60 Years Later, Astronaut Reveals Secret He Kept Hidden From NASA

Astronauts leave this planet we call Earth and venture into space to find out new information about the universe. There is so much we don’t know about the world beyond our atmosphere, and we count on astronauts and astronomers to teach us about what they found in space.

While on a mission sponsored by NASA, astronaut Gordon Cooper learned something about our galaxy, but he decided to keep that information to himself. He saw something on Earth’s surface and decided to keep it a secret for nearly five decades. Recently, however, his secret was uncovered. Keep reading to find out what he was hiding.

A Little Bit About Gordon

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Gordon Cooper’s father was an army colonel. After Gordon turned seven, his father allowed him to ride along in his airplane, and if he was lucky, Gordon was allowed to take the controls.

This is how Gordon’s fascination with air travel began. Gordon has had a lifelong passion for flying. As he grew older, he would become dissatisfied with flying in our atmosphere, and he took an interest in leaving earth to witness the great beyond.