A Couple Took A Family Inheritance And Created Something Miraculous

According to an HSBC survey, American retirees expect to leave behind an average of nearly $177,000 of inheritance to their heirs. Does that include barns constructed in 1949? When a family living in Seattle wanted to create their dream home, they didn’t want to spend too much on the project. Luckily, Amanda Gatlin’s great-grandfather and grandfather started the work for them, all those years ago.

Building a dream house takes a lot of dedication when you do it on your own. Despite the challenges, Gatlin and her boyfriend Jeff Layton created something that would forever make them proud.

The Beginning Stages

gatlin-barn-before the renovations

Doing home makeovers can be expensive. They can also get put off due to procrastination when you’re faced with the massive workload you’re about to tackle. Amanda Gatlin and her family found a way to work around those obstacles.

Of course, the task at hand was still going to force them to use some elbow grease, but it wouldn’t be as bad as your standard renovation. Gatlin and her husband, Jeff Layton, were going to get the look they wanted without breaking the bank…