Celebrities Fangirling Over Each Other Is As Relatable As It Gets

It’s hard to believe that celebrities are just like us. Those articles in magazines that show famous people grocery shopping or paying parking meters do not make me feel any closer to Beyoncé. But if there is one that that transcends fame, it’s the feeling you get when you meet an idol.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Oscar-winning actress or musical superstar. When you meet your favorite celebrity, you immediately go into fangirl mode. Demi Lovato only got a shoutout from her idol, and she was still left in awe.

We Didn’t Add The Heart, Anna Kendrick Did

anna kendrick bey.jpg

Photo credit: @annakendrick47 / Instagram

Yes, of course meeting Beyoncé is the first one on this list. I’m willing to bet money that even the Queen of England would be in awe if she met Bey.

Anna Kendrick had a brief encounter with Bey in 2014, and you can tell from her face that she’s holding back tears. In all honesty, I’m impressed she could even stay standing in Bey’s presence.

Emma Stone Didn’t Even Physically Meet Mel B And Started Crying

mel b and emma watson.jpg

Photo credit: @Honeymods / Twitter

During the press tour to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Emma Stone was surprised in an interview with a video message from former Spice Girl Melanie B. And Stone legitimately started crying.

Emma would have been around ten years old when the Spice Girls were preaching girl power, so this was probably her childhood fantasy.

Sophie Turner Is All Of Us When We Get 10 Feet Away From A Celeb

sophie turner ryan gosling.jpg

Photo credit: @sophiet / Instagram

Sophie has to be the most relatable one out here because she was so overwhelmed at just the presence of her celebrity crush. She forced her Game of Thrones co-star to take a sneaky photo of her “with” Ryan Gosling and we support all her choices.

Keep reading to see how being the daughter of a president can help you meet your idols.

Gina Rodriguez Was Totally Okay With Getting Photobombed

gina rodriguez meryl streep.jpg

Photo credit: @MicahSuzanne / Twitter

Meryl Streep walked through the background of Gina Rodriguez’s red carpet photo, and no one was mad about it. Gina’s face says, “I am not worthy of your photos, she is the real star you should be photographing.”

Meryl looks humbled by Gina, but we all know that she loves it.

Miley Cyrus Is Every ’90s Kid Sitting Front Row At A Britney Spears Concert

miley cyrus britney spears.jpg

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus / Twitter

Anyone who tells themselves that they wouldn’t be freaking out if they were front row at a Britney Spears concert is lying to themselves. At least Miley is honest and is understandably having the time of her life.

Miley is so committed here that if Britney asked for her left kidney, she’d probably say yes.

We’re All Rooting For Sasha Obama And Ryan Reynolds (Sorry Blake)

sasha obama ryan reynolds.jpg

Photo credit: @Telegraph / Twitter

Malia Obama shooting her sister the thumbs up is every older sibling ever. Sasha Obama got the chance to talk to Ryan Reynolds at a White House event, and she’s as excited as any 14-year-old would be.

Continue on to see what celebrity gave Demi Lovato a shoutout that left her speechless.

Selena Gomez Was Overwhelmed With Emotion Meeting Jennifer Aniston

selena and jen aniston.jpg

Photo credit: @selenagomez / Instagram

Selena Gomez is known for showing some serious love to her fans, but she finally got some love herself after meeting Jennifer Aniston.

In a touching Instagram caption, Selena wrote: “I have gotten to have real conversations with such a real heart, made my entire year.” Goals.

What Happens When A Bunch Of Teenage Girls Meet Zac Efron?

simone biles zac efron .jpg

Photo credit: @InStyle / Twitter

During the Olympics, athletes basically become celebrities. US gymnast Simone Biles admitted to having a huge crush on Zac Efron (who doesn’t?). They tweeted at each other, then a few days later Zac hopped on a plane to surprise the team in Rio.

After the five girls stopped squealing, Simone managed to calm herself down enough to snap an adorable photo for Instagram.

Find Someone That Looks At You The Way Demi Lovato Look At Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson demi lovato.jpg

Photo credit: @devonnescherry / Twitter

Demi Lovato has always said that Kelly Clarkson is one of her greatest female musical inspirations. Kelly recently performed at the 2018 Billboard awards, saw Demi in the crowd and gave her a shoutout. Demi’s face is about as pure as it gets.

Next, Jennifer Lawrence may be an Oscar-winning actress, but she’s also the queen of fangirling.

J-Law Could Contain Herself When She Ran Into Bill Murray At Comicon

jlaw and bill murray.jpg

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

Back when J-Law was starting to hit it big with her role in the X-Men franchise, she stumbled into Bill Murray at Comicon and, well, you can see how that went.

Bill is obviously so used to this happening because he seems completely unphased that J-Law is probably about to faint.

She Also Practically Died When Jack Nicholson Complimented Her


Photo credit: ABC News / YouTube

The entire world was watching when Jack Nicholson surprised J-Law in her after-Oscar interview. And, rightfully so, J-Law almost choked on air.

If one of the biggest actors of the 20th century stopped your interview to compliment your Oscar win, you’d do the same thing.

Is There Any Other Way To React When You Meet The Dalai Lama?

zendaya and dalai lama.jpg

Photo credit: @StarPowerOrg / Twitter

Zendaya was on the panel at the Global Compassion Summit in 2015 alongside his Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. There really is no right way to react to meeting someone as important as the Dalai Lama. The face of pure shock and excitement is probably what most of us would do.

Millie Bobby Brown might be only 14, but keep reading to see how other celebrities are just as star-struck meeting her.

Adele Is Putting Every Ounce Of Effort Into Staying Calm

adele and bey.jpg

Photo credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images for NARAS

Remember how I was shocked that Anna Kendrick could even stand up straight meeting Beyoncé? Well, Adele looks like she’s literally using Bey to support herself.

If you look at her face, you can tell she’s using every deep-breathing method she’s ever learned to keep herself calm, cool, and collected in the biggest moment of her life.

I Don’t Know Who Is More Excited To Meet Who

sophie turner millie bb.jpg

Photo credit: @sophiet / Instagram

After the release of Stranger Things, even the most established celebrities became huge fans of Millie Bobby Brown. This photo of Sophie Turner and Millie is a beautiful moment between two inspiring female characters from two of the best shows on television.

I’m fangirling behind my screen just looking at it.

Behold The Saga Of Millie Bobby Brown Meeting Emma Watson

millie bobby brown emma waston.jpg

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

Millie is good at keeping her cool, but she couldn’t contain herself meeting Emma Watson AKA Hermione Granger. Just look. Millie walks straight by Hugh Jackman to greet Emma. She’ll probably never wash her hands again. Then she graciously compliments Emma and goes straight into fangirling.

Coming up, Ariana Grande’s tweets about another singer proves she’s a true stan.

Give The Other Half Of The Carters Some Love

liam payne jay z.jpg

Photo credit: @LiamPayne / Twitter

I know we talk a lot about Beyoncé, but don’t worry Jay, we didn’t forget about you. And Liam Payne from One Direction definitely didn’t forget.

Liam posted the photo to Twitter with the caption “I met one of my idols and couldn’t even look him in the eye…” Same, Liam. Same.

Battle Of The Butts

demi and iggy.jpg

Photo credit: @ddlovato / Twitter

Apparently Demi Lovato just fangirls over anyone. She met Iggy Azalea at Vevo’s Certified Super Fan Fest. Demi may have been performing too, but I’m pretty sure she was also one of the super fans.

She let fans know that next time, the two would get a photo of their butts together. Bless you, Demi.

We’re All Corpses Alongside You, Ariana

ariana bruno mars.jpg

Photo credit: @ArianaGrande / Twitter

This fangirl tweet from Ariana Grande about meeting Bruno Mars is ten times better when you remember back in 2011 when she tweeted multiple times at Bruno professing her love.

He never tweeted back, but singing her #1 hit song to her is just as good, right?

Taylor Couldn’t Believe Chance The Rapper Actually Showed Up

chance and taylor .jpg

Photo credit: @chancetherapper / Instagram

Taylor Swift knows everyone. She’s got a star-studded girl gang and had a special guest at nearly every show on her latest tour. One of those special guests happened to include Chance the Rapper.

Now I know what you’re thinking. How did Taylor convince someone as cool as Chance to show up? No one knows, but Chance invited Taylor back to Chicago any time.

Mark Ruffalo Is The Friend Everyone Needs In Their Life

mark ruffalo paul rudd.jpg

Photo credit: @tomxairey / Twitter

Everyone knows that even after you meet someone, the fangirling doesn’t stop. Mark Ruffalo makes that very clear every time he sees his good friend Paul Rudd.

If you don’t have a friend like Mark who is going to praise you no matter where you are or what you’re doing, then you’re missing out.