Beware Of Black Holes: Studies Shed Light On The Universe’s Biggest Mystery

According to, a black hole is “a theoretical massive object, formed at the beginning of the universe or by the gravitational collapse of a star exploding as a supernova, whose gravitational field is so intense that no electromagnetic radiation can escape.” Since space is the next great human frontier, it’s best that scientists and everybody else become more familiar with what’s out there. Black holes are the sinkholes of space, but one million times more dangerous. As of now, black holes are still a big mystery, but there are some interesting facts about them.

The Point Of No Return

black hole
Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images
Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images

It’s no secret that black holes are dangerous. They have an extremely strong gravitational pull. Every hole has what you call an event horizon, something you don’t want to be in. Once something enters the gravitational pull, its reached the point of no return.

To put in simpler terms, there is a boundary with black holes. If you are outside the boundary, you don’t have to worry about anything. The moment something crosses over, that’s all folks! Any object will have no choice but to fall into the black hole.