After Adopting Triplets, This Couple Received News From Their Doctor That Changed Everything

Sarah and Andy Justice tried to conceive for years, but their lack of success was starting to take its toll. Eventually, they decided to turn to their “Plan C” and decided to give adoption a try. The adoption process was quite an ordeal, but when they were finally chosen as parents, their lives were about to change in the most unimaginable ways.

Sarah And Andy Justice Were Happily Married

Sarah and Andy Justice of Tulsa, Oklahoma were living the idyllic married life. After three years of marriage, they felt it was time to share their love with a another human being by growing their family.

Like most couples who’ve been married for a few years, conceiving a child was the next step for the Justices. After getting to know your partner or spouse for a few years and cultivating your love together, eventually you decide that that special love is enough for you to want to bring a new life into the world. Unfortunately for the Justices, fate had a different plan.