Construction Workers Find Old Purse On Site, Leading To Decades-Old Mystery

In January 2019, construction workers began demolishing the Franklin Court building of Jefferson High School located in Indiana. As the workers made their way through the school room by room, they eventually landed in the science classroom.

As they pulled out old cabinets, they discovered a small black purse. At the time they had no idea that was seven decades old and that it was keeping a dark secret. So what was the big deal about this purse?

The Workers Immediately Searched Through The Purse’s Contents

handbag discovery was like opening a time capsule

At first glance, it looked like any other purse. There were a lot of loose items inside it, which gave you an idea of how students in the day used to live. There were some things inside of it that caught attention right away.

There was lipstick, compact, a coral-colored lip-stained tissue, and a pin. Whoever owned this bag had a sweet tooth because there was some Juicy Fruit gum in there, too. Also, there was a Jefferson High School 1953-54 basketball team bus schedule.