Construction Workers Find A Strange Contraption And Immediately Contact The City Officials

Working on a construction site, it’s not unusual to find objects that might seem out of place. Whether it’s jewelry, antiques, and in some cases, even ancient artifacts, it’s easy for things to become buried under the ground, only to be discovered years later by the construction workers digging into the earth. However, one construction crew in Germany couldn’t believe their eyes when they uncovered a deadly item that was buried deep beneath the ground of a bustling city. Once they realized what it was, they knew it wasn’t just their lives that were in danger.

Just Like Any Other Day

Construction workers
Yuan Yanhong/VCG via Getty Images
Yuan Yanhong/VCG via Getty Images

Back in 2016, a construction team was working hard in Augsburg, one of the oldest cities to ever exist in Germany. At the time, they were in good spirits, as the job was going well and they hadn’t run into any major issues at that point, something that’s rare when working on a construction site.

However, once their digging tools struck a large object, they halted their work. It was at this point, they knew they had found something out of the ordinary.