A Couple Found These Precious Items In The Ceiling While Renovating

Homes usually come with unknowns. Inside the walls, old pipes or mold might manifest unexpectedly. What this couple found was nothing like that. What began as a remodeling project turned into a scavenger hunt for the owner of mysterious items that were hidden in the kitchen ceiling. With the help of social media, the couple was able to piece together what had happened, and why someone would want to leave behind something they buried in the drywall.

Meet Mr. And Mrs. Kapsidis

Mr. and Mrs. Kapsidis take a selfie smiling and wearing Hawaiian leis
Facts Verse/ Youtube
Facts Verse/ Youtube

Megan and Bobby Kapsidis are Arizona natives who bought a Florida home together in 2009. The couple remains in Sierra Vista, Arizona, while Bobby’s mother lives in the Florida home. A few years after purchasing the home, they decided it was time to do some remodeling.

The couple flew across the country on vacation in order to fix up the kitchen. Bobby is a handyman and figured he could handle the job on his own.