A Former NASA Scientist Says They Found Life On Mars 40 Years Ago

For years scientists have been exploring space to see if there is any sign of life beyond Earth. There’s been countless movies and books about the subject and many even believe the highly classified Area 51 is hiding evidence of aliens. It turns out, there is a former NASA scientist who says that an experiment they conducted 40 years ago offers proof there is life on Mars.

According to Gilbert V. Levin, Viking landers sent to Mars by NASA in 1976 conducted an experiment which he claims offers proof of life in space. He made the claims in an article published in “Scientific American.”

The experiment is known as Labeled Release (LR). Its purpose was to detect life by embedding nutrients into the soil on Mars. It then tested whether organic life had consumed the nutrients, releasing evidence of metabolism.

The experiment seemed to be successful in proving that life existed on the planet, but the problem was that NASA couldn’t reproduce the result in a lab.

“NASA concluded that the LR had found a substance mimicking life, but not life … [O]ver the 43 years since Viking, none of NASA’s subsequent Mars landers has carried a life-detection instrument to follow up on these exciting results,” said Levin.

With scientists continuing the exploration of space, specifically Mars, Levin thinks there should be a repeat of the LR experiment. He also wants the original experiment data to be reviewed by an independent, expert panel.

“Such an objective jury might conclude, as I did, that the Viking LR did find life,” said Levin.

The next Mars rover is expected to be launched by NASA in the summer, with a proposed landing in February 2021. Will we ever find out of there is life beyond Earth?