities Are The Only Ones Who Can Afford Downtown Parking In Los Angeles

Celebrities Are The Only Ones Who Can Afford Downtown Parking In Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 30: Reese Witherspoon is seen on September 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

Yes, New York City can be pricey, but at least they have pizza. Los Angeles is pricey all around. The cheapest thing you can buy for $1 is seven minutes of parking time. Even Reese Witherspoon looks outraged by those prices. The difference between a dollar from coast to coast makes me want to move to the midwest.

The countries coming up are pretty expensive overall, but they have some select cheap items that you could probably survive off of.

France Will Give You A Full Baguette For Only $1

baguette love.jpg

Photo credit: @selfierobot / Twitter

The French love their bread. They even have bread laws to make sure bakers don’t go on vacation at the same time. That’s why you can buy an entire baguette anywhere in France for only $1.

When I backpacked through France with no money, I ate a baguette and some cheese every single day for lunch, and it was honestly the best week of my life.

Dubai Is One Of The Most Expensive Cities, But Their Shawarma Is Dirt Cheap

beautiful chicken shawarma.jpg

Photo credit: @gallery.of.calories / Instagram

Dubai is known for being one of the most expensive (and hottest) cities to visit in the entire world. For context, a sandwich and pop are about $25 there.

But if you love Middle Eastern food, you can find a chicken or beef shawarma for $1 on just about every street corner.

The Only Cheap Thing In Iceland Are The Flights And The Milk

iceland milk muu.jpg

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Iceland is a sneaky country. They lure you there with the dirt cheap flights, then you show up, and everything costs an arm and a leg. A mediocre hot dog there costs $14. But if you can stomach it for your entire trip, you can buy a half a liter of milk for only $1. Also, their milk brand is called “Muu” which is adorable.

Coming up, if you can find Turkmenistan on a map (good luck), you can see some cheap entertainment.

Italians Love Their Espressos And Cappuccinos

espresso italy.jpg

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Italy is the country that keeps on giving. They have blessed us with ice cream, Jacuzzis, and the espresso machine. Jacuzzis are still expensive, but a cup of delicious espresso is only $1 there.

Italians are known to love their espresso and will sip on a tiny shot of it for more than an hour. So $1 can go a long way over there.

Would You Take A Shot Of 96% Alcohol If It Was Only $1?

polish spirytus.jpg

Photo credit: @8mile_bar / Instagram

Speaking of shots, Poland serves up a different kind of cheap shot. You can head to almost any bar in Poland and get a shot of Spirytus for $1.

That may sound enticing, but I promise you it is not. Spirytus is 96% alcohol per volume. For context, moonshine is about 75%.

New Movie Releases In Turkmenistan Is A Pretty Penny For An American

movie theatre.jpg

Photo credit: @offkasia / Instagram

Turkmenistan — the country that sounds made up but definitely exists somewhere in central Asia. They were part of the Soviet Union but have struggled economically since it dissolved. The average monthly salary there is only $79, but movie tickets only cost $1. So at least if you’re poor, you can still see the latest Tom Cruise flick.

The cell phone rates in the country coming up will make you want to call up AT&T and demand a lower price.

Buy Yourself And Nine Of Your Friends Chai Tea In India For Less Than $1

chai tea get 10.jpg

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Yes, you read that right. You can buy not one, not two, but ten cups of chai tea in India for only $1. Chai tea is grown and harvested in the Indian region, so it has long been a staple of their diet before Starbucks created a chai tea latte.

There are even full shops and bars in India devoted to serving only chai tea.

No, It’s Not Just Ireland Where You Can Buy Potatoes For Dirt Cheap


Photo credit: Geography Photos / UIG / Getty Images

In The Republic of Gambia, you can get more than two pounds of potatoes for only $1. But I will admit, potatoes are cheap everywhere you go. Hop a few state lines to Iowa and you can get a pound of russet potatoes for $2.

To be honest, potatoes are one of the most versatile foods in the world, so I’d be fine living off of them.

Two Hours Of Talk Time In Thailand Makes You Cell Phone Bill Seem Outrageous

thailand phone.jpg

Photo credit: @mayumiza / Instagram

Two hours of talk time on your cell phone in Thailand costs a little more than $1. And if you’re an average millennial who gets anxious calling to make a doctors appointment, those two hours will go a long way.

You can also buy two pounds of rice for $1 in Thailand, which sounds much more appealing.

England Loves Their Cadbury Chocolate Bars

caramello bar .jpg

Photo credit: @picturesofmyfoodeveryday / Instagram

Cadbury is a national treasure for the people of England. Probably because the average candy bar only costs about $1. Sadly, thanks to Brexit and the shrinking chocolate market, those prices have risen over the last year.

Now a Cadbury bar is closer to $2. Yes, it sucks, but it’s a price we’re all willing to pay for delicious chocolate.

For Only $1 In South Korea, You Can Embarrass Yourself By Singing Three Karaoke Songs

karaoke korea bar.jpg

Photo credit: @hjlea1124 / Instagram

Karaoke is so popular in South Korea that they have entire bars and private rooms devoted to singing covers of songs. For only $1, you can get up to three different songs.

Why would I pay $1 to embarrass myself in front of all my friends and family when I do that for free every day?